Sunday, October 1, 2006

Solving time: IN PROGRESS

Rex Parker learned a couple of things this morning. First, having his parents in the house is not conducive to puzzle-solving. I have been able to get to the puzzle only in fits and snatches (if that's an expression); I even locked myself in the bathroom for a bit (not generally my style), and I'm still not done. Timer on, timer off, timer on, timer off. The second thing I learned: if any little girl was made to wear head-to-foot Cinderella gear, from plastic glass slippers to plastic tiara, with blinking wand and shimmering dress in between - all of it brought to us by the good children of China, via my generous parents - then that little girl is my little girl. Seriously. She is so beautiful that she almost made me forget the oppressive international labor dynamic that went into the production of the Cinderella costume. Do I have a photo? Oh yes. Forthcoming, as is my commentary on today's puzzle. Thanks for your patience. Why not peruse one of my earlier puzzle commentaries? They are even better the second time around.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


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