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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Please stand by for a report on the 30th annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, which just finished up this afternoon at the Marriott in Stamford, CT. I still need to find out whether it is kosher (or "Unkosher" - which was a clue I ran into this weekend - or did it run into me?) to discuss Tournament puzzles, and how much. If I do so, I will probably do so on my other blog (linked from this site), so that people who come to this blog and do NOT want to know about the puzzles (because they plan on solving them themselves) can avoid my discussion.

So, stand by. My Stamford write-up is forthcoming. Lots to say.

Also, I apologize for promising and not delivering blog entries this weekend. I will make up for it with a super-sized entry tonight - Saturday, Sunday, and Monday puzzles, all in one blog entry!

Talk to you soon,


Linda G 6:58 PM  

Welcome back! Hope you (and all our blog friends) had a good time. I watched Wordplay last night and thought of all of you. Can't wait to hear the results. Did Tyler win again? Did Al have a better finish than last year?

I made it through today's puzzle without much trouble, but I never got through yesterday's. Some days are diamonds...

Eagerly awaiting my packet so I can try my luck.

Linda G 7:11 PM  

Just saw the results. They hadn't been posted the last time I looked.

Glad to see that my (sort of) neighbor Al did better, but I'm sure he was hoping to unseat Tyler. That guy is just AMAZING.

Anonymous 8:27 PM  

I can testify that ACPT was a mind-boggling experience, and attended by some pretty stellar people to boot. I suspect that some of the puzzlers I met may even turn into life-long friends.

Everyone, go next year if you can!

Perhaps it's the afterglow that's making me want to tell you that I may be computer-less and Times-less while in PA until early April. I will look forward to returning to Rex's blog and all you fellow commenters soon.

Anonymous 8:55 PM  

Ultra Vi,

Would love to hear more about your first ACPT. Were you able to complete the puzzles?

Hope to experience it firsthand next year.

Linda G

Anonymous 9:09 PM  

Hi, Linda -

Sorry to be brief, but I'm finishing a mega-academic report due tomorrow. It must be done before I fly off for a week of rehearsing and concerts in Harrisburg!

I was slow but mostly able to finish everything within the time limit (had a couple of sketchy pockets on this morning's #7). I also had to completely miss one puzzle because of having to leave for a concert Saturday night (not a good idea, as omitting it gave me a big, fat zero for that puzzle's score).

I learned a lot about what to look for and how to improve throughout the next year. I'd love to write about that, but I fear that by the time I get back and can, it might be old news.

I ranked horribly low, which humbled me. It is an interesting experience to be so accomplished in one's profession and so inadequate in another arena! But it was still just tons and tons of fun. I already have next year's dates (2/29-3/2) on my calendar.

(And Rex was awesome - I assume he'll tell all!)

Anonymous 9:44 PM  

Hurry back! Your absence this weekend gave a whole new meaning to the word VOID. I see your predictions of less than stellar performance were all wet. You kicked ass! Phil Donahue has nothing on you ;) Congrats!

Anonymous 10:34 PM  

Rex: I've been reading your blog and Amy's for awhile now but haven't posted. I'm anxiously awaiting both of your comments about the weekend.

Some folks around here were watching the basketball tournament -- not me....waiting to hear the scoop from Stamford.

Anonymous 10:57 PM  

P.S. Potential Pantheon contenders

From the Sunday puzzle today:

"bra" seems to be appearing more and more frequently lately hmmmmm Is the Times selling out to Victoria's Secret? Is thong next? If nothing else, Rex, you could get some good pics to go along with this Pantheon entry. Might boost ratings!

"Maria" didn't work but "Trapp" did.

73D ("Sound of Music" name) --I'm certain I've seen Von Trapp or Trapp used 3-4 times over the past year....and today there was no "Von" to go with it....didn't like that! Aren't they always called the "Von Trapps". Never heard of them as the "Trapps."

You won't like it either, Rex, I feel sure.

Anonymous 2:10 AM  

Rex... I think I read in the paper that the tourny will move to Bklyn next year... being born in that boro I'm a fan of all things Bklyn... too bad for Stamford though... a victim of the success of the Wordplay movie which I loved
( and made me fall in love w/ the song "This Must Be The Place" all over... even learned to pick it on the guitar)... regarding Sunday's puzz: fell into the "Trapp" trap...
had the last letter 'p" from "Piscopo" and was thinking of first names ending in "p"... but did not remember a "Filip" charachter... then I figured it out... never mind "Ooh!" for me, more like a Homerian "D'oh!"...
had a tough time w/ this Sunday puzz... got only 1/2 way thru (for shame!)... e.g still stumped on the taxco wrap & edible spherule so hurry back Rex!

DONALD 9:50 AM  

It appears a "spherule" is a small sphere, but that "taxco" is a typo for "taco"!

Anonymous 10:53 AM  

Taxco = City in Mexico
Wrap = Shawl
Ergo ....

Rex Parker 11:02 AM  

I didn't even see [Taxco wrap] - that was SERAPE, right? Why am I commenting when I haven't even written the Sunday entry yet? Compulsion!



DONALD 1:16 PM  

What the hell was I thinking?

Taxco (full name: Taxco de Alarcón) is an antique colonial silver-mining center located in the northern reaches of the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Still a good place to order a taco, or maybe have one's taxes done?

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