The Stamford Experience (Part 5)

Saturday, March 31, 2007

My fifth and final installment of "The Stamford Experience" is up at my other blog. That is all. Good night.



Linda G 12:09 PM  

The Maine section of the puzzle nailed me. Didn't complete it without your help. The only theme entry I couldn't get was 24A, but once I saw that in the blog, I easily completed the rest.

Clever theme. Social science majors dealt with cultural mores year after year, so that didn't seem weak to me. SASSINGTHEBLUES was my favorite.

CUSIP was a gimme for me. I've been helping my CPA husband with tax returns, and I frequently enter pages of stock sales, which include CUSIP numbers.

I like the relative difficulty in place of your time. Since I had a tough time with the puzzle, it's nice to know that you rated it high on the scale.

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