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Monday, March 26, 2007

I have posted Part 1 of my tournament write-up, "The Stamford Experience," over at my other blog (which has no clear theme or purpose yet, actually) - this is to keep from spoiling the puzzles for readers of this blog who haven't done them yet. Most of what I write isn't about the puzzles themselves, but still, I wanted to keep the write-up in a separate place from my daily Times write-ups. I have So Much to say that it's going to take me several days to get it all down. So, you can read Part 1 now, and Parts 2 and later as they become available. I think there will probably end up being something like five parts.



Anonymous 7:35 PM  

RP: Can't comment on your other blog bc I'm not a registered user. (Maybe I "should be")

Just wanted to say thanks! For your info on the weekend and looking forward to Parts 2 through etc.


Rex Parker 9:42 PM  

I changed the settings earlier today - you don't have to be a registered user anymore.


Anonymous 10:41 PM  


I just discovered your blog a week ago and I kept on checking for your Sunday blog. I'm new to reading blogs, yours is the only one I read. I used to do the NY Times'crossword religiously until I felt I was too addicted so I gave it up for a number of years. I was also tired of throwing out the unread newspaper. I now subscribe to the online crossword and your blog makes it even more fun. I'm afraid that the combination of the crossword and your blog will be like crack-cocaine to me -- what the hell , you only live once.


Anonymous 11:26 PM  

Yes, one can easily get addicted to Rex's blog and the online NYTimes puzzle!!

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