Sign outside a sold-out show / MON 7-3-2017 / Superboy's girlfriend ___ Lang / Luke Perry or Jason Priestly, once / "Alice's Restaurant" singer / Capital or Morocco

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Annabel Monday!! 

CONSTRUCTOR: Randall J. Hartman


THEME: TURKEY - The second word of theme answers mean "things that did poorly": bomb, turkey, flop, bust. 

  • LASER GUIDED BOMB (17A: Air Force smart weapon)
  • FOSBURY FLOP (25A: Pioneering high jump maneuver of the 1960s)
  • ROAST TURKEY (43A: Thanksgiving entree)
  • HOLLYWOOD OR BUST (55A: 1956 Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy)
WORD OF THE DAY: STENO (27D: Shorthand writer) 

Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to longhand, a more common method of writing a language. The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography, from the Greek stenos (narrow) and graphein (to write). It has also been called brachygraphy, from Greek brachys (short) and tachygraphy, from Greek tachys (swift, speedy), depending on whether compression or speed of writing is the goal.


This one was fun! And totally not just because it's the first puzzle I've found easy in a while, for whatever reason. I'm still tired of seeing JILT, always with approximately the same clue, and same goes for ALOE - and the nerd in me is kinda annoyed that SOLO wasn't clued with "Han's first name." (And, for that matter, the feminist in me kinda wishes RICH was clued with "Adrienne!") But those are just SNIT-picks. The fill was good - IONIA, ILSA, ORATES! Plus three whole comic book references. Who knew Superboy had a girlfriend?

The theme was solid for a Monday. I liked how it was accentuated by the showbiz clues like BROADWAY and TV IDOL. I guess if your show makes it to BROADWAY, it wasn't a FLOP? 

  • TWIN (15A: Minnesota baseballer) - Hey! Rex's BFFs (my mom and my aunt Jennifer) are TWINs! And it's the five-year anniversary of them sometimes guest blogging here! Without them Annabel Mondays probably wouldn't even be a thing. So yay for twins!! 
  • RAND (10A: "Atlas Shrugged" author Rayn) - I was once in an English class where we had to read "Anthem." All I can say is "bleh." At least it was one of the shorter ones!!
  • AGED (23A: Like good Scotch) - I've been feeling like good Scotch lately, because of my internship at ThinkProgress! Seriously though, having a 9-5 internship at an office makes me feel so old? Anyway, this is a shameless plug, please go to their website and read all my stories because I really love working there so yeah. 
  • ARLO (59A: With 41-Down, "Alice's Restaurant" singer) - I leave you with a morning tune. If you can call it a tune. 🎵 You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant... 🎵 


Larry Gilstrap 12:53 AM  

A thorn between two roses. Another calendar page has fallen off the wall and Annabel is here. Stand back girl! It's been a bit ugly lately. I'm sure that she is STURDY.

I finished and started looking for a theme, and looked with as much eagerness as a Monday would warrant, not a lot. Thanks to our critic; she was able to come up with four words for failure. Did I miss a revealer?

Music stations have played "Alice's Restaurant" by ARLO GUTHRIE traditionally on Thanksgiving morning. For those of us who were eligible for the Draft, the song remains hauntingly accurate. A government organization decides the fate of a young man, just because he is a young man.

My big brother was a track filbert, and I heard about the records falling early in my life. Roger Bannister's breaking the four minute mile in 1954 was a big deal. Later, Charlie Dumas became the first person to high jump 7' in 1956. He used the Western Roll technique, facing the bar. Then came the innovative Dick FOSBURY FLOP and the sport was transformed. Talk about thinking outside the box. Remember, some guy runs at a bar and jumps over it. That door frame in your kitchen is probably 7'. Don't get me going on Bob Beamon breaking the long jump record by 21" in 1968.

I can't imagine anyone was just FIXING A HOLE in a sock. If so, I admire your thriftiness.

Whirred Whacks 1:46 AM  

Great write-up, Annabel.

I read Think Progress whenever I want to cleanse my mental palette after I've read the editorial page of the WSJ ( and vice versa)!

Think Progress Bias Report

Ellen S 2:02 AM  

I blew through this Monday puzzle, after taking about 24 hours to finish Sunday's. Haha -- I'm not a pop culture follower, but I thought I had at least heard of, if not listed to, most of the Beatles' songs. Turns out I was wrong. And I couldn't find where the last letter went on the winding road. I knew what it was, just not where it went. I should have been able to find it And, yay, the EELS turned into [NEWS]REELS! Ah, well, it was a struggle, but a fun one.

Today, eh, not so much. Annabel, your writeup was the best part, and that's not just setting a low bar, but, gotta say, the bar was pretty low. Ancient fill. RAND, ALOE, ORATES, SNIT, ILSA, AJAR, ...HAS ????? HAS??? Is there a prize for worst partial ever? And so on. I mean, yes, it's Monday, but the only crunch was 44 Down where I had first TVstar, then TVIcOn, then TVIDOL. "One of 50 on the US Flag"? Really?

I would say I'm just so good at crosswords that I shouldn't comment on Mondays, constructed for newbies after all. But my Sunday experience suggests otherwise.

chefwen 2:12 AM  

Hi Annabel, such a pleasure to see you on the first of the month.

This is a great puzzle for beginners. Super easy, but fun. Hardest part was remembering the FLOP guy at 25A, thank you downs.

Ready for a tricky Tuesday.

jae 3:13 AM  

Easy and just about right for a Mon. Liked it or what @chefwen said, except I knew the FOSBURY part.

Thomaso808 4:55 AM  

Good to see a debut for FOSBURYFLOP. It's about time!

@M&A the only four U's in the puzzle are all in the themers and nowhere else. Whaaat? Please comment for all your fans!

evil doug 4:56 AM  

"City Of New Orleans" is better....

Love LASER GUIDED BOMB this extended Independence Day weekend. Some peaceniks here will be offended by BOMB being permitted in the puzzle at all, but the enhanced accuracy reduces collateral damage....

SOLO over TWIN is nice. But I'll never root for the Twins, since they stole my beloved Washington Senators and first baseball hero Harmon Killebrew....

INANE alongside PARTY? Well, I guess that debate would cause a pretty good split here. They should both share the prize....

Hungry Mother 5:09 AM  

Very quick one today. I'm still smarting over yesterday's offering, but this one helped.

Lewis 6:00 AM  

@larry -- I'm wondering if the answer FAILS was originally meant to be the reveal. It does work.

Anonymous 6:23 AM  

That Judd Legum seems like a pretty fun dude.

Two Ponies 7:15 AM  

Fosbury Flop was a surprise in this easy grid.
Amazing technique.

Did yesterday set a record for number of comments?

Glimmerglass 7:21 AM  

@Larry Gilstrap: at our house, we now throw away socks with holes, but it was not always thus. People, including my wife, once darned socks. There was even a tool called a "darning egg," a ceramic egg-shaped thing one sliiped inside the sock so that the mender could sew back and forth across the hole. The idea was to keep the fabric approximately the same size, and not make an uncomfortable clump. Today, my wife throws the sock away and says, "Darn you, sock!" some people can't afford to throw away even a sock.

BarbieBarbie 7:45 AM  

Fun answers, from NERFGUN to LASERGUIDEDBOMB. Boom! for the Fourth.

Monday-easy but not Monday-boring. Hand up for not seeing the theme until I came here.

Since yesterday's puzzle has come up: it seemed to be polarizing both along easy/hard and like/dislike axes, and I would like to state clearly that I had a lot of fun solving it, thought the construction was clever and the cluing was terrific and smart, and would like to see more like that one. It even had a meta-themer, and how cool was that? TSP, "flattery..." HAH! So I would also like to say that I wish I could cntl-Z my comments (I don't know how to unpost). We're always complaining about trolling, but shaming is at least as bad. My apologies to everybody.

Meanwhile, back to today: have a great holiday tomorrow, all.

Unknown 7:55 AM  

A holy sock can serve for polishing brass candlesticks in church...

chefbea 8:04 AM  

Great write up Anabel...glad it's the first Monday. Easy puzzle though I never heard of a fosbury flop

Puzzle husband and I just watch the Spirit of St. Louis the other day on TCM. What a great movie...and of course I have seen the's hang in in the Jefferson Memorial in St. Louis

Nate 8:13 AM  

Considering some of the answers predate me by a few decades (Fosbury Flop? A Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy? No idea), the fact that I nearly set a personal record with my time must mean that this puzzle was really easy. Some fun answers nonetheless, though, so I'm not complaining.

mathgent 8:26 AM  

After I do one of the NYT puzzles, I pick up my red pen and put a plus sign next to certain clues. Red plusses go to entries I didn't know, pleasing facts associated with the clue or the entry, words I know but haven't seen for a long time, words that are fun to say, clever clues, ... That is, things with some sparkle. So the number of red plusses in the margins is a rough measure of how I enjoyed it. For example, today's had four.

I've been recording the number of red plusses for the last six months. I'm up early today and I computed the averages for the days of the week.

Monday: 3.9
Tuesday: 7.7
Wednesday: 8.5
Thursday: 10.2
Friday: 14.0
Saturday: 16.2

I've stopped doing the Sunday.

Is my enjoyment level by day consistent with yours?

jberg 8:46 AM  

Thanks, Annabel! If I knew you better I'd pretend to be indignant that you didn't know about Superboy's girlfriend, but as it is I'm afraid you'd think I really meant it, so I won't do that.

Usually I think a theme is better without a revealer, but this one is so obvious (just look at the longest answers and see what they have in common) that it really needs a snappy one. I'm no good at thinking of these things, but many others here are, so I'm hoping for suggestions.

The theme did help -- I assume the FOSBURY FLOP is the technique of going over the bar head-first, instead of the old one-knee first method. I knew about that, but no ideal what it was called. Could have been FLOP of pLOP, but the first fit the theme better.

VikingSerious 8:52 AM  

Re yesterday's puzzle...really enjoyed Cle Eland. Favorite cluing in a long time.

David L. 8:55 AM  

Hey Annabel - Nice write up as usual.

Are you not "tired" any more?

Bill Feeney 8:58 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z 9:22 AM  

@BarbieBarbie - You cannot delete your posts. To gain that option you have to post from a google account. All the posts that show up in blue are posting from a google account, so can delete their own comments.

Two Ponies 9:29 AM  

@ mathgent, Yes.

@ACM, Don't know if you are reading today but thanks.
Of all of the people on this blog you are one of the
few that I was sure would get the joke late yesterday.

Nancy 9:35 AM  

I remember the FOSBURY FLOP!!!!! It was a brand new way of going over the bar, and it was adorable. Effective, too. For those of you who've never seen it, Google it on You Tube. Like others, I thought that answer was the highjump, er, highlight of this otherwise fairly bland puzzle.

GILL I. 9:41 AM  

That DRIP SLOB SNIT certainly set me on my dreary Monday way. I'm glad this didn't run on the 4th. I want something cheery like the BOMBs bursting in air.
Are there any STENOS left in this world? Fresh out of college, my grandmother was proud to have worked in a law office as an amanuensis. None of that STENO for her even though they were both the same. What looks better on your resume?
My paternal grandmother was always darning HOLEs in her ten kids socks. 8 boys and 2 girls. She had a marble egg that for some reason fascinated me. It was heavy and had a crack in it. I took a blue pen and drew a little chicken on it but it kept bleeding. Grandmother didn't notice my work of art and slipped her egg in a white sock only to see the little toe turn blue. In those days, ink didn't come out. Blue toes!
What would crosswords do without ARLO GUTHRIE?

RooMonster 9:41 AM  

Hey All !
Enjoyable MonPuz fare. Does it help a puz (or constructor) to follow a tough SunPuz? Seems like it ...

Liked it, and caught the "failed" theme after looking over the themers. Light dreck, didn't YELL or get IRATE during solve. Good, STURDY puz.

Short but sweet post. Always happy to read Annabel. Are you still in college or did you graduate?


Joseph Michael 9:44 AM  

Pretty straightforward Monday with a STURDY theme that would have benefited from a revealer that tied it all together.

Hmmm. BOMB, FLOP, TURKEY, BUST. What comes to mind as we approach the Fourth of July and our celebration of America...?

Mohair Sam 10:00 AM  

Neat and clean Monday. Nice write-up from Annabel too. Good catch from @Davil L. that she's no longer tired. Every time I write her name I have to check the spelling - Annabel/Anabel/Annabelle/Anabell/...... may lead the English language in spelling options.

@BarbieBarbie - Nicely said. Go blue and you'll be able to delete - I've regretted more than a few posts and been glad to dump them in the trash.

We posted really late but witnessed quite the battle here yesterday. Anybody notice that whenever war breaks out on the blog, no matter who it's between - @Nancy comes under bombardment. She's kind of like Poland.

QuasiMojo 10:34 AM  

I tried the Fosbury Flop once. Let's just say it was a FLOP. Not SRO.

Great to see you Annabel. Will definitely check out the website.

Did you mean Han's LAST name? I am not up on my Star Wars trivia. But I thought it came after.

I found this puzzle more difficult that the usual Monday. But then I had SASS for Hail Mary for way too long! :)

Poland 10:39 AM  

@Mohair (10:00) -- It's all worth it -- all of it! -- to have your very much appreciated and, in this case, delightfully amusing support.

old timer 10:51 AM  

Monday Easy and I thought the theme was clever. Has GUTHRIE ever appeared before? ARLO is every constructor's best friend, I know. ARLO's dad wrote many a good song, but it seems to me "Alice's Restaurant" is the most memorable of the son's compositions (it was the great Steve Goodman, Cubs fan extraordinaire, who wrote "City of New Orleans".)

G. Weissman 10:51 AM  

This puzzle was meh at best.

Aketi 11:05 AM  

@Mohair Sam, she may come under fire, but yesterday in the midst of the IRATE ORATES she launched a LASER GUIDED BOMB that hit squarely on target in defense of people having different areas of expertise and knowledge that may influence the difficulty or ease of their solving experiences. My Captain America SHIELD shirt is one on my favorites. Nancy clearly has no need of one herself, since she has her own very capable defense strategy.

@GILL I, I don't darn socks anymore, but I still do darn some of my sweaters if I really can't bear to part with them. I was never taught to use a darning egg though.

Nancy 11:19 AM  

Re: Socks with holes. I discovered a brand new use for them, albeit rather late in life. You've heard of leg warmers, right? Well, cut the hole-riddled feet off of a pair of knee socks and, voila, you have a pair of leg warmers.

Here's how it works for me. I have the most wonderfully comfortable, slightly padded tennis socks -- but they're very low socks which don't keep my legs warm in the winter. For too many years, I had to switch to knee socks in the winter for long walks in sneakers. Knee socks aren't padded, and they can ball up in the shoe, causing blisters, which the stretchy tennis socks never do. About four years ago, I had a brainstorm. I would cut the feet off of knee socks with holes and I'd add them to the tennis socks in winter, pulling the ends of the truncated knee socks over the tops of the low tennis socks. Or under; I'm easy. Just don't let any skin show if you want to stay warm. Now I actually look forward to a new hole in a knee sock; I have a small collection just waiting to be turned into leg warmers.

You're all welcome.

Pete 11:34 AM  

I've been IRATE since about 6PM yesterday, my only solace being that Scott Pruitt maybe can finally stop the madness perpetrated upon us by generations of tree-huggers. I took my dogs to play in the river here in "beautiful" central New Jersey. The little county park was inundated by folk who normally wouldn't be there but were, due to our beloved Governor. See, he was so IRATE that he couldn't steal $300 million from BCBS of NJ that he shut down the state parks (hell, the entire state), and these people didn't have the decency to stay home when they couldn't go to a state park and instead came to my local county park and inconvenienced me. Me, of all people - but I digress - I was talking about Scott Pruitt.

There I was in the middle of the river playing fetch with my dogs, minding my own business and bothering no one when this Bald Eagle came flying down the river hunting for fish to feed its young. It flew right over my head - what's to say it couldn't have shat upon me? Are we safe nowhere from the intrusions upon our peace of mind, our safety and our personal hygiene - especially on the 4th of July Weekend?

My faint hope for the future rests with Scott.

jb129 11:39 AM  

FLEW thru it until I struggled with "Fosbury Flop" - not fair Randall!

Mohair Sam 11:41 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Masked and Anonymous 11:48 AM  

Primo write-up, Blu'Bel … with excellent bullets. Thanx.
Especially like yer ThinkProgress piece about Chris Christie loungin on a NJ beach that he had closed. Needed a better lead pic, tho. Maybe one of a beached sea lion, or somesuch?

Randall J. Hartman! Turn around! Good to see yer back! It's been a while or two too long.
58 of his 74 NYTPuzs throughout the years (since 1994) have been dandy Mon-Tues ones. And this puz was another real good installment.

fave weejecta: ORE & ROE. Anagrams -- and homophones of synonyms OAR & ROW. Roe-deo.

fave fillins: Both ARLO and GUTHRIE. FAILS -- a possible revealer contender that wasn't. ABIDE. [Sign M&A just recently saw on a quaint old motel in Santa Fe: "The El Ray abides".] TWIN. Go Twins.

Liked that the constructioneer took lemons and made MonPuz lemonade. All the themers are respectfully equipped with a U-vowel, too boot. LemUnade! (yo, @Thomaso808) thUmbsUp. Go U's.

Thanx it was da BOMB, @R.J.

Masked & Anonymo4Us

sneaky theme -- sorry:

Joe Bleaux 12:17 PM  

@chefwen, yes! Fun and easy, and a great Monday-level puzzle for beginners (or "tyros," as they will see by the time they're ready for a Wednesday). @Joseph Michael, what comes to mind while working this one? Hmmm, let's see: RICH, INANE, PARTY, HEAD, ORATES, TBS, SNIT, YELL, "loser" theme ... I'd better keep it to myself.

Carola 12:32 PM  

I love how the FOSBURY FLOP was a smashing success. Agree with others about this fine Monday puzzle - the theme kept me guessing until the final BUST.

Re: AGED. I'm old enough to recall the sensational debut of the FOSBURY FLOP. That made me feel kind of cool. But then @Glimmerglass's writing that "There even used to be a tool called a 'darning egg'"..." [emphasis added] - well, that just made me feel old. I think I still have mine in my capacious sewing basket.

@old timer - Awesome that you know Steve Goodman was a Cubs fan. I love the comments here.

Anonymous 12:33 PM  

I think the blog skews, let's say, mature.
Anyone else think Rex need an iron and to tuck in his shirt?
I know young guys today don't tuck, but they look bad IMO.

oldactor 12:37 PM  

I used to lunch everyday at Alice's Restaurant" in Stockbridge when I was performing at the Birckshire Theatre Festival. It is around back as he says and it's really a place and I got everything I wanted. Loved hearing the record again, thanks.

@nancy: Thanks to your kind remarks about my Friday post I've decided to come out of hiding. Try me again. :-)

Mohair Sam 1:29 PM  

@Aketi - Good point - Poland has always been a damned sight more in need of allies than Nancy.

Thomaso808 2:58 PM  

@Two Ponies, yesterday's puzzle got 143 comments, not counting today's comments about yesterday. I know it's not a record because I can tell you that the 9/11/14 puzzle (that I still painfully remember) got 244 comments. That was a Thursday puzzle that was published, rare for a weekday, with a title, CHANGE OF HEART. The constructor of that memorable piece of torture was none other than Mr. Patrick Blindauer himself. It seems Patrick has a way of generating discussion!

gifcan 2:59 PM  

I like your system, @mathgent. My enjoyment goes up as the week progresses and I don't do Sundays (very often) either.

Joseph Michael 4:05 PM  

@Joe Bleaux, we seem to be on the same wavelength.

Anonymous 4:21 PM  

ThinkProgress appears to be long on throwing around hate and conspiracy, but short on solutions and common ground. Good luck with that business model - worked well with Salon.

thursdaysd 5:00 PM  

What's with GST? Is that supposed to be Greenwich Standard Time? Because if so, there is no such thing.

First off, it was Greenwich MEAN Time, and second, these days it's Universal Time. Or sometimes Coordinated Universal Time or UTC.

Otherwise seemed remarkably easy even for a Monday.

Aketi 5:15 PM  

@Nancy, my Physical Therapist has another use for old socks. He stuffs them with a couple of tennis balls to use for sore muscle massage.

@Anonymous, 12:33 pm. Hahaha, I'm in favor of guys who untuck their shirt and take it off like the guys in fight club on hot days. I call it the gladiator look. A tucked shirt is usually worn by a stuffed shirt, unless it is tucked under a really nice tux.

Two Ponies 5:45 PM  

@ Thomaso808, Wow, I just went back to that puzzle and you're right. Controversy and responses so much like yesterday including PB commenting several times. That guy sure knows how to stir the pot and keep it boiling. Thanks.

Doc John 6:34 PM  

I wrote an essay on the FOSBURY FLOP in tenth grade English class. Partly because I was into high jump at the time and partly to piss off my English teacher.

Hartley70 10:29 PM  

I'm delighted I stopped in late today. @Mohair and @Poland gave me such a laugh. Thanks you two!

The FOSBURYFLOP made me glad I did this puzzle. I didn't know the Fosbury name and I wasn't aware there ever was an earlier method of jumping. I'll amaze my family and friends during the next Summer Olympicswhen I do a commentary.

Anonymous 10:46 PM  

Another "squirrel". Too funny!!!

Anonymous 9:33 AM  

@OldActor ---

Maybe BERKSHIRE Theatre Festival?

Here's a quiz for you: Who sang "... and so was the turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston." ???

Joe Bleaux 11:53 AM  

Sweet baby James! But I'm a day late and a dollar short, as they say.

Unknown 5:29 AM  

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kitshef 7:19 AM  

@evil doug - but City of New Orleans was not Arlo's song - he just did a popular (and superb) cover.

Astonishingly easy puzzle, other than some unknown LOTR guy.

thefogman 7:39 AM  

Syndies to the north got a head start on this one because of the Civic Holiday. It was easy as proverbial pie - even for a (rescheduled) Monday.

Burma Shave 10:12 AM  


FORE that PARTY, TWIN implants are a must.
And an AGED TVIDOL’s BOD HAS to be perky,


spacecraft 10:34 AM  

I am beginning to sympathize with @I skip M-W. I mean, an entire grid full of gimmes? Yeah, even the FOSBURYFLOP, a term I haven't heard in decades, rushed back into my HEAD instantly. It's just one of those names that stay with you.

There is one anomaly, though, that elicits a good score: the theme had no actual revealer, just four examples. And there were extras in BROADWAY, TVIDOL and SRO. I think the puzzle could have become a really great one by simply using less obvious clues. This by way of saying that the fill was STURDY too.

The DOD stage is crowded today: the Super-gfs were certainly drawn as hotties, but also had some playing them on screen--most notably Teri Hatcher. HELEN--of Troy or Hunt--is front and center, and the winner is: Ingrid Bergman as ILSA: here's looking at you, kid! Honorable mention: by association, Vanna White, TVIDOL sidekick to Mr. SAJAK.

This coulda been a contendah, but it was just too easy. Par.

rondo 11:39 AM  

Only a couple other comments even mention FAILS over there in the west. Originally coulda been part of the theme? After entering the third themer I looked them over and got the gist of it all.

The TWINS are sadly starting to look like they’re not going anywhere this year.

Saw a celebrity bowling show from the 1970s recently featuring BUSTy yeah baby LANA Wood. What a bimbo. Rather give a nod to yeah baby HELEN Hunt.

Any puz with RON in it HAS to be OK.

Diana,LIW 2:30 PM  

Yes, I saw FAILS and RON. Bill Butler considered FAILS as part of the theme on his blog.

I took Gregg Shorthand in HS, but later learned something called "Stenoscript." Use it every day. Basically long vowels, hard consonants, and a few symbols for common syllables - think the ith sound. And sh. (which is z) So "should" is zd. I can read my notes from years ago. Very handy on the phone. Or for my daily zpg list.

Day 9 of the great roofing project. Doesn't everyone hear the sound of hammering?

Hazy skies from the Montana and BC fires (hi @Rainy, thanks for sending the smoke our way) - keeps our sky from being skyey.

Diana, Lady-in-Waiting for Crosswords and the roof

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danjerry 1:58 PM  

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