Computer programmer disparagingly / MON 12-18-17 / Nascar devotee / Light friendly punch

Monday, December 18, 2017

Constructor: Bruce Haight

Relative difficulty: Medium

THEME: INNER DEMONS (61A: Personal struggles ... or, literally, features of 17-, 26-, 36- and 52-Across) — "DEMON" can be found embedded in every theme answer:

Theme answers:
  • CLAUDE MONET (17A: "Water Lilies" painter)
  • PRIDE MONTH (26A: June, in the L.G.B.T.Q. movement)
  • MADE MONEY (36A: Profited)
  • CODE MONKEY (52A: Computer programmer, disparagingly)
Word of the Day: CODE MONKEY
noun: code monkey; plural noun: code monkeys
  1. a computer programmer, especially an inexperienced or unskillful one. (google)
• • •

As an example of this very common type (embedded words with a revealer of INNER whatever and such), this one is pretty solid. You got a good set of themers here—that is, the answers are colorful all on their own, with PRIDE MONTH being the strongest and MADE MONEY the weakest. The only time I really went 'ugh' was at AYS. I mean ... no. AYES, yes. AYS!?!? That's idiotic. But as I say, everything else holds up OK. Despite relatively open corners (which often spell trouble, time-wise), I cruised through this one very quickly, *except* in the SW, where I dead-stopped a couple of times trying to get in, largely because CODE MONKEY was unknown to me (and I had no idea of the theme at this point). Also, the phrase AT A TIME didn't seem at all apt for 48A: Simultaneously, perhaps because 99% of the time you hear the phrase AT A TIME, it's immediately following the word ONE ... which does little to convey simultaneity. Other issues in that corner—I had LEI for TEE; I found 60A: Public health org. far too vague to be any help; 68A: "Fuhgeddaboutit!" coulda gone all kinds of ways; and, you know, AYS. Luckily ELDER, RIM, and the inferred "S" at the end of what turned out to be AYS helped me get MAD DASH, so I wasn't stuck for too too long.

When I was done, I didn't realize there'd been a revealer, so I looked at all the theme answers and thought, "Huh ... it's Monday, so they put MON. in all the answers ... weird." That is seriously what I thought was going on. Not much else to say about this one. Two other errors I had were DUET for DYAD (51D: Twosome) and READY for HANDY (69A: At one's fingertips). SOAPING windows seems like an awful lot of trouble for a Halloween prank. I mean, why not egg? Throw, splat, run. Bada bing. Soaping is a little too close to straight washing someone's windows—how is that bad, exactly? This is not a prank I've ever seen done, or heard of anyone doing (no one that I knew personally, anyway). I have to go now, as I can't stand to look at AYS anymore. See you Tuesday.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

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Anonymous 12:29 AM  

You write on the window with soap. There’s no water involved. It’s a thing.

Anonymous 12:36 AM  

We Episcopalians soap windows - car windows that is. There's no chance that it harms anything and actually helps our 'victims' clean itself off. Also, we never run away. We saunter, sometimes skip.

The only thing I can ever remember about Tea Leoni is this: Years ago in the NY Metro area there was this elderly movie reviewer / gossip peddler on the local news. She was just this slightly odd babushka of indeterminate age who filled in time once in a while. One night she was going on about Ms Leoni's debut in whatever show it was, and the old lady was positively salivating over her. Propositioning her over the air, right there on the NBC 5:00 news. Proposing a May December marriage.

So, none of this gave me any inkling as to how to spell Ms Leoni's last name, only that she was the darling of aged closeted lesbians. I just assumed it was Leone, which left me with PRE__MONTH at 26A, and I was a bit perplexed that June was the offical PREOPMONTH in the LGBTQ community. I knew my niece began her 'official' year of living as a woman starting in June, but that was just scheduling her surgery around being ready for college the next September, not as a part of some greater LGBTQ policy . I should have paid more attention to how to spell Ms Leoni's name.

Larry Gilstrap 12:40 AM  

Apparently, OFL and I were not into Halloween vandalism, but, I have heard that SOAPING a window means to scrawl rude messages or to draw offensive images on the glass with a bar of soap. Try that with an egg.

Some people on this blog seem hung up on theme unity; I cope with most themes and ignore many. The DEMONS are internal, no? It's only Monday according to that calendar on the wall. Good puzzle!

Remember when odd weather was explainable? Let's blame EL NINO or whatever. Trigger the tilde people. Time for a tamale or two. Hopefully, the NAAN folks are placated.

HELEN must have had a beautiful face. She's mythical, so perhaps she still does. Now as ever, a great time to read Yeats's "Leda and the Swan".

Knights were the rock stars of the Medieval World and their armor and weaponry were ancestral. You went to war dressed and armed just like Grandpa, literally. The technology of warfare was unchanged for generations. Try that now; please!

MERCI, Dr. Haight for reminding us that any tribe worth existing reveres an ELDER member.

Robin 1:04 AM  

Fair review. Bruce ran into the same trouble I did and had the same complaint about AYS.

Theme was pretty good, and did not notice what it was until working on the revealer at 61A.

Originally tried to work CODEJOCKEY into 52A, but that's not really disparaging. CODEMONKEY on the other hand, yeah. Only thing worse would be a SCRIPTKIDDIE.

Nevertheless, finished in quick Monday time.

Tom 1:30 AM  

Wrote in redneck for 40 down, which slowed me down immeasurably. Long time auto freak, but hey, that’s what most of them are. Fits right in with 62 d. In fact, I think I read the clue for 40 d right after 62 d. Typical left coaster. Screwed by the new tax f#*%k up by the T.Rump. Punishment for the fact that the coastal voters didn't vote for the joke in the White House. History will judge, and it will be brutal. Little satisfaction, though. Rest of the puzzle was easy Monday. Sleep well, and pray for America.

Isandxan 2:50 AM  

Grew up in NC during the days of Cale Yarborough, Richard "The King" Petty, Junior Johnson and Dale Earnhart Sr. so threw "redneck" right in for 40 down with a chuckle, then laughed harder when I realized I had it wrong.

a.corn 4:05 AM  

Wish I had the aha moment...sadly the puzzle was more or less finished by hitting the downs. Just had to go back and change cia to NSA (which I thought was clued horribly; the NSA is a lot of things, covert ain’t really one of em. Would’ve like “nosy” instead for the alliteration).

Loren Muse Smith 4:11 AM  

Love this theme. INNER DEMONS. Don’t we all have them. Well, I don’t, but I’m sure everyone else does.

PRIDE MONTH is terrific. Terrific. On so many levels.

I, too, had a wobbly moment with CODE MONKEY. I was going “modem monkey” thinking how cute it was that the words shared that inner M. Hah.

REIGN. Can we just ditch rein and spell the controls one and the ruling one the same way? We’re headed in that directions anyway. Methinks.

I did notice those open corners and thought it’d be tougher than usual, but in the end, I found this one a, well, a bonafide Monday. Ahem.

Nice one, Bruce.

Lewis 5:44 AM  

@lms -- Nice one yourself, with "bonafide Monday"!

High quality Monday that doesn't insult the intelligence, with easy but not embarrassingly easy clues and quality answers (DYAD, DEGAS, INNERDEMONS, AXON, ORBITAL, HAJI, CODEMONKEY). Also, this is not an easy theme to find good answers for, answers that stand on their own and aren't just thrown together. (Let's see how many more that commenters come up with -- I tried, with no success.) I like SOAPING by MADDASH, as I see the latter following the former. When I was a kid, I was too straight-laced to try any prank of that magnitude. I wished I could but it wasn't going to happen.

A puzzle that begets memories and praises. INAWORD, Sir Haight, MERCI.

Anonymous 5:51 AM  

Boy that Tom sure is a snowflake. Typical hypocritical lib. More taxation is great until he needs to pay it.

Anonymous 5:54 AM  

May I ask your age? Soaping car windows was our mischief on Halloween eve. Egg throwing came later. I'd guess early 80s.

Two Ponies 6:43 AM  

As I recall soaping a window was a rather nasty prank because it was nearly impossible to completely wash off so you were stuck with the offending word forever. Cars were the easiest target but the front picture window of your house was the trophy of the brave prankster.

Solid fun Monday.

Two French Impressionists "at a time"!

"At a time" caught my eye but it is real as illustrated above.

Code monkey made me laugh. But I guess if you can be a grease monkey you can be any kind of monkey you want.

Snows in vs snowed in sounds like a deliberate act.

Wasn't Haji the friend on Jonny Quest?

Exubesq 7:02 AM  

Not sure about that. Used to be referred to as No Such Agency.

kitshef 7:12 AM  

Enough with YA. Please. And here, crossing NAH and AYS. Bleagh.

Very well executed theme. Of course, I thought the same yesterday, and Rex savaged that one, so maybe I should limit myself to 'I enjoyed the theme execution'.

QuasiMojo 7:13 AM  

Nah... I've heard of GAY PRIDE MONTH and LGBT PRIDE MONTH but as a stand alone, PRIDE MONTH? Not so much. And it's pride for being a member of the L.G.B.T.Q. community, including family and friends, not necessarily for being part of a "movement." Tortured phrasing for a gimmick. It makes the mind reel. All of that felt forced. As did MADE MONEY which anyone can do even when they are not making a profit. The phrase is "Made Money On" or maybe WITH. The mint makes money too but that does not mean they make a profit. And with the new tax bill...

The anonymous guy at the start of the comments today had me splitting a gut. Talk about dry wit. Bravo.

If you're going to do a theme about INNER DEMONS at least have the inner word be some sort of demon, not just the word demon. It's a ho-hum sort of achievement.

Anonypuss 7:27 AM  

Nitpickers raining on my parade. Lovely.

Normal Norm 7:34 AM  

I thought Pride Month was about lions.
Eggs will stain the paint if you let it dry.
Anyone laying odds on how long it will take Aketa
to blather on about dojo?

KY 7:40 AM  

I'm so proud of my anus that I need a whole month to celebrate it.

chefbea 7:41 AM  

Fun easy puzzle. Hand up for never heard of code monkey!!!

Hungry Mother 7:47 AM  

Very quick today. No problems, but I did a lot of downs.

Anonymous 8:01 AM  

Pride month LOL. Pride is a deadly sin. Waiting for Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Anger, Envy, and Lust months.

Z 8:19 AM  

I went years with 6:00 being an absolute wall that I just could not get through. Now 5:54 feels medium. Still not Rexian, and forget about the truly top speed mavens, but do enough of these things and your times will improve (if you want). The theme helped me get CODE MONKEY, which I have heard - my sense is that new hire coders are all CODE MONKEYs until they prove they aren’t.

INNER DEMONS are the prototypical first world problem. Hey, I’m well fed, well sheltered, will live to the top end of the human life-span, and have more personal wealth than 98% of all the humans who have ever lived, but let me tell you, I. Have. Such. Problems.

Pretty sure that this is the best Haight write-up by Rex, ever.

@LMS’s reign/rein plaint got me thinking about <a href="”>this Frazz comic</a> from this past Thursday. (apologies if this sends you to an Amazon Gift Card rabbit hole - I swear these things are just unsubtle prompts to get people to buy the gocomics subscription)

tb 8:27 AM  

@Quasimojo, my gay friends and I always refer to it as "pride month."

tb 8:35 AM  

Soaping was a common Halloween activity in Southern Illinois when I grew up there in the late 60s, early 70s.

When I was in junior high school, I was a well-known goody-two-shoes. Never swore, obeyed rules, etc.

So one year I decided to take a walk on the wild side and go soaping with some friends.

Now, of course, I never swore, not even "damn" but I heard swear words all the time. I had heard "fuck" many times, but had never actually read the word.

So there were many cars all over town with the word "phuck" soaped on them.

The next day one of my friends told me, "some idiot soaped the word p-h-u-c-k all over town."

My response? "What a moron."

Aketi 8:42 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aketi 8:45 AM  


Liked RACE FAN near MAD DASH. I wonder if RACE FANs do the same MAD DASH for the parking lot to avoid the traffic at the finish of the event as happens after other sports. I did that after the opening ice hockey game at Cornell since they were well ahead of Alabama, but missed what was an exciting attempt at a come back when one of their players shot a goal while doing a flying shoulder roll onto the ice. Cornell still won but I was sorry I missed such a great play.

@lms, how about just lumping all three together (including water that falls from a cloud) as "rane".

@Quasi, here in NYC I usually hear it just as PRIDE MONTH. One of the cafes here subbed rainbow petit fours for their typical chocolate biscotti during PRIDE month. I usually don't like petit fours but theirs are excellent. Same cafe that has a shared sink and peep proof black mirrored doors so that an one of any gender can use the facilities in peace.

Hahaha, @Normal Norm, your spelling is as bad as my own. I'm sure you know that you can just scroll past my posts but I guess your prefer to selftrigger your INNER snowflake by preemptively making your own comment about a word associated with the Arts you clearly think I should be censored from mentioning. Perhaps you have a few INNER DEMONS you need to exorcise or your EGO needs a little bolstering? Do you feel better now that I gave you a little undeserved attention?

Normal Norm 8:54 AM  

I knew you couldn't resist.

Anonymous 8:57 AM  

Soaping the screen is much more effective!

Anonymous 9:00 AM  

I feel so much better now that I’ve had my morning bowel movement.

Michael Scott 9:02 AM  

“As an example of this very common type, this one is pretty solid.”

That’s what she said.

Aketi 9:15 AM  

@Normal Norm, hahaha, I didn't even notcice DOJO until you posted. Now, thanks to you and the marketing of bullet proof coffee for MMA, I have an ear worm of DO JO for good mOJO at the DOJO. There, see, you got me to write it out twice. Enjoy your morning JO. I'm going to DO my second cup since the puzzle was easy and only barely lasted through the first.

Mohair Sam 9:25 AM  

INNER DEMONS - How cool is that for a Monday? Neat stuff. So the price was AYS to make it all work, what the Hell. Beyond that not a nit to pick.

@Z - I was thinking the same thing. OFL praising a Bruce Haight puzzle!

Politics warning: Well, the Trump people just learned why Hillary used a personal server. Every word his transition team said to each other concerning anything is in his enemy's hands and his lawyers didn't get to vet it. Within weeks it will all be leaked to the press. Not so dumb after all, is she Donald?

Nancy 9:30 AM  

So today we have an I told ya YA to go with the Where are ya YA of a few days ago. Are they dating? Are they about to produce a litter of little YAs with NYT crosswords in their future? Who knew that that combination of letters would be so valuable to xword constructors?

Hope @Aketi does or has done this puzzle. (Haven't looked yet.) What with DOJOS, KNEED, CRUEL, BRASHLY and LOVETAP, it's right in her martial arts wheelhouse.

A cute puzzle, smoothly done. Fine for a Monday.

Greater Fall River Committee for Peace & Justice 9:36 AM  

Two Ponies: we were taught that soaping was OK, it was writing words with wax that was almost impossible to get off.

Andy S. 9:43 AM  

I grew up in a Philadelphia neighborhood that took defacing property seriously. 10/28 was deemed chalk night. 10/29 soap night. and 10/30 was mischief night. Our demons were outer demons.

Nancy 9:49 AM  

@Tom 1:30 a.m. -- You write: "History will judge and it will be brutal." Wish I were as optimistic as you. I worry that there may not even be a history to judge.

@Z (8:19) -- I feel that there is quite a bit of inner wisdom in your 2nd paragraph.

Anonymous 9:51 AM  

Lost precious seconds with prY for SPY, CODEMONgEr for CODEMONKEY, and cDc for FDA. Easy puzzle complicated things because I was duped by the misdirections and didn't check many downs.

Still a rewarding finish.

GILL I. 9:54 AM  

IM RICH MADE MONEY AMI MERCI KNEED DOWN ON IN A WORD NOT ONCE NEMO DEMO. Fun puzzle, Bruce. And you didn't get soaped by @Rex.
SOAPING is awful. So is egging. Damn little DEMONS. I was always scared to death I'd get caught so I just egged others on while laughing like an idiot on the sidelines. Once those two monsters dry, it's nearly impossible to get it off. I'm glad I'm no longer CRUEL.
I'm not sure what a LOVE TAP is. Is it a little love on the arm? I just watched the movie "Fences" last night. Denzel needed lots of LOVE TAPs. Great movie, by the way.
Nice, fun Monday with lots of good chew. I like it that way.

Anonymous 10:05 AM  

Don't be so hysterical Nancy. The sun will come up tomorrow.

jberg 10:24 AM  

Back in the 50s, soaping windows was right up there with tipping over outhouses as your stereotypical Halloween prank. Not that anyone ever did them.

This never happens to me, but I wrote in CLAUDE MONET, spotted the inner DEMON, and filled in all but one of the themes with no crosses. For CODE MONKEY I had to place the D. It was fun, but made the puzzle go by too fast.

@Loren, my favorite is “free reign” —not a misspelling, they’re just using the wrong word because they’ve never been near a horse.

Anonymous 10:26 AM  

Anyone egg my house I'll kick their friggin' ass.

Masked and Anonymous 10:48 AM  

Primo use of the old hidden-word mcguffin.
CODEMONKEY. har. This themer is downright demonic, in fact.

staff weeject pick: [Don't look, @RP!] AYS. Better clue: {Say all wrong??}. Nice weeject stacks in the NE/SW, btw. Lil darlins.

fave moo-cow eazy-E MonPuz clue: {Opposite of losses} = GAINS. Had to dive pretty deep, to come up with it. EMU clue was demonic. And only two fill-in-the-blankers, on a MonPuz? Double-demonic.

Thanx for the fun, Mr. Haight. [Where's yer grid pic of a demon, tho?]

Masked & AnonymoUUs

On the 6th Day of Christmas, my true luv gave to m&e…


Five. Gold. U's.*
Two Tiny Feys,
And a SIRENE in a FERRITE tree.

M&A's inner demon…

Hartley70 10:51 AM  

I like Bruce Haight puzzles and this is no exception. The theme was perfectly executed. It's a pleasure for beginning solvers and the rest of us.

jb129 11:00 AM  

Easy & a fun puzzle.

Anoa Bob 11:06 AM  

Intimidating grid for a Monday, what with those triple-stacked sevens in all four corners. BRASHLY done with nary a YAWN.

Thought of HIDDEN DEMONS at first.

Maybe KNEED could have been clued along the lines of how one might be struck in DOJOS. Or is that a DOJO no no?

Isn't SLOMO someone's first name?

AT A TIME sounds like a partial to me. "Two" (hi @ Two Ponies) or more would be needed, methinks quaintly, to make it a stand-alone phrase, like IN A WORD.

AYS? ¡Ay caramba!

QuasiMojo 11:19 AM  

Yes, Shlomo Mintz, violinist.

Malsdemare 11:30 AM  

Well, I started with August Renoir before I remembered MONET, and, not knowing Ms. Tea, changed her name to LEONi. But those errors were fixed quickly and I ambled through this one quite happily. I really enjoyed the reveal. I figured Rex would rail at AYS — deservedly —but I will happily accept AYS if you give me INNERDEMONS.

As kids, we preferred TPing or ringing doorbells. Cars weren't parked on the street in my neighborhood, and soaping house windows was getting way too close to getting caught. Fav fun was throwing rocks at our sole streetlight; remember "Be home when the streetlights come on"? This was our solution. Ah, the good old days. Today's local paper reports there's an old guy going around leaving racist cards on car windshields; the cards are tainted with meth and ecstasy. And our local kids thought turning a tree stump in our tiny park into a KKK member was a hoot. May you live in interesting times, indeed.

I get NYT in digital form and the long piece on recovering bodies on Everest has some of the most gorgeous photography you can imagine. There are times I'm sorry I don't have a physical paper in my hands, but today the e-copy rocks.

Thanks, Bruce! Great monday.

semioticus (shelbyl) 11:36 AM  

Wow. An unexpectedly strong Monday!

Fill: This is amazing. Yes, "ERIN go bragh!" is here and ELIS is never fun, but such a fresh fill on a Monday? LOVETAP, MADDASH, RACEFAN are great entries for a Monday that wants to be exciting. Lots of 5+ letter words, no Naticks. Amazing.

Theme/long answers: A Monday theme cannot be super innovative, so I'll gladly accept a strongly executed classic like "inner X." This one is exactly that. Conceptually different entries linked together smoothly. Except for MADEMONEY, they are all interesting entries by themselves and are clued appropriately.

Clues: Fun enough. Nothing memorable, but complementary to an already strong fill.

Pleasurability: For some reason I first put down OpIES/pOI and it took me a while to find my mistake. But that's on me. This puzzle was smooth as frak to solve. Not super easy, but it doesn't throw crossword glue at you, it doesn't put in one obscure proper noun to make you think about it but it's just constructed well. Kudos.

GRADE: A-, 4.05 stars.

semioticus (shelbyl) 11:46 AM  

Oh, and here's last week's report.

Best puzzle: Saturday by Sam Ezersky.
Worst puzzle: Wednesday by Benjamin Kramer.
Strongest feature: Saturday puzzle's fill.
Weakest feature: Wednesday puzzle's theme.
Crosswordfiend avg. (dis)agreements: I didn't think as much of Monday by Brian Thomas, and I enjoyed Tuesday by David Kahn more than most.

Week average: B, 3.33 stars. Nothing memorable.

Anonymous 11:47 AM  

How much time do you need to celebrate your intolerance of people who only ask that they be allowed to live a normal life without the prejudice against them for the way they were born?

Hungry Mother 11:49 AM  

Any others with a computer programming background here? I got my degree in math, but mostly taught computer science. I was the coach for a competitive programming team at two different colleges. We were nerds and geeks, but not CODEMONKEYs. Are you a puzzle monkey?

Anonymous 11:50 AM  

The rest of us are waiting for trolls like you to take your narrow-minded opinions elsewhere.

Anonymous 11:53 AM  

Probably, but will you be gone from the blog tomorrow? That would be cause for joy.

Stanley Hudson 11:54 AM  

I’ve spent a lot of time in a poverty-stricken rural area in Mexico and can say with some confidence that inner demons are not restricted to the first world. There’s a Mr. Hyde lurking inside most human beings, I suspect.

@Anonymous 10:05, Nancy strikes me as many things but “hysterical” isn’t one of them; what a smarmy, sexist cheap shot.

Anonymous 11:58 AM  

Nice virtue signaling Stanley Hudson.

Anonymous 11:59 AM  

Why don’t you go out and die?

Lewis 12:04 PM  

My favorite clues of last week:

Not with (4)
Very basic things (4)
Not true (9)
It has a little bow at one end (9)
Goes from Tokyo to Kyoto, say (8)


Carola 12:09 PM  

Nice Monday. I agree with @Rex on "medium," with its mix of write-right-in and have-to-wait-for-crosses.
Not seeing any thematic connection between CLAUDE MONET and PRIDE MONTH, I scanned for hidden words and the DEMONs popped out - which made MADE MONEY and CODE MONKEY easy. The reveal held me in suspense for a while.

Add Wisconsin to the Halloween SOAPING map. NIce cross with the PAIL of water needed to deal with it in the morning.
I liked the idea of SNOW SIN as a counterpart to snow angel.
@Nancy, same thought here about I TOLD YA but you were much funnier about it than I could be.

RooMonster 12:30 PM  

Hey All !
SOAPNG windows. Har. Did that as a youth. Some rotten people used wax, which is no bueno. At least soap would get your windows clean. Wax usually required a scraper of some sort. And egging a car is just assholery. Had that happen to me, twice-same car, and since you don't see it till the next day, the egg is dried and ridiculously tough to get off. Get off my lawn!

Liked puz, slightly tougher than a standard MonPuz. Originally had bRIDEMONTH for the June clue. Agree with the ATATIME odd clue. Liked the open cornerness on a Monday. Made good GAINS throughout. It seemed the Downs were easier than the Acrosses.

Apparently, no Kings or Royalty who were LEON I, so have to use Actress Tea. So for future reference, you can use a bunch of letters if you end up with LEO_I. *Files in the ole brain* :-)


Buggy Bunny 12:43 PM  

Only thing worse would be a SCRIPTKIDDIE.

if you've ever had to spend most of you're day, every day for months, cleaning up the silliness they make, it's only descriptive. not pejorative.

Buggy Bunny 12:53 PM  

Well, the Trump people just learned why Hillary used a personal server.

not the same. HRC was SoS, and thus, sort of, expected to use .gov server. the Trumpistas were using a .gov server, I guess because he's too cheap to have his own(?), and thus the contents are subject to Federal control. dumb as a sack of hair.

Anonymous 12:58 PM  

Can we combine "race fans" with "pride month" and have "race pride month"?

Teedmn 1:07 PM  

INNER DEMONS makes for a fun theme - and I like the bonus truncated DEMO_ and the anagrammed truncation of NEMO_.

I have no idea why CODE MONKEY went right in off the CO_E_ON___. Perhaps I had subconsciously noticed the MONs in all of the theme answers. Certainly it wasn't because it was a gimme for me.

Aren't KOI supposed to rid one's aquarium of ALGAE?

I would say that being KNEED would not be a LOVE TAP, especially in an ALL MALE MAD DASH.

Thanks, Bruce Haight, for a clean, entertaining Monday.

Dick Swart 1:30 PM  

"Mischief Night" was the night before Halloween in Philadelphia. I was at the soaping age in the '40s. No eggs were used.

A very nice Monday excursion. Maybe 'ay' is the nautical equivalent of 'oy'.

Abbizzmad 1:46 PM  

I agree with Rex, also cringed at "ays" and had duet for 51d. Otherwise fun Monday.

Johnny Caspar 2:21 PM  

I’m sick of the HIGH HAT!

Mohair Sam 2:40 PM  

@Buggy Bunny - You clearly missed the point.

jb129 3:00 PM  

Why is it that only the cowards who post as "Anonymous" never have anything nice to say?

C'mon a-holes"- post as yourselves or just enjoy the puzzle experience & keep your stupid opinions to yourselves (OMG - I'm getting like them :(

Joe Dipinto 3:06 PM  

@QuasiMojo -- Ooh, Shlomo Mintz! I have a number of his recordings. Favorites are the Faure and Prokofiev sonatas (with Yefim Bronfman), and the Lalo "Symphonie Espagnole".

I must concur with the other NYers -- everyone here says "Pride Month" or "Pride Parade" nowadays.

QuasiMojo 3:38 PM  

@Joe Dipinto I'll check those out. Any recommendations on a good recording of Saint-Saens "Christmas Oratorio"? It was in the WSJ puzzle.

Okay, okay, you all DEMONstrated to me that I'm wrong. I guess I'm out of the loop regarding Pride Month these days. Back when I lived in NY we didn't refer to it as such. Times change. Anyone still listen to Charley Pride?

Joe Dipinto 4:34 PM  

@Quasi - I'm not familiar with the S-S Oratorio, so can't help there. Maybe someone else here can?

From the listings on Amazon it appears the Prokofiev is the only one of the CDs I mentioned that's still in print, though the others are available used. He also recorded a lot of Vivaldi.

algae cruel monkey 4:41 PM  

hey, that was great!!!
I only grokked the MONs and was wondering what the pay off was going
to be...then I thought it was MONet, MONth, MONey Like A, e i o u (th?)

SO cool there are so many phrases with DEMON!!!
Had a devilishly good time with this.

Happily, even tho SF is sorta falling apart at the seams, Pride Month is still every day of the year!

Ugly Kid Joe 4:50 PM  

I have PRIDE in your mother’s CAMEL toe!

Nancy 5:47 PM  

Chivalry is not dead. Thank you, @Stanley Hudson. You're a true gentleman, and I very much appreciate what you said.

And thank you, @Carola, for your nice shoutout re the YAs.

@jb129 (3:00) -- You hit the nail on the head. They most certainly are cowards. I wonder what they did for fun before the Internet was invented? Maybe SOAPING?

Speaking of SOAPING, it's fascinating to find out what incorrigible pranksters two of my Rexblog besties, @GILL (9:54 a.m.) and @Malsdemare (11:30 a.m.) were as kids. It's not so much that they had INNER DEMONS; it sounds more as though they had OUTER DEMONS. I, meanwhile, was merely opening up a large sack and hoping that chocolate goodies, rather than hard-candy goodies, would be tossed in. (I considered people who gave me hard candies to be, well, cheap.) No SOAPING or EGGING of their windows necessary. It was all very civilized in my nabe.

semioticus (shelbyl) 5:52 PM  


"Goes from Tokyo to Kyoto, say (8)" is unforgettably great. I think it's one of my all-time favorites.

Good ol' Joe 6:16 PM  

Great story

Anonymous 7:22 PM  

jb129 said...
Why is it that only the cowards who post as "Anonymous" never have anything nice to say?

Why is it that butt munchers with 2 letter and 3 digits think they are superior to anonymous posters? Be a man and post like Loren Muse Smith, with your real name, or carry on sniveling in your version of anonymity.

Anonymous 7:30 PM  

Nancy said...
Chivalry is not dead. Thank you, @Stanley Hudson. You're a true gentleman, and I very much appreciate what you said.

Why did you assume Stanley Hudson is a man? It's a fake name, you know. It could be "Nancy" posting under another pseudonym.

Nancy 8:14 PM  

Except that it isn't. There are the Stanley Hudsons of the world and then there is... you, O' miserable, gutless, anonymous troll. And all of us can easily tell the difference.

Anonymous 8:28 PM  

Yes it could. And you could be a decent human being, but I highly doubt it.

Anonymous 8:39 PM  

That is you Anonymouse at 7:30.

Two Ponies 8:47 PM  

He's right, you know.
For all we know there are only three or four posters all using internet names just talking to each other!
Ms. Ponies

But my friends just call me Two-two.

GILL I. 8:48 PM  

Oh my jerks ....leave @Nancy alone. Where would I be without my daily dose of laughter if it were't for her.
Speaking of opening your little sack for the poor schmucks having to smile and toss the candy in...In Havana, the Cubans didn't know what "trick or treat" was. At one point in our lives, we lived in Biltmore. It was ritzy and we were poor. Anyway, my "American" friends and I delighted in going from mansion to mansion, ringing the loud Mozart clanging bells and explaining to all the Batista lovers that it was customary to give all the little "yankee" children money during this holy time. They fell for it.
I never learned to "egg" a house until I moved back to the States.
God Bless America.

JC66 9:08 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
JC66 9:11 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
JC66 9:12 PM  

Maybe the anonomice are Russian trolls:

BarbieBarbie 9:40 PM  

@ Mohair: “enemy?” Do you mean the FBI? Are you assuming a crime has been committed? If not, why would the FBI suddenly be an “enemy?” Methinks you’re being a little Scooby-Doo here. Watch out for the portrait with the moving eyes.

Do people really not understand that (a) email on private servers is still discoverable and (b) email on any server, if it has been sent, exists on many servers?

tea73 10:33 PM  

My CODEMONKEY son told me the answer before I had a chance to squint at it and suss out the answer for myself. He pretends he doesn't like my games, but he always seems to have half an eye on them. We're happy to have him home for the holidays anyway.

I knew the month was JUNE because for the last few years we have been in San Francisco for some science thing my husband goes to and the big parade is usually the same weekend.

I thought this was a great Monday albeit harder than usual for me.

Mohair Sam 11:03 PM  

@BarbieBarbie - Google Strzok. And then ask yourself who is leaking from the Mueller camp - of course Trump has enemies in the probe. This guy has a personalty that invites enemies. And now they have his transition team's emails. That will be used against him and his people in other ways.

Hillary knew that nothing is safe with these bastards and kept things on a private server. I agree with your statement that it exists elsewhere - but it's not easy to dig out, is it? Some conservative groups have found bits here and there, but nobody pays attention.

And please don't try to drag me into a conversation where I support Trump. Three and out.

Tom 11:42 PM  

Notice that trolls are almost always "anonymous"? Typical of snowflake righteous T.Rumpeters.

a.corn 3:45 AM  

Fine. Then clue it formerly covert gov’t org. Probably just tired of seeing NSA so frequently.

Burma Shave 9:46 AM  


INAWORD, even DEGAS thought it funny
that MONET painted three ATATIME, NOTONCE.


spacecraft 11:27 AM  

Warning: rant follows:

Asleep at the switch again, Syndilinker! Sunday's still up, which means...I can't even go back to December--I have to go back to 2017! The WHOLE YEAR!! NAH, tha6 ain't happenin'. So, try to pick a clue unique to the day for my search. Only three tries...AAAAAUGH!!!! WAKE UP!

But I'm here now, so, on with it. @Rondo and fellow Minnesotans: sorry to disappoint you but your Vikings will have to wait for their next Super Bowl ring. The Eagles MADEMONEY--lots more of it--by advancing to the big game with an impressive 38-7 shellacking of a very good team. Should have Patriot fans quaking in their boots.

Oh, the puzz? I was kinda let down; started out with the DEMON thing and thought it was going to be different expressions of...I dunno, the Devil, or scary monsters, or something. Not just DEMON after DEMON. Course, it IS still only Monday. This had an awkward feel to it; who says DYAD? Hand up for lEi, my sole writeover. ITOLDYA follows WHEREAREYA; @M&A, tell 'em to restore the U with "you." Mini-art-theme with CLAUDEMONET and DEGAS, another with RACEFAN and MADDASH. DOD candidates abound; the winner is Tea LEONI. I'm not really DOWNON this puzzle despite that AP (and the clue is even MORE awkward: "Negative about"). NOTONCE ATATIME did I YAWN. Par.

thefogman 1:39 PM  

A bit late on this one because I had to exorcise the DEMONs out of my snowblower, which refused to start. Installed a new pull rope for the starter. Cleaned out the carburetor, installed some new fuel line, replaced DEGAS with some fresh gas and Vroom!!! WOW! AMI dreaming? I couldn't believe my AYS. I'm not that HANDY but I got 'er done. SNOWSIN the forecast so I'll KNEED the machine. And nobody will be telling me ITOLDYA.

Alternate clue for 65A: Fonzerelli utterances

I enjoyed this puzzle. It was well constructed and the theme was fun and clever. MERCI Bruce Haight!

thefogman 2:27 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
thefogman 2:30 PM  

I overheard Tom Cruise at the Louvre.
He said: "Show me the MONET!"

Diana, LIW 2:45 PM  

Meshed easily with this BH puzzle. Didn't see the theme till I was done, but at least I didn't have to be told the theme by someone else, for once. No other surprises.

I hear ya, @Spacey

Diana, Lady-in-Waiting for the years to catch up

rainforest 3:08 PM  

In certain groups during conversation, "I told YA!" trumps (hate typing that word) "I told you" every time. Not that I really care.

If folks are for using REIN for REIGN, then clearly AY is fine for AYe. Again, I don't care.

The Vikings/Eagles game surprised me. But, @Spacey, I don't think Philly can handle the Patriots.

I thought it was a fine puzzle for the day of the week. At least Haight didn't get slapped.

rondo 5:45 PM  

Fighting snow today, up to 10" or more they say. Some cedar limbs I usually walk under are touching the ground; the SNOW'SIN, where's ELNINO?
And post-Philly depression, clearly the better team, after the first 10 minutes. Yesterday.

The puz. Saw the INNERDEMONS after PRIDEMONTH. And there's too many folks bending over backward to find joy in that answer. It's a Mon-puz answer, not a statement.

Wassamatta with OFL, can't multi-task and do perhaps three things ATATIME?

Since Tea LEONI is already taken, I'll give MEG Ryan a yeah baby.

Wouldn't say WOW about this puz, but it was no YAWN.

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