GUEST BLOGGERS: The Schedule for April 6-13, 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2007

As you all know, I'm going on vacation to Mexico starting tomorrow. The blog, however, will go on. Here is the schedule for the next eight days:

FRIDAY, April 6 (my sister's birthday!): Robert Loy
SATURDAY, April 7: Robert Loy
SUNDAY, April 8: Colman deKay
MONDAY, April 9: Linda G
TUESDAY, April 10: Linda G
WEDNESDAY, April 11: Howard Barkin
THURSDAY, April 12: Howard Barkin
FRIDAY, April 13: Dave Sullivan

Please, please stop by and comment and generally support my guest writers - help keep the spirit of the blog going while I bask in the glow of a Mexican sun. It's no false modesty when I say that the success of this blog has been due less to my own particular downmarket brand of genius than to the smart, irreverent, and friendly community of readers who stop by on a regular basis to comment. So thanks. A lot.

Happy solving,


Anonymous 4:19 PM  

Excellent - while no one can replace His Highness, it will be a kick to get to know the substitute bloggers and, especially, to reconnect with Howard B and Dave Sullivan!

Solve on!

Anonymous 4:26 PM  

Thanks, Vi, et. al. for suffering us fools so gladly. Now the pressure's on to solve a Friday puzzle flawlessly--good practice for Brooklyn 2008!

Anonymous 4:38 PM  

I'm really looking forward to the guest bloggers! Thanks to all of you for taking it on. We'll try not to give you too much trouble...well maybe just a little to have some fun : )

Have a great time, Rex! We'll miss you. Remember "no beber la agua" -- I know I have the gerund wrong in there but hey! what can you do with college Spanish you took far too long ago.

Also, wear sunscreen!

Anonymous 5:13 PM  

In the words of Brian Wilson and Mike Love, "we'll have fun fun fun til her daddy takes the TBIRD away." It'll be our own special kind of virtual beach, complete with surfer STUDS and PIMENTOS in our martini olives.

The surrogate system does sound very enjoyable, truly. Thanks Rex for thinking of it and everyone else for stepping up. Let the games begin!!!!

DONALD 5:18 PM  

...and no flaming!

Rex Parker 5:22 PM  

Well that really, Really depends on what you mean by "flaming..."


Linda G 7:11 PM  

Since you all know who I really am, I thought I'd post a recent photo ; )

While we'll all miss you, Rex, this will be a fun week.

Evad, you're quite brave to tackle Friday the 13th. No telling what Will has up his sleeve.

Lots of sunscreen, please! And have a wonderful time.

Orange 10:02 PM  

I, for one, encourage ample flaming on the part of the guest bloggers.

DONALD 12:15 AM  

Huzzah! Huzzah!

Anonymous 6:46 AM  

Funny you should mention flaming...

Anonymous 10:03 AM  

Everybody please see Linda's new picture. HUZZA HUZZA

Anonymous 6:40 AM  

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