Friday, April 27, 2007

Commentary forthcoming. Had special teaching assignment early this morning, so no chance to blog puzzle. ETA on today's commentary .... let's say, 1:30pm



Anonymous 12:38 PM  


Darn, just when I completed my first Friday puzzle without Googling. I have you to thank. I gave up crossword puzzles , except Sunday's Times for years. This year started doing the dailies except Friday and Saturday. Your blog changed that as it made the experience so much more enjoyable that I decided to do Friday's even thoughI could not finish them without Googling and eveb then..

So thanks for the fun and the great blog.

Next step Saturday's which I've only attempted once or twice.

Anonymous 12:41 PM  

All the rex addicts await their next fix...


Orange 1:22 PM  

Xorp! Sounds like a cartoon robot's name, or a Mad sound effect.

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