Kilt-wearing Greek infantryman / SUN 10-3-21 / Former telecom giant that merged into Verizon / Football sideline reporter Kolber / Final creature encountered in "Dr. Seuss's ABC" / Inaptly named bear of a tongue twister / Opportunities to win a vacation on "Wheel of Fortune" / Northern California town once home to the palindromic bakery

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Constructor: Trenton Charlson

Relative difficulty: Easy

THEME: "Snoozefest" — just a lot of Z's ... forty, to be exact. At least that's the what the puzzle is telling me; no way I'm actually counting (111A: Quick nap ... or a playful description of the 64-Down here) (64-Down = ZEES):

Z-containing long (Theme?) answers:
  • FUZZY WUZZY (22A: Inaptly named bear of a tongue twister)
  • FREEZING DRIZZLE (28A: Winter weather hazard)
  • RAZZLE DAZZLE (45A: Ostentatious display)
  • ZIZZER ZAZZER ZUZZ (63A: Final creature encountered in "Dr. Seuss's ABC")
  • PRIZE PUZZLES (86A: Opportunities to win a vacation on "Wheel of Fortune")
  • BUZZFEED QUIZZES (101A: "Which Disney princess are you?" and the like)
Word of the Day: EVZONE (34D: Kilt-wearing Greek infantryman) —
The Evzones or Evzonoi (GreekΕύζωνες, Εύζωνοιpronounced [ˈevzones, ˈevzoni]) were several historical elite light infantry and mountain units of the Greek Army. Today, they are the members of the Presidential Guard (GreekΠροεδρική ΦρουράromanizedProedrikí Frourá), a ceremonial unit that guards the Greek Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (GreekΜνημείο του Άγνωστου ΣτρατιώτηromanizedMnimeío tou Άgnostou Stratiόti) and the Presidential Mansion in Athens. An Evzone (GreekΕύζωνας) is also known, colloquially, as a Tsoliás (GreekΤσολιάς; pl. Τσολιάδες, Tsoliádes). Evzones are known for their distinctive uniform, which evolved from the clothes worn by the klephts who fought the Ottoman occupation of Greece. The most visible item of this uniform is the fustanella, a kilt-like garment. Their distinctive dress turned them into a popular image for the Greek soldier, especially among foreigners. (wikipedia)
• • •

Very easy and punishingly dull. I guess the title, "Snoozefest," is supposed to be a winky bit of self-deprecating humor, but as I read it, everyone involved knew this was super boring and thought maybe they could just play it for laughs. It's a defensive title: "see, we already called it boring, so ... yeah, we're definitely in on the joke, and if you call it boring, you're just being redundant now, and obviously don't get irony, which is what we meant to do here, irony, yes, that is definitely part of the theme. Intended!" The entire puzzle rides on your being nostalgically charmed by ZIZZER ZAZZER ZUZZ. Yeah, it's a funny name, I got it without help, but this puzzle is still a dud. For a while I was really hoping that the theme would be something besides a bunch of Z's, and I see that the revealer seems to want to give the whole thing a raison d'etre, tie a bow on it, what not, but a "Z" is not a "wink," exactly, and honestly who cares about any of this. It's not hard to get 40 Z's into a puzzle if you make it your theme. The (well spaced-out) themers contain 27/40 of the Z's. So then you just have to cram in another 13 ("cram" being the operative word), and if you don't care about the overall quality of your fill, the cramming is not hard. No one's day is going to be improved or brightened by NANTZ over ORTIZ or ONZE or ZAC or ADZ, but if your mission is to Scrabble-f*** your way across a 21x21 expanse, you can do it. Oh, no, it's *22*x21. More room for Z's! Just stunned that this is anyone's idea of a good time. But the rule of thumb is, if your puzzle is a huge nothing, themewise, make it real easy, because then, people will be high on a feeling of triumph and forget, or not mind as much, that your theme was garbage. It's all so cynical. 

There was only one "????!" part of the puzzle, and that was DEANERY (wha?) crossing EVZONE (no, seriously, Whaaaaaa?). I actually stopped my solve to look up EVZONE (once I had all the letters in place and saw no other ways to go). It looks like an abbreviation. My first thought was to sing "Get in the zone / E.V. ZONE!," which is a play on the jingle / slogan for AUTOZONE, which then weirdly showed up in the puzzle (82D: Big name in car parts). Crazy. Anyway, EVZONE hasn't been in the puzzle for 29 years, i.e. this is its first appearance in the Shortz Era. Even Maleska only used it once—"Too obscure!" the notoriously obscurantist editor was said to have exclaimed. I think EVZONE is just there to make you forget the fact that the puzzle forced you to write in the incredibly dumb-sounding DEANERY (33A: Jurisdiction of a Catholic church official) (DEANERY, btw, hasn't appeared for *forty-seven* years—Maleska wouldn't touch it even once).

I didn't even have any good mistakes today. I had -AMA at 20A: Paul Simon's "___ Rock" and tried to make it "MAMA Rock," that was kinda funny (it's "I AM A Rock," of course). I thought that song was Simon & Garfunkel. Aaaaand it was. At least that's the version that became famous in the mid-'60s (Simon had written it and recorded it earlier as a solo act, but who cares?). I had no idea what PRIZE PUZZLES were, but it's not like that made a damn bit of difference. I knew Z's were gonna be in there somewhere, so figuring out the answer parts was no trouble. I'm done thinking about this one now. Good day.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

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Joaquin 12:01 AM  

By the time I got to 63A I was already 3/4 asleep; ZIZZER-ZAZZER-ZUZZ put me over the edge. Snoozefest, indeed!

I always got a kick out of YREKA Bakery. And it reminds me of a business that was in the pre-opening stage for what seemed like years, where I was living in Kansas. They had a banner declaring, “Coming Soon Bakery”. The banner was displayed for so long that we took to calling the place “The Coming Soon Bakery” as if that was its name. It finally opened and was gone before you could learn to properly pronounce “beignet”.

jae 12:13 AM  

Easy-medium. Mostly agree with @Rex on this one.

Zwhatever 12:27 AM  

Little know fact; north of Mount Olympus they are known as the EVZONa.

Leslie 12:38 AM  

Excuse me but how is Yreka palindromic? or am I reading the clue wrong?

Leslie 12:40 AM  

I take it back; a closer look shows the palindrome--both words involved

ghkozen 12:46 AM  

Three absolutely terrible crosses:
Seemed very reasonable the Catholic jurisdiction could have been a Deacory (Deacons are a thing, right?) with Albeciz and Ovzone.

Then GTE (Random Letters) and TOTIE Fields (Who?????)

Just terrible editing, yet again, from Will Shortz, the national embarrassment if CrossWorld.

okanaganer 1:00 AM  

Whew, after the whole Sunday slog I finished with an error... in a 3 letter word! How humiliating. For 58 down "Wood-shaping tool" I tried AWL, which didn't work with ZIZZERZAZZER guy. So put in AXE, so JAXED means "Totally over it all"?, sure why not, modern slang, dang kids, whadda I know? And ZIZZER guy can end with an E.

Always loved Asturias by ALBENIZ, and jeez a lot of Spanish content in that corner with PESETA and ARROZ. I was also expecting "Center of L.A., once" to be some Spanish word for downtown.

BTW, LA was originally named: La Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles del Rio Porciuncula. Try fitting that on the state map!

[SB: sat 0; QB 5 days in a row!!? Crazy.]

Frantic Sloth 1:02 AM  

So the theme is a bunch of Zs, and I'm not counting them to see if there are 40 for each %$%#T WINK.

While most of the fill was ridiculously EZ because of all the Zs, some of it was either maddeningly arcane or just annoying SOCs. For example, YIPE and SCAD can kiss my S.

Then there were these lovelies:

EVZONE was a WOE because I guess I needed to brush up on either my Greek military or my kilt-wearers, let alone the union of the two. Sheesh.

Ditto ELZIE, ZAMBEZI, and ONZE. I happen to not speak French or know Popeye's creator's first name. Particularly wonderful that they crossed each other. @$%$ Natick only saved by guessing the Z (for obvious reasons.)

Since I probably know more about the Greek infantry than any Israeli military leader other than Moshe Dayan, EZER was another WOE.

YREKA --- took way too long because I wanted another B, instead of letting them share. D'oh.

Overall, I had fun when I knew stuff and didn't when I didn't. Funny how that happens, ain't it?

Wonder what @Ω thinks of all this. It's Sunday and time to go back to your former artist name, Mister Pants!

.5🧠 / 🧠🧠🧠🧠 (tale of 2 puzzles)
🎉🎉.5 (let's split the difference)

Trey 1:39 AM  

Slow for me; but ai was also solving without my reading glasses. Definitely slowed me down a bit.

Funny coincidence - about a week ago, I was wondering if I had ever seen FUZZYWUZZY in a crossword. Probably had a longish answer with a Z and a U in it or something and this pooped into my head

Almost a double Natick for me with DEANERY ALBENIZ and EVZONE in one area. Relieved when I got the happy music

Liked it more than @RP though

chefwen 2:36 AM  

I had a feeling that Rex would not like this one and I’m sorry to say that I agree with everything he had to say.

Years ago a workmate and I got infatuated with Beanie Babies. We would go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch which just happened to be next door to a terrific gift shop that just happened to carry Beanie Babies. Well, things got out of hand and by the time I had amassed over 100 of the cuties I wondered what a 40 year old was doing with so many little stuffies, so I donated them to a group that helped displaced children by giving them a bag of goodies to help them. Toiletries and fun little things. I kept only two that I thought might be worth something someday. Garcia and Tabasco the bull. I was going to give them both to Mango the new pup to play with, but decided to Google them to see if they were worth anything. Tabasco could bring in about $200 to $400 and Garcia anywhere between $400 to $20,000. Whoa,
Sorry Mango. Etsy and eBay here I come.

Time for me to catch some zzz’s. Goodnight 😴💤

Frantic Sloth 2:49 AM  

Agree with Rex and oh yeah - how could I forget to mention DEANERY and ALBENIZ??
I always thought it was Diocese. DEANERY sounds like a bEANERY of DEAN(s), perhaps looking to compete with @Z's Placebo and Tentacle.
ALBENIZ I'm just ignorant of.

Also didn't read a lot (or any?) Dr. Seuss as a kid, so ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ was found mostly via crosses, then a sprinkling of Zs.

Just a disappointment that by now I should be expecting on the Sundees. 😕

Anonymous 5:38 AM  

the worst ever

Matthew B 6:03 AM  

Well, well, well... I must be an outlier. I really enjoyed this one. I knew immediately it would be a cascade of zs and so it was. Easy, yes. But fun. I knew Albeniz so no Natick there. And the weird evzone led to Googling the changing of the guard in Athens. It's got to be seen to be believed. We are a strange species. The fact that there were 40 zs was an added bonus.

ajd 6:33 AM  

Yreka Bakery is the palindrome.

mmorgan 6:44 AM  

What does @Z think?

For me, ZZZZZZZ….. says it all.

Colin 6:47 AM  

@Leslie, 12:38 / 12:40: I thought exactly the same thing! I ended up with ARERA, thinking DEANERA is just as good as DEANERY (after "diocese" failed)... And therefore had DAR as (in my thinking) a national tree of the US - as in a family tree!

120A ("Like May through August...") reminded me of the rule about the months (the ones with R's) one is supposed to eat oysters. And for those Trekkers out there, 23D reminded me of the underground-dwelling, miner caste Troglytes in the episode "Cloud Minders."

I liked this puzzle, but yes, the very nature of a puzzle full of Z's would be all the PPP. I guess it would've been impossible to construct all the themers with "ZZZ" (3 Z's) in them, so two will have to do.

Anonymous 6:47 AM  

A F***ing "?" on 1A. Is it Monday? Is this a paper place mat?

Unknown 6:52 AM  

How did SHORTZ not make it into this puzzle?

Barney 7:05 AM  

With @FranticSloth re: French and Popeye creator, except I tossed in ONcE (Spanish), didn't give it a second thought, and figured the creator must be ELcIE.

Also ditto on the DEANERY naticks. I mean, really? I suppose it is the best way to make a boring puzzle also unpleasant.

bocamp 7:29 AM  

Thx Trenton, for a very crunchy and challenging Sunday Z-fest (ZZZippy not sleepy ZZZ's)! :)

Med-hard solve.

So much to like about this one, and so much to learn.

Often felt I was in an alternate universe. Nowhere near the right wavelength.

Nevertheless, a successful finish, with the biggest guesses coming at DEANERY crossing ALBENIZ and EVZONE.

All other concerns were met by fair crosses.

Very much enjoyed this somewhat daunting adventure! :)

yd 0

Peace ~ Compassion ~ Tolerance ~ Kindness to all 🕊

Son Volt 7:33 AM  

Yep - easy due to the Z’s but I liked it for awhile until it became a slog like most Sundays. I knew DEANERY but the surrounding fill was so straightforward not sure how that could be an issue. Along with PAPACY and others this had a religious tone to it. Liked the MAINE x ASSISI cross.

The construction here is stellar - just not an overly enjoyable solve.

BunnyR 8:00 AM  

Too bad he couldn't work an X in there, somewhere, but I can't see where it could have been. Those pangrams are harder than I thought they should be.

Elle54 8:06 AM  

Never knew that memorizing Dr Suess’s ABC’s would come in handy some day!

SouthsideJohnny 8:20 AM  

This one would have stunk to high heaven even without ZIZZER-ZAZZER-ZUZZ. Terrible, terrible - without a doubt the worst puzzle of the year. Probably in the top three worst of this century so far. Do they beta-test these things (like when a TV show or a play screens before a trial audience) ? If not, it’s time to start.

Cankee Yanuck 8:45 AM  

It's so fun when you spend two hours on the puzzle and still have to turn on Autocheck, thus ending a streak of 252 days, only to come here and discover most people found this so eazy-peazy they slept-walked right through it.(See what I did there?)

BUT. I don't actually feel that bad about it. Even though I've only been doing the crossword for just over a year (my puzzle-versary was September 22nd), this had to have been the worst Natick situation I've seen to date. The empty squares in DEANERY, ALBENIZ, and EVZONE could have been almost anything.

I am kicking myself about two things, though. I actually had DEANERY at one point thinking it sounded like it *could* be a real thing, but that was before I'd gone through the entire grid checking my other answers. I did find a few errors there that were easily fixed and if I had re-entered DEANERY, I would have finished it (although it wouldn't really have been a true solve). Lesson learned.

The second kick is for totally missing what the clue was saying for 36D. All I could think was, "Is the answer the name of the town or the palindromic bakery name?" After spending too much time trying to make a yAr tree happen, I did end up entering OAK, but I still didn't understand what was happening until I read someone's comment here putting the two words together.

On the bright side, I get to start a fresh new streak tomorrow (I hope, Monday puzzle!) and I won't be as stressed about keeping it going for quite some time again, lol.

Andree R. 8:46 AM  

Excruciatingly dull ! I got Fuzzy Wuzzy and Freezing Drizzle as my first two answers without any crosses !! I also have a huge problem with the lack of consistency on prize puzzles....every other themer has at least a pair of double zz's. Horrble and beyond boring Sunday. Again I ask - is this really one of the top 10,000 submissions per year ? Yikes.

Section 17 8:53 AM  

Complete Grid of Crap.

Mireille 8:54 AM  

I'm not a huge xword snob. I've disliked puzzles now and then, but this one irritated me in a way that has never happened before. Getting out of the northwest corner I thought, "that's it? The gimmick is zs? This is gonna suck." And it did. It's a not clever and it required so much trash fill to make it work. Just terrible.

Unknown 8:56 AM  

What—no pizza??

albatross shell 9:08 AM  

@Ω 1227am
You made me guffaw. Lucky for me no coffee. The "Great Z PuZZ". Now I know your real reason for delaying until today. May I suggest you use the Zzuezz Z at 63A for your grand return.

I thought 40 winks was a pretty plus, not that I counted nor I would expect anyone else to do so.

I was so Z-hausted I thought Francis was from AZZIZI.

bocamp 9:09 AM  

OZZIE and Harriet was a fave back in the day, as was GULLIVER's Travels.

Love the YREKA Bakery palindrome.

"Although many people believe the town of Yreka was named after the Shasta Indian Tribe's word for "white mountain," Mark Twain has a different account of the story", (here).

@okanaganer (1:00 AM) 👍 for 0 yd

Congrats on 5 in a row! :)

Really enjoyed this week's cryptic. Found it to be one of the easier solves, so far. Currently working on a NYT cryptic from the archives (April 6, 1997); not so easy, but a welcome challenge.

td pg -1

Peace ~ Compassion ~ Tolerance ~ Kindness to all 🕊

Anonymous 9:15 AM  

Agree with Rex 100%. As I was going through this seemingly never-ending slog, scattering Zs as I went, I wondered whether I was the only one who found it not only dull and no fun at all, but also littered with terrible fill and the sloppy clue editing for which Shortz is known. (Read the clue for 36D. Read it again.) Relieved to know I am not alone. RESINY? AGAZE? Yeah, I know it's an actual word; when was the last time you used it, read it, saw it anywhere?

As for DEANERY, it's used in religions other than Roman Catholic, notably the Anglican Communion, where the title "dean" is used much more commonly than in the RC church. So, needlessly obscure.

Are we ever going to have a good Sunday puzzle again?

amyyanni 9:32 AM  

As a person who has spent a lot of time at the end of the alphabet, I am ok with a little Z tribute. Good Sunday to you all.

Rube 9:35 AM  

Totie fields was probably the top stand up female comic of the 20th century after Joan Rivers. Maybe Phyllis Diller if you liked that style. Almost as much of a gimme as Ozzie. You're just too young.

eferb46 9:43 AM  

GTE random letters? It was a huge company company at one time at the onset of the wireless phone age. And Totie Fields was a very popular comedian in the late 60’s early 70’s especially on the Ed Sullivan show. Just because you haven’t heard of someone doesn’t require a Who???

Barbara S. 9:59 AM  

I surmise that the people who liked this will fit into a phone booth, and here I am holding the receiver, calling for reinforcements. (There may be NO ANSWER.) Was it the best Sunday puzzle ever? Absolutely not. But I found solving it fun and enjoyed all the zeds along the way. I’ve solved plenty of Sunday Slogs in my time but, happily for me, this wasn’t one of them. I’ve never heard of our marquee, ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ – thank heavens for crosses and the knowledge that whatever the critter was, it would be stuffed with Zs. I had the same DEANERY/ALBENIZ/EVZONE problem that many did. GULLIVER helped keep me on the straight and narrow there, and also finally figuring out the trick of that demonic YREKABakery – interestingly, when I got up mid-solve to do something else, the solution to the bakery name suddenly came to me. Thanks to the Spelling Bee for teaching me OLLIE, the skateboarding move. A WREN is a Troglodyte?? Oh, and I have to tell you the funniest mistake I made. I didn’t have a lot of time last night and was trying to do this puzzle quickly. When I got to 95D “Aphids, to ladybugs” I already had the initial P in place, saw that it was a 4-letter word and distractedly popped in “Pets”! Yikes, get your mind on what you’re doing! But wouldn’t that be sweet? Ladybugs taking their pet aphids on walks (flights?) on tiny little leashes. I bet Dr. Seuss could have done something with that (or did).

Mr. Grumpypants 10:07 AM  

Not. Fun. At. All.

Solverinserbia 10:10 AM  

Yes in what world is it easy when there are some insane Naticks. Ended my streak of 77 golden today on the DEANERY ALBENIZ EVZONE section. Worst puzzle in a while. The fill was so horrible to cram all the Zs in. Who was clamoring for the Zs anyway?

Colin 10:12 AM  

@Barbara S., 9:59 AM: Well, here ya go, Barbara! I'm with you:

Frantic Sloth 10:14 AM  

@bocamp 909am Mark Twain's satirical take on the naming of YREKA was more amusing than my original thought: that no one knew how to spell "eureka" in honor of the gold rush. I'd have to research all kinds of dates and stuff, so that theory was abandoned tout de suite.

@Barbara S 959am I don't think I've mentioned before how much I like the way your mind works. The imagery of those bugs going for a fly! 🤣

MichaelT 10:16 AM  

Very easy except for the ridiculous EVZONE DEANERY ALBENIZ YREKA section as Rex and others have mentioned. I didn’t “get” the whole YREKA thing so I had no chance. I am a born and raised Catholic and I’ve never heard the word deanery. So I had 90% of a puzzle that was a bore because it was so easy and 10% that was impossible to decipher. No bueno.

Nancy 10:32 AM  

Oh, it's a SNOOZEFEST all right! A word to the wise: If you're going to create a SNOOZEFEST puzzle, for heaven's sake don't call it that!

Still, it's possible to DNF on a SNOOZEFEST puzzle, and I did. I've never heard of a town called YREKA -- only of Eureka. And anyway I was looking for a palindrome. Which would have produced aRErA. Why is the word "palindrome" in the 36D clue in the first place?

I've never heard of a DEANERY. I wanted DIOCESE or DEACONRY or BISHOPRIC or something I'd heard of. And I didn't know ALBENIZ. (Should I have?) And I didn't know EVZONE. (Should I have?)

The theme was absurdly one-note -- but it still led to some truly arcane answers that stumped me, and possibly stumped you as well. Did Trenton himself know the "kilt-wearing Greek infantryman" without the help of whatever puzzle-making assistance app that helped him find all those "Z"s? I think it's doubtful.

I knew someone back in my days at the Literary Guild who described certain books as being "much of a much of a muchness". I laughed every time she said it, and I use that phrase now for this puzzle.

RooMonster 10:45 AM  

Hey All !
So, guess what? I thought this puz was cool and fun. It's a crossword puzzle, why not feature a not-oft used letter, like Z? (One day, we'll get an F puz!) It was a bit of RAZZLE DAZZLE.

This might have sat around for a bit before seeing itself in print, as SUZY Kolber is now an analyst/sportscaster. She was a sideline reporter, but that was a few years ago.

California has the towns of YREKA and Eureka. Neat. Anyone remember the way cool Syfy TV show called Eureka? That, and Warehouse 13 were great shows for SciFi geeks. (Admit to SciFi geekery, a little bit, not all out, it has to be a show/movie that tickles my fancy.)

Guessing ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ is a debut. 😁 EV ZONE sounds like a place you wait to get ferried out, or something.

Had a four-letter, six word DNF. YIPE! TOe/ZINGe (just couldn't get my foot out of my mouth... we, out of the stocking), scEAn/EDnA/sELIn/cELIA. Sure, scEAn isn't a thing, but near-end-puz impatience kicked in, so letters got thrown in all hizzle-tizzle. After coming back from the "So close!" message, erased the wrongness to finally see GLEAN, which sparked an extremely faint flicker in the ole brain to remember GELID as something I sorta knew. And the TOe/TOY thing was just mean! 😋

Spent a few minutes, looking to find a spot for the unused X for the pangram, but was unsuccessful. Will look some more, and report back if I find somewhere. I know y'all will be patiently waiting!

Six F's
FORTY Z's (and yes, I did count them!

TJS 10:46 AM  

Damn, I was looking for @Lewis to tell me how he was transported to a state of extasy by this one. ( Whoa, there's no "x" in "ecstasy" ? Who knew ? )

For my money, this was a perfect finale for one of the worst weeks of NYXW in recent memory. Maybe it's me, but I don't think so.

Shandra Dykman 10:48 AM  

The grid looks a bit like Atari’s Combat game, at least the two tanks on the top and bottom do. Are Zs somehow evocative of war? No I guess not.

Beth64 10:57 AM  

The Catholic Church doesn’t have deaneries. We have dioceses. According to the dictionary, a deanery is “the office, jurisdiction, or official residence of a clerical dean.” The Church doesn’t have any deans either. Maybe he’s thinking of the Anglican Church.

Frantic Sloth 11:00 AM  

@Nancy 1032am LOL! I can see "much of a much of a muchness" becoming the next "Natick" or "PPP" on this blog! :-D

@TJS 1046am I have to wonder if @Lewis taking a vacation at this particular time is just a coincidence.

Zwhatever 11:10 AM  

@Albatross Shell - Everyone knows I’m @Frantic Sloth’s favorite because I (normally) have the easiest nom de blog to type, so going Suessian is a risk. You know how much I hate upsetting anyone. Plus, once I change all my comments ever will have the new name, so a week long spoiler for the residents of Syndiland. OTOH, how much more can this puzzle be spoiled?

My BIL is a Dean. Nice enough guy but the idea of an entire DEANERY still makes me shudder. I imagine college academics reaction was even stronger.

Charlson is firmly in that segment of constructors whose idea of what makes an interesting puzzle has next to zero overlap with my idea. Trying to suck up to me with this puzzle didn’t work. Normally I’d say I’d happily share a phone booth with @Barbara S, but not today.

@eferb46 - When you were, say, 40, how many businesses that became defunct when you were 20 did you know? Because that’s how long ago GTE got tossed on the scrap heap of historical PPP. In 2021 it is just a random group of three letters. Likewise, the “early ‘70’s” were 50 years ago. The average age in the US is 38, so most Americans were not born when TOTIE Fields died. She most definitely merits a “Who?” from most people.

Zwhatever 11:22 AM  

@Beth64 - The Vatican disagrees, at least about the existence of DEANs. I got to the Vatican by checking on Wikipedia’s sources. No use of the word DEANERY at that Vatican resource, but it seems like a reasonable inference. DEANERY is the sort of word that makes me wonder. I wonder who the hell added it to the word list Charlson uses and how we get it off.

albatross shell 11:29 AM  

@Barbara S.
Hey Z is often an entertaining letter, and it often was today. We did get ERSATZ and pile of azzles and izzles.

DEANERY: A subset of a diocese consisting of many parishes. Made me think of Cardinal clubhouse in the 40s: A DIZZY DEANERY.

I found out JADED can be looked at as totally over while still meaning totally affected by.

A bit of POESY. Sounds like a put down to me but only seems to be in an archaic definition.

A celebration of Z. Why complain? Beause it's only spelling based. Letters, pfui! I hate spelling. Who would possibly say that? Mr. ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ.

Why are Wrens troglodytes? That is their Latin family. Troglodytidae. I do not know why, but the wrens around here often nest in the corner porch eaves. A Carolina Wren has nested inside the steel poles of standing tripod in my yard the last 2 years. So they do seem to be cave dwellers. So yes. I certainly got some joy out of this one.

albatross shell 11:36 AM  

@Barbara S.
Ants already have a claim on aphids. Maybe as pets, maybe as slaves. It might depend on whether you ask the ants or the aphids.

Photomatte 11:44 AM  

The former Big Ten powerhouse known as The Buckeyes are adamant about being called THE Ohio State University. So much so, they even filed a legal challenge to copyright "the" in front of their name. They lost, of course. However, if they're so adamant about it, they should always be known as TOSU, not OSU (104 Across).

Anonymous 11:47 AM  

@Nancy the palindrome is YREKABAKERY. Yreka Bakery.

Masked and Anonymous 11:48 AM  

This puzzzz definitely had a few hard spotz, which other commenters have already well-covered.

staff weeject pickz: LIZ, UTZ, ZAC, ZEN, ZIT, ZSA.

Not my fave kinda SunPuz theme, as no humor to keep it rollin along for the long haul.
Mighta been more impressed, if every clue had started with a Z.

Thanx for the Z's, Mr. Charlson. It was sorta fun … really liked the SHAQ clue, f'rinstance.

Masked & Anonymo10Us


thfenn 11:52 AM  

I'll share that phone booth with @Barbara S. Not great, but jeez, not worth hate. And more jeez, @Z, do we really have to police what comments are fair and what aren't? When there are so many others actually worth taking on? Loved learning wrens are troglodytes and ladybugs eat aphids, they made today worth it alone, let alone reading up on EVZONE. Perfectly passable Sunday morning...

Trey 11:59 AM  

@Nancy 10:32. Tye palindrome is for the entire name “YREKA bakery”, not the name of the town. Took me quite awhile to see that and finally get the answer

Bob Neel 12:01 PM  

Bucking the trend, I had the most fun with this in months (years?). Found it medium-challenging. I'll cram into that phone booth with Barbara...

nyc_lo 12:04 PM  

Try telling a comic strip fan that Popeye’s creator was Elzie Segar.
“No, it was E.C. Segar, not L.Z.”
“No, not L.Z., Elzie.”
“What is wrong with you??”

egsforbreakfast 12:10 PM  

As is often the case, I’m not sure if Rex truly missed something or is just taking his public tantrum as far as possible, while giving his readers a wink and a nod. But the title (Snoozefest) and the two kinda-like revealers (111A. FORTYWINKS and 64D. ZEES), clearly tie in together, and Snoozefest is not meant to simply signify that the puZZle is boring and everyone knows it.

OTOH, the puZZle is boring, and everything about it is obvious by the time you hit 22A. FUZZYWUZZY. This may be grounds for @Z to SUE Trenton Charleston for defamation of character.

Matt 12:13 PM  

My funny fill-in-the-blank error of the day:

In response to the clue "Which Disney Princess are you...?" I already had BUZZ so filled it in as "BUZZLIGHTYEARISM" which I guess is not something Buzz Lightyear said but it's a pretty funny line for a potential Toy Story V.

Otherwise: "Snoozefest" is one of the most accurate puzzle titles in a long time.

George 12:17 PM  

just raising my hand to agree with some -- this was the least fun i've had doing a crossword in YEARS. bar none, full stop, that's all.

maybe this accounts for my particular misery, but here's my list of words (and non-word strings) that I have never ONCE encountered in my life: OATER, SPITZ, EDDA, EZER, ONZE, ZIZZERZAZZERZUZZ, ALBENIZ, DEANERY, TOTIE, RESINY, GELID, and ELZIE... many of which were crossing each other :(

just horrible. such a bummer start to my sunday. i'm overcaffeinated and upset. sheesh.

puzzlehoarder 12:28 PM  

Z's are usually dead give aways in a puzzle and there was a lot of that here. As others have noted there was also some very obscure fill. It took me an hour to finish. I got a clean grid but the ELZIE/ONZE crossing was the one I worried about the most.

While I eventually got through this one unscathed there are numerous xwordinfo clue lists I need to review to be better prepared for the next monstrosity.

yd -0

Zwhatever 12:44 PM  

@thfenn - do we really have to police what comments are fair and what aren't? Uh… are you policing my policing of @eferb46? MetaMetaPolicing is definitely next level. 😂🤣😂 Seriously, chastising others for their ignorance is a common theme here. I don’t think most people even realize that they are doing it. I am always ready to point out that there are good reasons for some people to be ignorant of PPP. If that bothers you you might want to skip my posts.

Carola 12:56 PM  

I'm joining @Barbara S., thfenn, and Bob Neel in the phone booth - I thought this was a delightful romp. Actually, after the adorable FUZZY WUZZY, for me the puzzle could do no wrong (although it tried hard, with that kilt-wearing Greek). I hadn't understood the importance of the FORTY WINKS - too cute! I wondered if the pattern of black squares in the middle of the grid represented sleep waves, but I guess not.

@nyc_lo 12:04 - I know! Once I'd learned "E.C. Segar" a number of puzzles ago, I thought all of my Popeye issues were resolved once and for all.

Frantic Sloth 1:00 PM  

Yes, @Ω 1110am That is why you are my favorite. Exactly right. [pause] HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

@George 1217pm You reminded me that before everything else happened, RESINY was near the top of my nit-list. Good puzzle for this monstrosity, to hide in.

Ken Freeland 1:06 PM  

The deep south part of this puzzle was absolutely unworkable... I rate this puzzle a "1" because I can't dance to it....

Joseph Michael 1:17 PM  


Anonymous 1:18 PM  

Sunday is supposed to be a Bigger Wednesday. This was just a TV Guide entry.

bigsteve46 1:33 PM  

PPP's or by whatever other name - in ever increasing quantities are here to stay, I suppose. And I know I'm getting old, the fringes of the memory bank are frayed and like Gatsby I am stuck still “borne back ceaselessly into the past". But soldier on I will through the rap artists and the rest of the contemporary dreck and - who knows - perhaps even at this advanced age, maybe I'll even learn something new. I would only hope the new crap I learn will dislodge some of the old crap in my brain and keep the detritus level more or less constant.

And anyway grumpy old fart or not - this puzzle stunk!! So there!!!

CDilly52 1:41 PM  

Yep, these clues absolutely played to an older group of solvers.

CDilly52 1:48 PM  

I am usually a corny Sunday fan. Alas, this one lacked any sort of “corn” to make noticing all the ZZZs worth it. And the lack of clever misdirection - sad. All that said, though, another constructor’s feat. Some puzzles resonate for constructors, some more for solvers but (not being a constructor) I think this one might be a little light for both audiences.

As opposed to yesterday for me. No wavelength, no intuitive “ahas” but a good Saturday tussle.

Ken Freeland 1:50 PM  


old timer 1:59 PM  

Thing is, a DEANERY is very much an Anglican thing, not Roman Catholic. In both Catholic and Anglican cathedrals, it was traditional to describe the permanent clergymen of a cathedral as "The Dean and Chapter" of, say, Canterbury or York. The Dean was in theory the senior man, and for that reason we refer to the longest-serving member of a University faculty as the "Dean" of the factory. Later, the word "Dean" was transferred to mean the administrator in charge of student discipline. According to Haggard, in Muskogee, "the kids here still respect the college dean", but he was joking. Kids have sometimes feared the dean but seldom respected him. Unlike the college President, or high school Principal, who are often chosen because the students are likely to respect them.

But to get to the point, in the 19th Century, the Church of England establishment concluded that just having a bishop was not enough to keep the rural clergy in line and on the job. So, bishops were told to appoint "rural deans", each responsible for 8 or 10 rural parishes, and their ministers. The jurisdiction of each Rural Dean was, guess what? A DEANERY. Also, the house where a Dean of a Cathedral is called a DEANERY.

Some Anglican deans have been respected men of letters, and have gloried in their ability to invite leading authors and artists to dine with them at the DEANERY. Their revenues were more than sufficient to keep the guests well fed, and often well supplied with good wine and postprandial Port.

Personally I enjoyed the puzzle. Much less of a slog than many Sundays, and all those ZEES made it easy to guess the themers. Even poor FUZZY WUZZY, who had no hair, and so wasn't very FUZZY, was he?

pabloinnh 1:59 PM  

Hey, did you know it's World Communion Sunday? Neither did I, but here in NH it means I got to sing De Colores in church this morning, our nod to multiculturalism. Spanish came in handy too, for some answers and Sr. ALBENIZ, who was a gimme for me.

I'll go sit with the "kind of liked it" crowd. Played Whack-A-Z, trying to guess where the next one would pop up. Didn't count them though. That fact was not an added bonus. Maybe it was the other kind of bonus.

Also liked seeing Queen NOOR. The first time I read that name I thought, now that's just a great name for a queen. Unforgettable, obviously. And it did my heart good to see some more old crossword friends to go with yesterday's ORT, viz. EDDA, NAE, and the sorely-missed OATER, which used to be around every couple of weeks. Welcome back, y'all. You have made me feel that doing these puzzles for fifty years or so was time well spent.

Thanks for the Sunday fun, TC. Did not find this Terribly Challenging but still a fun ride.

Anonymous 2:08 PM  

I solve the Sunday puzzle on paper (after I scare myself silly reading the "Diagnosis" medical mystery column, if there is one) so I don't know if the editor's note appears in the online version. Today it reads, in part:

"...[Trenton Charleson] loves words with unusual letter combinations, like 63-Across here... With advanced crossword software available now even to first-time constructors, it takes special effort, like Trenton's to display a personal style."

Leaving aside the facts that "ZZ" is not a particularly unusual combination and that 63-Across is not an actual word, my take on the comment is: it's not a bug, it's a feature! Today's puzzle is apparently Mr. Shortz's platonic ideal of a crossword, essentially a large-format version of the various small wordplay games that appear with the variety puzzles and that he often uses on NPR. Wish it were otherwise, but there you go.

KevCo 2:14 PM  

Probably the worst Sunday I have ever done. "RESINY"? Are you serious? I grew up very Catholic and have never once heard of a "DEANERY." We have diocese. EVZONE, TOTIE, ELZIE, EZER...I could go on.

I never really get it when people groan about the puzzle. I enjoy probably 90% of the ones I do. But this. was. awful.

Gypsyboom 2:14 PM  

Yeah mostly easy solve with just a bunch of Z’s. But you missed the big reveal Rex. 40 winks. There are 40 z’s in the puzzle. A little extra credit is due, doncha think?

Anonymous 2:16 PM  

At first, I tried to read more meaning in all the zzzzs. “This can’t be it,” I thought, “Just a bunch of zzzzzs?!?” But no, other than the reveal that there were forty of them, it was simply a puzzle with more than the usual number of zzzzs … completely void of any pizzazz!

Simpson 2:28 PM  

The puzzle also makes a Z shape, with the top left and bottom right acting as the Z’s serifs. *shrug*

Unknown 2:28 PM  

As a non pro solver this was pretty painful. The theme is obvious but there's so much trivia fill. RLESS was groan worthy. Not a Seuss reader so I knew the middle would be a mess of Z's. Grew up Catholic and never heard of DEANERY.

Stephen Minehart 2:49 PM  

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get after spending an hour on a puzzle to DNF and then coming to this site and seeing Rex declare it EASY. DEANERY/EVZONE/ALBENIZ defeated me. I can't help liking a puzzle more when I finish it, but with that said, I think even without the DNF, it would have been mostly joyless. The only fun I had was finally seeing the palindrome, but not worth the hour I spent.

thfenn 2:58 PM  

@Z, Good well taken point on metametapolicing, I just thought teeing off on @eferb46 was unnecessary. Genuinely nothing else to see here. I enjoy the PPP counts, and like reading your posts, for the most part, so would've hoped for less umbrage.

Bishop Sheen 3:01 PM  

I'm a Catholic and I never heard the term "deanery", yes to rectory.

FWIW, Wiki disagrees:

A deanery (or decanate) is an ecclesiastical entity in the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, the Evangelical Church in Germany, and the Church of Norway. A deanery is either the jurisdiction or residence of a dean.

In the Catholic Church, Can.374 §2 of the Code of Canon Law grants to bishops the possibility to join together several neighbouring parishes into special groups, such as vicariates forane, or deaneries.[

Anonymous 3:02 PM  

Chill out, The author is just trying to please.

Gio 3:04 PM  

I've only been doing puzzles about 18 months so at first I was impressed how all of you could tell the different constructors apart. I'm getting to know them and their styles slowly.
The one constructor that has a fetish that I am aware of is this guy. He has an obsession about the high point scrabble letters and crams as many as possible into his puzzles. This puzzle was bound to happen from him. I remember this well because early on I got so stumped over an X or a Q in one of his puzzles, after running the alphabet but skipping those.
Z do you like it?

Georgia 3:07 PM  

Not fair.

Georgia 3:20 PM  

I understand the uproar about Evsones but as a person of Greek heritage I know them well. The Evzones' skirts have 400 pleats, a celebration of Greek freedom from the Ottoman Empire after 4 centuries. They are worn by the most elite Greek soldiers who guard certain landmarks including the Presidential Palace. You can watch the changing of these guards in Athens.

Jon 3:26 PM  

The theme is forty naticks.

SharonAK 3:30 PM  

I thought this was fun for awhile and then a slog because ther were so many unknowns that I found it difficult to infer.
But the one BIG COMPLAINT i have is one I didn't see mentioned in the first twenty or so comments. How can" transfixed" (past tense with a "d") be amaze (present tense)??? I kept trying to find something besides amaze that would fit there thinking it couldn't possibly be right.

Masked and Anonymous 3:33 PM  

Several years ago, M&A made a 15x15 puz where every answer letter was an "E". With appropriate "E" gridart, of course. Probably more fun to make, than to solve, I'd grant. Got inspired by a Patrick Berry puz, where the only vowel used in his puz answers was an "E".

Example clue/answer: {Capital of Libya, informally?} = EEE. (Triple-E)

@Roo dude: I believe the area containin 102-D in the SunPuz could, with only minimal desperation, have an "X" splatzed into it:
1. Change 97-A to CLEAN.
2. Change 114-A to NAIF.
3. Change 118-A to EXES.
4. Which changes 102-D to FLAX.
5. And changes 97-D to CELIE.
6. And changes 98-D to LEIFS. (Desperate-ish, but has been used before in a NYTPuz.)

M&A Land Fill Desk

Anonymous 3:37 PM  


Transfixed = AGAZE, not AmAZE (EmADS ain't a word, either).

sixtyni yogini 3:43 PM  

Oh, come on. It was kinda fun — a gimme easy with all the z’s.

Wanted to see PIZZA PALAZZO with a clever clue about a Pisa pie palace.

Could have been more fun puzzzzzzzzzzzle, but I liked it. 🧩🤗🧩.

sixtyni yogini 3:45 PM  

Yeah and Yreka is NOT palindromic in my universe.

thefogman 3:48 PM  

Loved it! Challenging, especially the NE corner. Best Sunday in a while.

Anonymous 4:28 PM  

How did Shortz get left out?

LorrieJJ 4:57 PM  

Really got caught (like SNAGGED) on the N. Calif. bakery ... what's really embarrassing is that I've actually been to Yreka ... or at least I have driven thru it. Didn't know about the bakery tho.

Simpson 5:33 PM  


Anonymous 5:40 PM  

In the immortal words of Ed Norton - "Sheeesh, what a grouch!" Go suck an egg. . . Good day.

sasses 5:47 PM  

Fun puzzle. Would have liked to see zarzuela included.

RooMonster 5:56 PM  

Dang, @M&A, I was trying in that same area to get the X, but I was going with FLAX or FLEX or FLUX. Nice job!

And @everybody about the YREKA thing:
The palindrome has to take the clue into it. It's not just the answer in the grid YREKA, because that would be AKERY, but, you use BAKERY that's in the clue, and you get the palindromic name of the City and Business, YREKA B AKERY, Yreka Bakery. See it? Now, no more about that! 😁

RooMonster Straightening Out Stuff Guy

Unknown 6:36 PM  

Agree that the EVZONE/DEANERY/ALBENIZ nexus was the toughest part of the puzzle--though I couldn't remember UTZ for chips either. I enjoyed it, thought it a bit unique! : ) But I did have to google a few things.... : / --Rick

albatross shell 7:25 PM  

Watch out, Jack Nicholson is gonna slap someone.

OLLIE OZZIE ELZIE OATER as in Fran Harriet OLIVE and early Wayne seem all of a past age. Add TOTIE EGAD POESY EDDA more of the same. Add ARROZ IONE just for the sounds. Well you like it or you don't see it at all. And more if you add a more of the Z words. TIZZY DITZY etc.

DEANERY is a thing in several religions whether you know it or not. AGAZE is a word. Those Greek soldiers, EVZONE, have a long history and are a tourist attraction.

TISAPITY or you are lucky, he didn't use sound puns like PAPAZEE and AZEEZEE.

I liked R-LESS because "no arS" was the first thing I thought of. After getting it I thought RLESS in Ireland.

Charles Nelson Nelson 7:26 PM  

It's been a long time since I encountered a Sunday puzzle for which had such miniscule desire to finish. I didn't. Joyless. Awful crosses indeed, see comments above. Poo!

Aelurus 7:52 PM  

Am very late to the commentariat today and didn’t even finish as my interest waned after the third double snoozle from the top. Favorite of those: FUZZYWUZZY. Probably because I remembered it from kidhood, though I never thought of it as a tongue twister; it’s just fun to say.

Try this for a tough tongue twister: Red bugs’ blood and blue bugs’ blood — also fun to TRY to

Another long-dormant memory from learning piano scales: There was a little bug, sitting in a rug; he feels pretty snug, silly little bug. And now that I’m feeling pleasantly silly and snug after playing that scale a few times on the piano, I think I’ll get up, sing some ditties, and get back to vacuuming the carpet, which I believe is bug-less!

Aelurus 8:41 PM  

Whew, done with overdue vacuuming. No snug bugs as far as I could tell but plenty of dust! Resulting in many sneezles.

@Nancy 10:32 am - Agree with @ Frantic 11:00 am - what a lovely phrase! And fun to say, too. Which I intend to share (with proper attribution, of course) whenever I find much of a much of a muchness.

@Barbara S 9:59 am - Ladybugs walking their aphid pets on tiny leashes - how wonderful! While wearing their Easter bonnets, of course.

Anonymous 8:48 PM  

I am offended that a puzzle that was all about using Zs could not find a way to work in ZZ Top.

John Tjia 8:49 PM  

I thought the answer was AGAZE, not AMAZE.

Anonymous 9:34 PM  

Not a fan. Too much junk just to fit in a lot of Zs. I have never read Dr. Suess's ABC (not up there with Green eggs, hop on pop, etc.)

Too many words I didn't, and frankly shouldn't know - yreka, evzone, gelid, leila (at least from this clue), totie, zambezi, edda, ersatz, ione, albeniz, arroz, amoi, noor, onze, elzie, poesy, deanery, kvetch (clue).

Never been a fan of obscure words just to make fill.

Caseman 9:42 PM  

I thought it was a zimple but zatisfying diversion. Zats all, folkz!

Crimson Devil 10:05 PM  

S’what I had, G.

Crimson Devil 10:17 PM  

Spent much time trying to stuff in ZZ TOP, PIZZA, ZAMBONI, and SHORTZ.
Months sans Rs were known, at one time, as time not to eat oysters.
Same dislike for DEANERY, ALBENIZ, EVZONE.
Liked comment re FORMER Big Ten Powerhouse, and shout outs to SUZY and NANTZ.

Crimson Devil 10:17 PM  

Spent much time trying to stuff in ZZ TOP, PIZZA, ZAMBONI, and SHORTZ.
Months sans Rs were known, at one time, as time not to eat oysters.
Same dislike for DEANERY, ALBENIZ, EVZONE.
Liked comment re FORMER Big Ten Powerhouse, and shout outs to SUZY and NANTZ.

stephanie 1:15 AM  

@Andree R. re: PRIZE PUZZLES. extreme agree and i find it odd that nobody else mentioned it. i filled in PUZZLES early on but couldn't for the life of me think of PRIZE until the very end because i was trying to think of a double Z word that made sense. the whole theme is literally Z's

Alex 7:13 AM  

Incredibly painful. Probably the worst puzzle for me in at least a year. Seemed near impossible if you were over 50 and American. I get that it's a the New York Times so it's for New York people, but geez. Usually it's a pleasant window into another culture. Today it was like pulling teeth.

Frantic Sloth 8:41 AM  

Did the blog move and nobody told me?

Joe in Newfoundland 9:00 AM  

one would have to read English literature, I guess, to know deanery. Trollope and such.

Tim Carey 9:26 AM  

Yeah, but... the clue said Catholic. Not. Anglican.

Wellmet 4:18 PM  

a double natick! Albeniz, deanery, ezvone. Not nice.

JD 5:47 PM  

Yeah @Douglas, labor and twice twice. The second time I thought the real miracle was the epidural. How 'bout you?

kitshef 6:20 PM  

An easy puzzle that felt like it took twice as long, with all the fours and fives and direction changes.

Spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the Z (or Zs) would go in ASSISI, before deciding there weren't any.

Daisy 11:58 PM  


spacecraft 10:18 AM  

Nope. Refuse to go through with it. This guy simply does not care what kind of fill he slaps in there to pull off some meaningless spectacle. BMAJ is bad enough; I'm not gonna plow through DEANERY and EVZONE. Just not gonna waste my time. How does he still get published?

Burma Shave 2:10 PM  


what ZSA ZSA and EVA was?


rondo 2:18 PM  

@spacey - can't blame you. Whatever else you did instead was more enjoyable. Aptly titled snoozefest.

Non-Z Amanda SEYFRIED, yeah baby.

Nap time.

Geome 4:22 PM  

Give some credit. Truth in advertising is a rare commodity. This puZZle was correctly titled: "SNOOZEFEST".
What were you expecting?

Diana, LIW 4:48 PM  

Agree with @Spacey and @Rondo - I sorta ZZZeeeeed out.

Diana, Lady-in-Waiting for Crosswords

Unknown 3:15 PM  

“Pueblo” is masculine; should read “El Pueblo.”
“La Puebla” refers to the people in a community.

Cross@words 1:30 PM  

Even if lack of deaneries were true of the Roman Catholic Church, it seems some have a certain parochialism (get it?) to overcome to recognize that there are other Catholic Churches, Anglicans being among them (as some have mentioned) along with Eastern Orthodox, Church of Sweden, … .

wcutler 3:34 AM  

O-h-h-h, YREKA Bakery was the palindrome! I'm so sorry I missed noticing that, and I'm so happy to have at least read about it here. I think I'd have got DEANERY if I'd got that.

Are you folks with @Barbara S still in the phone booth? I want to join, but I'm guessing we syndies are out of luck. I'm with the person who bought in at FUZZY WUZZY. Zeds are just fun letters - they do their own RAZZLEDAZZLE.

Unknown 12:49 PM  

Not fair? It was a total gimme

recycledgrandma 5:25 PM  

71 A, stretched out in yoga class? A mat is rolled out, a lat is stretched out.
33A deanery. Never heard it from a RC. AC (or Episcopalians) have deaneries. They’re the equivalent of Roman Catholic dioceses.

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