Congo ape / WED 1-4-16 / Albanian currency / Plum used to flavor gin

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Constructor: Samuel A. Donaldson

Relative difficulty: Easy-Medium

THEME: dentist humor —familiar phrases clued as if they had something to do with the dentist:

Theme answers:
  • FIRST IMPRESSION (17A: The new dentist wanted to make a good ...)
  • BRIDGE LOAN (24A: The dentist helped the patient afford the visit with a ...)
  • BRUSH PILES (45A: The dentist sorted all the bristled instruments into ...)
  • YOU KNOW THE DRILL (58A: When it was time for the filling, the dentist asked for, well, ...)
Word of the Day: LEK (33A: Albanian currency) —
The lek (Albanian: Leku Shqiptar; plural lekë) (sign: L; code: ALL) is the official currency of Albania. It is subdivided into 100 qindarka (singular qindarkë), although qindarka are no longer issued. (wikipedia)
• • •

OH GEE, one of these. Actually, it's fine. Cornball, but fine as cornball goes. Seems like you coulda squeezed a Sunday-sized puzzle out of this theme, what with all the punnable dentistry terms you left on the table—CROWN, RINSE, OPEN, CAPS, GUM, etc. But maybe it's best you didn't. Unless your puns kill, there's no reason to go on. There's only one pun that kills today—and it must've been the inspiration for the whole thing—and that's YOU KNOW, THE DRILL. I think it would've been funnier clued as some kind of phrase of introduction at a dental tool cocktail party. Or something the dentist says in explaining one of the drill's many wacky escapades. But this way, with the comma, is fine too. I honestly never saw the clue. At that point I knew the theme, saw THE DRILL at the end, and inferred (correctly) the rest. I also never resaw (!) the first theme clue between the time I first looked at it and the time I filled it in. Totally forgot it by that point. Speaking of resaw, RESLIDE. That was fun. RESLIDE is the RECARVE of 2017 (I think RECARVE was the RECARVE of, like, 2009—you'll have to ask Caleb Madison, who perpetrated RECARVE as a teenager). Anyway, RESLIDE is so stupid I'm not even mad.

RUBLE (25D: Belarussian money) and SABRE (30D: Buffalo pro) both give me the yips when I try to write their last two letters. Part of my brain wants RUBEL and SABER (the latter being, of course, a valid word). Today I nailed RUBLE but flubbed SABRE. Weird that they're symmetrical... anyway, moving on. I have begun keeping running lists for 2017. One is "Great ? Clues" and the other is "Let's Not Do That Ever Again" aka "The Most Wanted (Out Of My Crossword) List." Not sure there are any "great" ? clues today, though [Bee ball?] for SWARM sure stumped me. I was in the middle of typing "I don't understand the pun involved there..." when I realized it's B-BALL, as in, short for "basketball." My main mistake there was imagining that the bees were dancing. I do have my first word for the "Let's Not ..." list, though, and it's LEK. Kill it with a shovel and then use that shovel to dig a hole and bury it (alongside LEU, if possible) (LEK = Albanian, LEU = Romanian, good luck remembering the distinction). Minor foreign currencies are menaces to crossword society and I'm putting them on notice. The rest of the puzzle was mostly easy, but not remembering the LEK/LEU distinction made seeing GO KAPUT hard (I wrote in GO UNDER, briefly), and that insane clue on (ugh) MUS wasn't doing me any favors (37D: M M M) so the center was probably the worst trouble spot of the day. Still, not too much trouble. Otherwise, fill is average to below average, with far too much crosswordese clogging up the corners (DYAN AONE ANKA NESS and YUKS in a single corner? There's gotta be a better way...).

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

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Loren Muse Smith 6:44 AM  

My first thought when I finished – I’m pretty sure my back left bottom row has at least three crowns. You do the math. American Pharoah has nothing on me, let me tell you.

OH wow, OH god… finally OH GEE.

Loved the clue for RUNE. I’m all about language and such, and even I stopped to think about “character.” If I’m ever on a reality tv show, I think I’ll list the occupation that runs under my name during the little interviews as RUNE. I mean c’mon – I’ve seen “Donated Tissue Specialist,” “Sorority Recruiter,” Chicken Enthusiast…” Bet people will nod and act like they understand exactly what I do.

These funny dental takes on expressions made me smile. I recently had an impression for a mouth guard. Weird how sitting there with all that stuff crammed around your teeth takes you to the brink of panic. I felt suffocatish and actually claustrophobishsome. But I do my darndest to sit there and be a “good patient” for that Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. Hygienist. Surely you’ve all noticed that they’re all really, really pretty and really, really nice. What’s the deal there? All the ones I’ve known seem genuinely nice and not all fakey and conceited even though they have perfect hair, perfect figures, perfect teeth… no polish jokes for them, buddy. They’re just too nice.

I think my favorite themer was BRUSH PILES even though it may be the weakest. (Disagree with you there on YOU KNOW THE DRILL, Rex.) It’s just that when I leave there with that little treasure of a plastic bag with the new toothbrush, little toothpaste tube, little floss thingy… I feel so lucky and special. I’m not being a smart aleck – I really seriously feel so happy when the runway model hands me my own little bag. We have a dental clinic at our school – on the premises – and when Chloe came back to class with her little bag last month, when she put it on my desk and said she didn’t want it, I was stunned. I could not believe she would let me have this gift. I tried not to let on just how much I love those bags and actually left it there for a couple of days just to make sure she wouldn’t realize the terrible lapse of judgment she had made. It was my plan to be off-handed and vaguely distracted when I said, “Sure – You can have it back. I kept it there because I knew you’d want it once you thought about it.” But she never took it back, and I took it home, thrilled. And I still feel ridiculous about the whole thing.

I had no idea that my Melanie Wilkes comment would cause such a flap. I’ve always referred to myself here as a Pollyanna, but that doesn’t really do it for me. When I come on and gush and stuff, I can hear Melanie’s voice, “Oh Ashley! She was just being Scarlett! Can’t you appreciate the spirit and spunk it took for her to marry my brother out from under her own sister? Or try to seduce you at the sawmill?” In real life, I am not the person I seem to play on this blog. It’s just that when it comes to language, words, blah blah.. I’m always genuinely delighted with everything. So I’m not a Melanie out in the wild. I just play one on tv.

@Andrea – so cool that you had a part in naming ZIMA! Your insightful and always upbeat comments add so much to this place. You’ve been missed, for sure! Will I see you in Stamford this spring? Registration is up, folks. It’s such a hoot.

Sam – I’m a dentalphobe, a “problem patient.” I think it stems from my fear of balloons which is actually the fear of being startled. I sit in that chair and just wait for the galvanic shock, that biting down on aluminum deal. Never know when it’s coming… But I liked the wordplay here.

puzzle hoarder 6:46 AM  

Once you get past RESLIDE crossing OHGEE this puzzle wasn't bad. Those two were the worst of the fill. Doing this on a tablet as always padded my time. It's like reading through the wrong end of the binoculars. The themers are all solid and they are fairly humorous. The clue for ULNA was a standout. This puzzle was strictly for YUKS. My biggest take away was MUS. For some reason I'd forgotten or just never noticed that letter and had no idea what the clue meant. The crosses straightened that out. That was a MUM/MUS write over. 6D could be ADAM or ATOM in addition to the straight-up ARMY. All in all the entertaining theme and some of the better long entries made up for the routine fill.

Hartley70 7:30 AM  

I still don't get the clue for MUS, a little help here please?

I too hate the dentist. I bit one as a child and I'm often tempted as an adult, but I have to live in this town. A fear of dentists used to be my worst phobia until I got caught under a closed patio umbrella with a bat. The screech of the dental drill is a mere murmur compared to my screams that morning, and it's easier to avoid dentists than bats around here. Even so, I try not to be reminded of my weaknesses and therefore did not love this theme. It might have been more enjoyable for those with perfect pearly choppers, as opposed to those who have the endodontist on speed dial.

FIRST IMPRESSION was ridiculously easy, so any suspense went out the window at that point. I finished, but without much joy.

kitshef 7:33 AM  

@Loren - to your list of hygienist characteristics, I'll add that mine has not aged a minute in the 15+ years I've had her. I think they're all from Stepford.

I LOVE the words LEK and LEu, though I, too, often confuse the two. World currencies, national capitals, always fair game.

Solid puzzle. Theme was not very exciting, but was executed flawlessly. Fill was mostly solid, but RESLIDE did elicit a bit of steam from the ears.

SLOE would go on my list of 'never again'. I really like the word PLAT for some reason.

Glimmerglass 7:35 AM  

When bees swarm (looking for a place to form a new hive), they often cluster together in a ball around the new quen, say in a tree or on your porch, A bee keeper can collect the swarm and put into one of his empty hives. Most bees are not super-aggressive when in a ball. So a "bee ball" is the noun SWARM.

Irene 7:43 AM  

Boring. No fun at all.
Why was Bee Ball a sports (baseball?) reference? Just don't get it.

mmbeitlermd 7:59 AM  

lek v. leu k comes first in the alphabet as does albania.

Anonymous 8:01 AM  


MMM Mus Mu is the greek letter "M"


Lobster11 8:02 AM  

In case you don't remember, or (like me) weren't hanging around here in 2008, here's a link to Rex's review of the puzzle that included the debut of RECARVE:

As intimated therein, RECARVE is especially ridiculous because it refers to a physical impossibility: Once you've carved something -- be it a turkey, or a pumpkin, or a statue -- you cannot re-carve it. You just can't. If you didn't like the way you carved it the first time, you have to start over and carve a new one. I can't decide if today's RESLIDE achieves quite that same level of ridiculousness. Once you slide into second base, for example, you cannot do so again. But maybe if you slide down a hill and then climb back to the top you can RESLIDE down the hill? Boy, I dunno....

Anonymous 8:08 AM  

Isn't Wordplay supposed to list the winners of the Super Mega puzzle today??? (I figured it out, sent in my answer...)

I am not a robot 8:10 AM  

Sailed along through the thing, finishing with sloe, arlo, and past. I always thought sloe was a berry, probably because if I thought of the word at all I was on my second sloe gin fizz. Never read the comic about Arlo and I was in denial about past (no, can't be, past?)

Everyone will have a story about the dentist. Saw the same one twice yearly for 15 years. Hygienist would do her thing, he'd come in after and say good or you need such and such, and I was outta there. Ran into him at party about a year after he retired. He was standing with a mutual friend who introduced us. I didn't know him from Adam and he didn't know me. The angle was wrong. I wish I could say that he asked me how that crown was holding up and I'd answered 'royally,' but sigh, it didn't happen.

Z 8:15 AM  

Fewer PPP, more U's, and three MU'S to go with our GREEK yogurt. I thought the puns were fine, just groan worthy enough without generating a single OMG here.

Yes, all capital and capitols are fair game. Still, inelegant. You lose style points if LEK is in your puzzle.

Unknown 8:25 AM  

Am I the only one who is left a little blah by the clue that labeled the Opus Dei as a secret group? If you have a webpage ( you are not a secret group. You'll never catch the iluminatti telling you to go to their webpage for further information.

I Actually AM a Robot 8:25 AM  

Easy puzzle, sailed right through it.

I've seen the dentist at least twice a year since I was five years old. I had braces, have had two oral surgeries, and had my wisdom teeth pulled under local anasthetic, and none of it ever really bothered me. Last time I went, a Verman dental hygienist who I'd never seen before gave me a cleaning that was excruciatingly painful. It was like the scene in "Marathon Man."

"Is it safe? Is it safe? Is it safe?"

The Robot 8:27 AM  


Crane Poole 8:33 AM  

I must be the flipside of Rexcoin - Tuesday's puzzle I thought was fine and could've even been Wednesday's. Today's was simply unjoyment here.

Lobster11 8:35 AM  

The word LEK could be salvaged by cluing it differently: In studies of animal behavior, a LEK is a large aggregate of members of some species (mainly birds) during which the males all strut their stuff (in some species-typical way) and females use the performances as a basis for choosing mates.

Ach du Lieber 8:41 AM  

Verman: Freudian slip Wehrmacht?

Unknown 8:44 AM  

This puzzle felt to me like someone took a Monday puzzle, then changed a few clues.

For example, cluing FOAMS as a bogus plural noun rather than a verb. . . and then there's RESLIDE.

I am not a robot 8:52 AM  

@Lobster, "Go ahead and reslide your card" is a thing I've actually heard at the bank and the grocery store. And they always say, "Go ahead and reslide your card."

toothdoc 8:57 AM  

I know my fellow drillers (or when we replace old fillings - "redrillers") are going to get the love in this blog today :) Enjoyed doing the puzzle while waiting on the anesthetic to kick in on a patient. Thanks Sam for a puzzle that should make people smile.

Nancy 9:18 AM  

The most interesting thing about this puzzle for me is that I have a 2 p.m. dentist appointment today. What a coincidence. Or are there others here who do, too? Is this one of those things like a birthday, where, when you put 20 people in a room, the odds are extremely high that two of them will have the same birthday?

I found this pleasant, smooth, easy and not very memorable. I'd never heard of BRUSH PILES and thought it was BRUSH fILES. But I straightened it out when I realized that there weren't a whole lot of luxury purse-loving women salivating to buy FRADAS.

My favorite theme answer was YOU KNOW THE DRILL. (Though ask me again when I get back from the dentist.)

I am not a robot 9:18 AM  

Just know we all love our toothdocs, and hold up best you can. Wait til the theme is lawyers.


GHarris 9:28 AM  

Brush piles are heaped up fallen branches ready for burning in the Fall

Anonymous 9:28 AM  

I was expecting all the cliquerati here to make puns about how "toothy" "crunchy" and "full of bite" this puzzle was. Personally, I found it about as amuzing as looking up the nostrils of my dental hygienist. Pass the laughing gas, please.

Unknown 9:33 AM  

What is (a) mus? How does the clue get you to it?

Dorothy Biggs 9:34 AM  

I've decided there are three ways p*ns affect me.

1) They can actually cause me to be angry...this happens more often than not. Or...
2) They can happen to me like heading out in rush hour traffic and hitting all the green lights and making great I somehow managed to avoid something terrible, so that these kinds of p*ns are only "positive" in that they leave me feeling more relieved than amused (eg., yesterday's p*n jokes in the comments section). Or...
3) they can hit me like today's puzzle did, which was just nothing. Nada. Like reading a stop sign. So while the entire theme was based on p*ns, I didn't really read them like I don't really read stop signs as I roll through the intersection...I noticed them, recognized them, but just slid on through "California Stop"-like. (Btw, you know what they call a California Stop in California? A stop.)

I had Abit before ATAD. My English teacher must be rolling in his grave...he never let us use bit, tad, or lot in any sort of quantifying phrases since they were, in his estimation, too vague. "What is a bit?" he would ask, looking sternly at me over his reading glasses. "What exactly is a lot? Be more specific! Good writing is more specific!" I would often wonder how much "more" seemed rather vague to me.

It's nice to know that @Loren Muse is not necessarily always as nice in the wild as she is here. And maybe, to the same degree, you might find me more nice out in the wild than I am here. Maybe most of us in this Blog Comments Section™ are different in person, on a day to day basis, than what we present here*. Let this be our New Year resolution: recognize that this is just a comments section and we really have no idea who we are really talking with/fighting with let's resolve to always take whatever is posted here with a grain of salt. M'kay?

I agree with Rex on LEK.

Not a terrible Wednesday puzzle given that the theme was based on p*ns. So, on my scale, that's a pretty high mark.

*Except for @evil doug...he's probably the same.

Anonymous 9:38 AM  

Our hygienest was named Miss Reamer. Need I say more?

Dorothy Biggs 9:41 AM  

@Richard Galligan: those Ms are the greek letter "mu."

GILL I. 9:49 AM  

Q: Has your tooth stopped hurting you?
A: I don't know, the dentist kept it.
Feel free to groan.
A crossword on dentistry. How exciting! I've had so many dentists in my lifetime because I never stayed put. I hated every single one of them except my San Francisco dentist who introduced me to laughing gas. I laughed for about an hour as he extracted a tooth and while he was doing my mouth thing, I started to grope him. He was not amused but I couldn't help myself. Afterwards I wanted to GO KAPUT.
YOU KNOW THE DRILL. Yessiree Bob. I do.

jberg 9:49 AM  

Curse you, @Lobster!! I was preparing all kinds of witty remarks about leks, mating grounds, and competitive male behavior, but you beat me to it. Now you're going to get all the women.

The trouble with this one, as I experienced it, was that the theme clues gave away the theme too easily. It was OK to figure out the puns, but the pleasure of deducing the theme was gone.

Am I the only one here old enough to think "home movies" when I saw Super 8? I had to get DAYS from the crosses before I saw my mistake.

Fendis before PRADAS, GO under before KAPUT (and not because I confused my currencies, no idea about those); otherwise pretty easy.

chefbea 9:57 AM  

fun puzzle but I did have to google a tad. A few things I did not know

Nancy 10:17 AM  

@GILL (9:49) -- Oh, no, you didn't! Please tell me you're making that up! Betcha that dentist has never given anyone laughing gas again. On second thought, maybe laughing gas has become the most favorite thing in his...BRUSH PILES????

QuasiMojo 10:18 AM  

What do you get when you cross a rockstar with a perfect 10?

A "Bono-Bo."

This puzzle was okay, I guess. More of a LA Times crossword in my humble yet still very opinionated opinion.

I don't like this tendency lately of pluralizing words that are never pluralized. Pradas? Please. Prada Bags is the correct expression. No one says I have a whole closet full of Pradas. They just say Prada. Try it with Chanel and you'll see what I mean.

Words like that are not allowed in Scrabble for a reason.

Other than that few quibbles, I was glad to be reminded of Dyan Cannon (yet again.) Loved her in "Death Trap", the movie. One of Sidney Lumet's lesser films but a treat for a lazy Wednesday.

Malsdemare 10:19 AM  

I broke with tradition, did the puzzle last night, thinking I'd get to work a little earlier if I wasn't reading all the comments. Then discovered that REX hasn't even touched the puzzle at 10 pm, so no comments, no nothin'. Instead, I started Robert Harris' "The Fear Index," which isn't about dentists, thank the lord, and is quite good. My dentist has a huge sign in her waiting room, "We cater to cowards." Love her and the Stepford hygienist. I do remember that when "Little Shop of Horrors" came out, my then-dentist (current dentist's dad) was horrified by the dental scene. He took it quite personally.

I thought the puzzle was cute; loved the bee ball, but the BRUSHPILES brought back scary memories of fires gone rogue. It has taken me 16 years but I've finally convinced Mr. Mal, the son of a fireman, for Pete's sake, that burning brush in rural windy Illinois when you live in the woods in an all-wood house, is really, really stupid. I'm good with dentists and bats, but fire terrifies me, maybe because my best friend Billy and I set fire (accidentally) to his bedroom back when we were 8 or 9. The fire was between us and his bedroom door and I recall jumping over the flames, which seemed to be ten feet tall, to get out. I ran home, emerged when the fire trucks arrived, hung around while Billy climbed in the truck to set off the siren, and played cute innocent little girl; Billy got shipped off to reform school. Good times!

For some reason I loved CRACKUP and OPUSDEI, no idea why. Fun puzzle.

Mohair Sam 10:22 AM  

Nice Wednesday. Dental puns more fun than dental floss. YOU KNOW, THE DRILL wins the prize for sure.

Agree with the multitude on on the BRUSHPILES/fILES thing, but the Devil did not wear Frada, so what's your problem? Had "bit" before TAD just like @NCA Pres, luckily I wasn't cursed with the same English teacher. Hand up with @Rex and @NCA on LEK (and its brethren), btw.

@Mel B - OPUS DEI is out there, but was a secret group for Dan Brown's purposes in the book - so the clue as stated is valid. Most of Brown's research was nothing new, he did some coloring, and some of what he "uncovered" was pure hooey. Fun read though.

As for @Rex's famous recarve - I will tell you that as the official turkey slicer for over 30 years, a recarve is something I have often wished for on Thanksgiving. But my spell check here agrees with Rex and reality: Recarves do not exist.

Loren Muse Smith 11:04 AM  

@Hartley 70 –

“A fear of dentists used to be my worst phobia until I got caught under a closed patio umbrella with a bat.”

This has to be one of the best-ever sentences in the history of the universe.

I bet I’ve gone back and checked it again five times today.

It has made me laugh every time. I think it’s the “closed” part that makes it so vivid and startling.

Joseph Michael 11:21 AM  

I am not a M M M d.

jae 11:21 AM  

Easy for me except I spelled DYAN wrong and had to stare at IOU KNOW THE DRILL a nanosecond (hi M&A) or two to fix it. Cute theme but there's some cringy fill...@almost everyone RESLIDE...

@Malsdemare - re: kids who play instruments. That makes sense. They get exposed to stuff beyond what they access on their smart phones. My 14 yr. old has Fur Elise down pat on the piano, but that's all he knows. He's looking for another tune to learn. I'm pushing Billy Joel's Piano Man but his dad wants him to focus on classical. They both know the Beatles (just not by name) and Dylan, but Sting, LAYLA, Clapton, The Dead...not so much. I'm not sure they would have known NWA if not for the movie.

old timer 11:27 AM  

Like OFL, I thought YOU KNOW THE DRILL saved the entire puzzle. I liked BRIDGE LOAN a lot too. Though the cleverest clue was M M M. I grinned when I figured that one out, and it looks like a lot of folks were mystified by it.

Seems to me WS and his crew ought to take a little more time editing clues though. On this blog, I am reminded that RESLIDE really is in the language, and could have been clued "try your card again."

Greg 11:30 AM  

I always put in DOLING first when METING is needed.

Googled RESLIDE, and the only places it comes up are in dictionary definitions.

Anonymous 11:36 AM  

note to @M&A: high little darlin' count in today's WSJpuz

Anonymous 11:40 AM  

And the prize goes to @Joseph Michael! Genius.

Anonymous 11:46 AM  

I absoutely, totally can't believe that this cuts the proverbial mustard as an NYT puzzle,

emily 11:47 AM  

Your reply made me laugh out loud.

thfenn 11:53 AM  

I'm just back from my 10AM dentist appointment (@Nancy). Had my first visit to a dentist in 7 years or so last November and am still paying the price. 5 years of braces, wisdom teeth removals, and plenty of fillings in my youth put me off dentists for a long time. No drop dead gorgeous Stepford hygienist at this one, but a good one at least. Need some work on my gums before they can put on a crown, not looking forward to any of it. Oddly enough, my favorite dentists were all Ugandan. Excellent. All of which is to say how apt it was to find a dentistry themed puzzle today. Breezed through the upper half, but got messed up in the the S/SE - kept working on PLOT or PLAN instead of PLAT (a new word for me), had BREAKUP before CRACKUP for a long time, AYES instead of OYEZ, couldn't see ULNA, all sorts of trouble there, but got done in a little over half an hour so am very pleased. In the SW, wanted MOTELSIX, even MOTELVI before DAYSINN, and had to go (in my head) from the Capone clue to the Untouchables to Sean Connery to Kevin Costner to Eliot...before NESS finally leapt to mind. Still love that movie, and still enjoy remembering not to take a knife to a gunfight.

Tried REDECAY and RESLUMP before ending with RESLIDE (and laughing at how often resliding your card does result in another decline). Also had ABIT before ATAD, and was reminded of a very obscene explanation from a supervisor at McDonalds (how many millions of us had their first paychecks cut from a McDonalds?) as to the only thing thinner than a TAD. After a couple years of clearing, set fire to lots of brushpiles in Maine this year (sorry Malsdemare). Glorious ones, so that was fun. Haven't seen AURORA Borealis there for awhile, but love those too. A completed Wednesday with some decent clues and fun answers. All good.

Stanley Hudson 12:09 PM  

On vacation and staying with friends on the Left Coast. Just finished the second (very strong) Bloody Mary and a tremendous brunch--bring on the dentist, or the rack, or the trial by ordeal, or whatever. Or, for that matter, Melanie Wilkes.

Masked and Anonymous 12:12 PM  

Nice WedPuz. Had a few YUKS and some lively vocab. And finally, an above-average U-count.

@muse: yep. Can relate to that. It turns out I am much much shyer, in public settins. I do tend to cultivate overly flossy friends, however.

@Hartley 70- day-um. Bet that sure cut down on any future off hours spent cuddled up under closed patio umbrellas. Dark closets … now there's yer ticket.

@jae: yo. fave desperate bits would include RESLIDE, for 100% sure. (Talk about an umbrella bats entry.) Also eerily drawn to LEK, in the same manner. And maybe toss in BONOBO. M&A is on the fence, on BONOBO. I feel havin a debut ape in the puz is kinda ok, if U don't happen to have one of them there random Popes hangin around. I mean, we do have LEO, but his VII got all shriveled up, after all the bad press he got in yesterday's puzclue. Soo … c'est bon, BONOBO.

BONOBO was formerly known as "Pygmy Chimpanzee". This totally sucked to be called that at sports bars, so he changed it to BONOBO WEST. Friends shortened it to just plain BONOBO, and sometimes simply to the less indecisive-soundin BOBO. [courtesy M&A Research Desk]

fave weeject: PUP. Palindromic, with a delicious center treat.


Thanx, Mr. Donaldson. Had some primo bite to it. Nice, civil write-up, @RP; musta been wearin yer retainer.

Masked & Anonym8Us


mathgent 12:12 PM  

Nerd alert! @Nancy (9:18) mentioned that she has a dental appointment today and wondered if anyone else here also has one. She impressively mentions the Birthday Problem. That problem shows that in a group of more than 23 people with randomly distributed birthdays it is probable that two in the group have the same birthday. This situation is a little different because Nancy is interested to know if anyone else in our group has a dental appointment TODAY. Not on the same date at any time during the year.

But to answer her question, assume that the probability that one of the rest of us has a dental appointment today is one out of a thousand. That's like going to the dentist once every three years. Then, if there are 700 of us on the blog, it is better then 50-50 that someone else has an appointment today. If there are 1000 here, the chances are about 2 to 1. If there are 3000 of us, it's about 20 to 1, a virtual certainty.

As I'm posting this, no one has yet mentioned having an appointment today.

OISK 12:14 PM  

Easier than usual, but I enjoyed this one very much. I really appreciate it when I write in a completely unfamiliar answer, look it up (after I am done), and learn something interesting. I didn't know bonobo! Now I do - a fascinating and endangered primate living only in the Congo.

For me, an obscure currency is far more valuable than an obscure (to me) pop star. I didn't dislek that clue at all.

JC66 12:35 PM  


I had a dentist appointment today, but moved it to next month. How does that impact on things?

Anoa Bob 12:58 PM  

Ivan Pavlov would be nodding knowingly to today's comments about life-long phobias following traumatic experiences with fires and bats and dentists.

When I was but a lad my first visit was to an elderly dentist whose equipment must have dated from the 1920s. The drill was turned by a series of pulleys and bungee-cord-looking belts that shook and bounced noisily as if they were about to fly apart. Without any anesthesia he began to grind. My whole head vibrated. I could feel the bits and pieces of tooth hitting cheek and tongue. The smell arising from the drill site was fearsome. And then the drill hit the nerve.

Years later when talking to students about the vagaries and varieties of pain, I would use that as an example of pure, unadulterated, excruciating pain. I let out a howl that had my mother running in from the waiting room. From that day, I've always known what people were talking about when they referred to a "white-knuckle" experience.

It also served as an example of how an early, intense experience like that can lead to a life-long phobia. @Hartley 70, I got many examples of phobias from students over the years and if I were still teaching, your bat-in-the-umbrella experience definitely would be put toward the top of that list. Priceless.

Just for the record, the Earth is not a SPHERE, at least not one that's perfectly round, you know, a three-dimensional object where every spot on the surface is equidistant from the object's center. It actually has a slight bulge in the middle, around the equator, from so many years spinning round and round. Some of us can identify with that.

I join in with those who say "I like LEK".

Anonymous 1:00 PM  

@NCA President, please take your own advice. You're the most oversensitive poster here -- and I say that as someone who shares your politics. Time to give it a rest.

Cassieopia 1:00 PM  

Was crushed to discover that 6D was not Atom Ant.

Mohair Sam 1:00 PM  

@Hartley70 - Given that brevity is the soul of wit, that bat/umbrella story still needs to be fleshed out, don't leave us hanging. Each Spring when I open that umbrella I'm greeted by only dead spiders and stink bugs. Before closing I make sure there's nothing in there and kind of clear myself from the umbrella itself. Details please.

@Thfenn - Yesterday Basque acrobats, today Ugandan dentists. I'm beginning to worry.

Andrew Heinegg 1:01 PM  

Does anyone not have a fear of the dentist outside of relatives and spouses of dentists? My trips there are made especially enjoyable because I have difficulty opening my mouth wide enough for the hygienist or dentist to get the work done. I sometimes get asked:' is that as wide as you can get it open'? ('No, I can open it much wider but I thought you looked like someone who I really wanted to annoy before they put their hands in my mouth'!). And, my aching tooth this morning tells me I am headed for some more fun.

Hartley@70, if it is not too gut wrenching for you, perhaps you could provide some logistics as to how you ended up inside a closed umbrella with a bat. Hmmm.

Today was not the best effort from a polished and experienced constructor such as Mr. Donaldson. The reslide is just weird in a not interesting kind of way. The puns cannot quite cross the groaner line but, at least they come close or at least 'you know the drill' does. The others, not so much and they are accompanied by too much crossword dreck. At least it was a Wednesday level of difficulty.

Teedmn 1:14 PM  

BRUSH PILES - we have them everywhere in our groves (the woody kind) so that went straight in. The only problem is they attract things like skunks and other critters one would just as soon not have too close to the house.

The clue for 1A made me think it was going to involve the whole ball of wax, so it was fun to watch SWARM emerge from the hive.

I once found a bat hanging in our patio umbrella but I wasn't shut in with it, so no screaming was involved - just a rather swift REclosing of said umbrella. I would say @Hartley70's experience would be enough to send one bat-sh&t.

My mom gifted my brother and me with pretty good teeth. My brother was chewing on some tin foil one time and one of his friends exclaimed, "how can you stand to do that?" Neither of us had fillings at the time so we had no idea what that usually entailed. Since I now have a few fillings, I have chosen never to find out first-hand.

Thanks, S.A.D, for the YUKS.

Teedmn 1:17 PM  

@jberg, your first paragraph had me giggling into my sleeve in order to not disturb all my co-workers!

Malsdemare 1:34 PM  

I can't leave our deck umbrella open because the wind might launch it to Indiana, and we actually have bat houses (because we also have, or had, mosquitos) so opening the umbrella is never a quick process. Shake the spines, open a little, shake again, open some more, wait for wasp nest to fall out, shake more . . . And after all that, I'll still feel a breeze occasionally as a highly pissed off bat storms out of her quiet nest. Can't blame them for hiding there; our houses get packed in the summer and each one holds 75-100 bats. One of the real joys of the bats (yes, Hartley, I put Joy and Bats in the same sentence) is sitting on the back deck and watching them emerge at twilight; like watching hawks make lazy circles in the sky, only more fluttery. And having said all that, the first (only) time I stuck my head in a mostly closed umbrella to be greeted by a bat was quite startling; Lots of my neighbors heard my very surprised yelp.

Masked and Anonymous 1:47 PM  

hmmm… After re-readin my first comment attempt, I wonder if I inadvertently left the impression that I thought my neat friends at the Comment Gallery tended to be "overly flossy". No way. M&A is certain that U all floss just the right amounts, too boot.

BRUSH PILES. Maybe a slightly desperate themer, but it sends out a funny dentist-office image. I'm getting this picture of a nicely organized storage room, except for big random mounds of toothbrushes, plotzed on the floor at the far back. har

How'bout VANILLAEXTRACT? It's a constructioneer-phobia-esque 14 letters long, tho. Whadaya think … should it have been a BO or NOBO?

M&A True Tales of the Dentist Visit story, that's ok for the squeamish (yo, and geez, @AnoaBob)…
M&A has just got the old choppers cleaned and inspected, at his local dentist office. The real nice hygiene-est gal is handin me my bag of newbrush+pastetubelet+flosser-fishline, and at the same time asks: "Do U floss daily?"
M&A instantly replies: "Oh, gosh, no … I always ration yer little thingy of dental floss real careful-like, across the whole six months, between visits to here! I figured that maps out more to like once every coupla weeks or so, which I faithfully do."
I swear this is what that sweetie hygiene-est darlin gal did: she grabs back my lil goody bag, fills her up to the top with those floss box dealies, and hands it back to me, without comment. Lasted me the whole six months. (Even had one left over, to harass the budgie with.)


RooMonster 1:52 PM  

Hey All !
This puz seemed to me to be easier than yesterdays. Who knows why? Maybe wheelhouse and all that. Funky Egyptian-looking Blocks in the center. Had some neat words in puz also. Some funny/punny cluing. Didn't exactly CRACK UP, but did had some YUKS.

Funny how YOU KNOW THE DRILL and YOU KNOW, THE DRILL mean different things with that comma. Seems like something @LMS would come up with a list for.

ROUE sounds like Roo in French, but unfortunately I'm nowhere near a Hedonistic sort!


Larry Gilstrap 2:29 PM  

If you are a human and read anything about hominid evolution, your liable to see much mention of our close cousins, the bonobo species and chimpanzees.

I was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, so the concept of accumulating BRUSH PILES and then burning the debris was a practice that has been illegal since smog was invented. Maybe at friendly poker games, dentists use bristled instruments as chips? "I'll see your REACH and raise you an Oral-B." I balked at BRIDGE LOAN, as well. I guess that is a thing that I just haven't heard much. I admire when OFL has the nerve to admit he has never heard of something to the glee of all the self-righteous know-it-alls that inhabit this blog. Love ya, man.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but FOAMS could have been clued as the third person singular form of a verb and PRADAS, not so much. I live with a fashionista, and while one garment or accessory is nice, more are better, but not expressed that way.

Said fashionista began her professional life as a cabin hostess, worked her way up to stewardess, and topped out as a flight attendant. I'll run AIR CREW by her for an opinion. She says "Meh!"

I've never understood the wisdom of Franklin's experiment with a KITE, a key, and lightening? I know he was a smart man, but I guess I could look it up.

Dorothy Biggs 3:04 PM  

Anon @1pm: email me with questions or concerns. It's posts like those that I am "sensitive" to. I would email you...but you're, you know, anonymous.

Larry Gilstrap 3:30 PM  

You're liable would have been correct. I feel better now.

1820 Stone Colonial House 3:36 PM  

RECARVE is a word. Here it is in a sentence: "Dear Mr. Brannon, re your inquiry about Mt. Rushmore, yes, the image of Washington can easily be RECARVED to replicate that of President Trump; we'll just double the chin, bob the nose, and cut a new hairline right above Washington's eyebrows." This kind of thing has been done throughout the history of regime change. As a wood, carver I RECARVE things all the time because I don't like the way they went, or I've lopped off an ear and now must do yet another Van Gogh likeness.

thfenn 3:47 PM  

@mathgent - I had a dentist appt today, but probably posted while you were writing.
@mohair sam - (seriously, great name) laughing, worry not - I was serious about the Ugandan dentists. Back when I still got my teeth looked after I lived there and the dentists were great. I'd get back to the States on home leave and skip making any dentistry appointments because my favorite dentists were back in Uganda.

brian 3:49 PM  

Tks..was baffled bit nothing to suggest Greek to be used..not good clueing for a wed...

Unknown 4:31 PM  

I am not a robot said...
@Lobster, "Go ahead and reslide your card" is a thing I've actually heard at the bank and the grocery store. And they always say, "Go ahead and reslide your card."

And when the bank DECLINEs your card AGAIN after you RESLIDE it, does the bank RESLIDE your card?

"Decline again" sounds like something you do with nouns in second year Latin.

GILL I. 4:47 PM  

@Nancy...[sigh]...Not one of my shining moments - but true. He was so darn handsome and probably gay but I honestly could not help myself. Just beware of laughing gas and what it can do to your inner lusts.
@Hartley...Do you know that bat guano will help you grow your cucumbers? I should draw you a picture!

Z 5:16 PM  

@Hartley70 - What @LMS said. Even after reading some interesting bat posts I still can't quite wrap my head around the image.

@Joseph Michael 11:21 - Nicely done.

I put "Bo Derek Bono" into google images. Bo, Bono, Sonny Bono - these I understand. Boy George? Steven Tyler? Axl Rose?

Puzzle - Okay
Comments - Great. Seriously, I'd probably give up the NYTX if it weren't for Rex and the Commentariat. Heck, a subpar BEQ AVCX puzzle was still better than any NYTX this week.

I am not a robot 5:55 PM  

@Joseph, If the bank ever declined my card altogether, I'd have to go home and RECLINE, although I never could recall the time I CLINED in the first place. I do remember a certain angle of repose where I'd ceased to slump, but that was in early childhood and not repeated either.

Hartley70 6:01 PM  

@Gill l, forgive my French, but I don't give a SHITZ about bat guano. Consider the source.

Hartley70 6:56 PM  

My story is a short one for those who are interested. @Andrew and @Mohair, this one's for you and consider it a cautionary tale. Firstly, I can tell you that were the Sun to move closer to the Earth and the mid-day temperature reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and if I was tied to a stake next to a closed patio umbrella, I would not try to raise it. Fortunately my husband does not feel the same way, so we can still lunch al fresco in July.

I was preparing for just that sort of outdoor luncheon for friends when I noticed the very large patio umbrella had been closed because of rain and wind the previous day. Because it was extra large I couldn't stand outside the "brolly" and just reach under it to grasp the center pole and begin to push the runner up the shaft to open the stretchers. (I now know the parts of an umbrella. One day in Rexworld is worth a year of college.) I had to duck my head and then my body under the edge while it was closed to reach the runner. I didn't think a thing of it until there suddenly was bat flapping against my upper body and head in the relative darkness. We were both screaming. I couldn't get out and neither could he. It was as far from "Seven Minutes in Heaven" as a person could get. I believe I eventually fell to the ground wailing without ever getting the dang thing opened and the luncheon was post-poned. I neither know nor care what happened to the bat. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the ER, enduring the first of my many rabies shots. The initial hospital visit is the most memorable because it's a double whammy of injections given right where the sun doesn't shine. And that is the tale of how I got my first rabies series. By the second, I was an old hand.

The moral of the story: Get some other fool to open the patio umbrella or eat indoors.

Hartley70 7:01 PM  

@Malsdemare, you are a better and more forgiving woman than I. I'm on the side of the mosquitoes.

Hartley70 7:05 PM  

@Loren, I am so pleased to have delighted you. Should I ever decide to write my novel, I now have my opening sentence. Thanks.

Cassieopia 7:19 PM  

I apologize profusely for laughing at "We were both screaming." Thank you for sharing the story and so sorry you had to endure rabies shots.

Mohair Sam 7:49 PM  

Oh dear God @Hartley, am I ever sorry I asked. And I am never opening a patio umbrella again.

@Thfenn - I had planned to get really clever and ask you how in Hell you found more than one Ugandan dentist, but you cut that short. Still no forgiveness for the Basque acrobats however.

Aurora Crackup Mus 8:16 PM  

I love Sam Donaldson and I love the idea of bad dentist jokes!
My early life all my dentists had hairy fingers and spent the whole time telling you bad dental jokes...!

MY San Francisco dentist (@Gill I, Hilarious! I'll give refer you if you the no=nonsense Dr. Chee.
Early on, I bartered the phrase "Smile and "Say Chee!" for a deep cleaning. Dr. Chee is old-school, does not use laughing gas, nor tells jokes, nor ever cracks a smile...
but he DOES do a nonstop monologue about other patients and all the dire things that can go wrong if you don't floss.

There is an old nonPC dental joke about when you go to the dentist? When 2:30. (When tooth hurt-y)

I just worked for Lexicon... ZIMA preceded me, I can not claim credit nor apologize, but it's sorta cool that it means "Winter".
Now go start that novel! @You, too, Hartley70!

Btw, One SKODA costs 53,281 LEK.
In Scrabble, you can pluralize LEK as LEKE, LEKS and LEKU!

Agria Cheza Metings 8:37 PM  

You might enjoy from Monday night:

Unknown 9:09 PM  


Nancy 9:24 PM  

I had a perfectly swell time at the dentist this afternoon. I just closed my eyes and thought: It could be so much worse. Instead of being in this chair, you could be stuck under a patio umbrella with a screeching bat.

Anonymous 10:03 PM  

@QuasiMojo When did Scrabble start to allow Chanel or Prada since they are proper nouns? I have not looked at the rules recently to see if they have changed. In the old rules plural or singular is moot since proper nouns were not allowed.

@Larry Gilstrap Franklin did not fly the kite, his son did. Franklin was smart, he stayed in a dry shelter. That son became Governor of New Jersey and left with the British when they lost the war. Was this a consequence of father-son alienation?

Don McBrien 11:58 PM  

Nancy, you are awesome!

Anonymous 12:58 AM  

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Burma Shave 10:16 AM  


and just METING a TOP RUNWAY model is amazin’.
In ITSELF, it DEEPENs the SPHERE of the question:
Why did DYAN have a PASSKEY for the DAYSINN?


BS2 10:44 AM  


OHGEE, OYEZ, this is an OPUSDEI,
two YEARs down, soon starting TRE.

Not AONE day goes PAST that I don’t SWEAT
that IMOUT of YUKS (at last) to here INSET.


spacecraft 11:09 AM  

I thought the top and bottom theme entries were spot on; the middle two not so much. I agree that the center was the toughest and last to go in; had no idea what he was going for with those Ms, and "heads for the bar" is a pretty late-week clue for FOAMS.

So that's what those kids are doing at the playground, over and over--they're RESLIDING! I don't blame them. The word? THAT I blame. But most of the other fill is...adequate. A serviceable puzzle to get us over humpday and into the thick of things later on, complete with curtain-call DOD DYAN. Par.

centralscrewtinizer 12:05 PM  

Why does OFL put a comma in the last pun, and then even mentions it as making the phrase ok? I don't think he know's the drill.
And why does sharing politics give one the right to give advice? Does anything else, like sharing religion, culture, alma mater, wives, and so forth?

Diana,LIW 12:19 PM  

Must be National Go to the Dentist Day - I have an appt. at 11. Both of my dentists are great - no fear here. Mr. W actually falls asleep at the dentist - w/o any help from Mr. Laughing Gas.

The theme was cute, and "not too rich for my blood." I didn't fold.

Never heard of "Sausage Party," but it had to be SETH. GO KAPUT was my last entry. A friend's favorite phrase.

@BS - I doubt that you'll be outta' YUKS any time soon. You always CRACKUP the Synders, no SWEAT. Hope some Futureland folks bring some SLOE gin and wear their PRADAS tomorrow.


Diana, Lady-in-Waiting for Crosswords

rondo 12:30 PM  

Lotsa YUKS in that dental humor. Made me want to CRACKUP. When is your dental appointment? Tooth-hurty (2:30). Har.

As of today, one dollar (USD) equals about 127 Albanian LEKs (ALL), and 19,100 Belarusian RUBLEs (BYR) or 1.91 Belarusian RUBLEs (BYN), and 59 Russian RUBLEs (RUB). The Canadian dollar (CAD) = 0.76 USD, so @rainy and others need to do the math.

OK, YOUKNOWTHEDRILL, but DYAN has been too, too frequent. In a certain light, at a certain angle, if you can get PAST Muskrat Love, TONI Tennile coulda passed for a yeah baby. Those 40-some YEARs ago. OHGEE, I never thought I’d say that.

Nothing wrong with the puz ITSELF except maybe RESLIDE. MUSkrat SUE-zee . . . MUSkrat Sam . . . Not AONE of you will get that out of your head, it might RUNE your day.

centralscrewtinizer 12:56 PM  

I always figured the Captain was a lucky guy.

Glad you enjoyed the Country Joe. The following is a fav inspired by your rejoinder post.

rondo 1:51 PM  

Buddy is TOPs. Went to his club Legends in Chicago many times in the PAST (before it moved). Thanks.

leftcoastTAM 1:58 PM  

Easier and less interesting than yesterday's mish-mash, but the word play and misdirects did add ATAD of sparkle though not an AURORA.

Words most helped by crosses: LEK, SNOE, OPUSDEI maybe, although crosses seemed unusually helpful and revealing today.

Could have been a no-SWEAT Monday.

leftcoastTAM 2:14 PM  

Oops, SLOE, not SnOE. Embarrassing dnf, though I do know ARLO. While I'm at it, I should have thrown in WHISKAS as another cross-helped word.

rain forest 2:25 PM  

At first I wasn't impressed with today's puzzle, but it has "grown" on me as I've read the comments. Maybe that's because the comments were so friggin' entertaining, but I now deem this puzzle likeable, except for RESLIDE. My girlfriend's daughter has 4 bags: 1 Coach, 1 Ferragamo, and 2 PRADAS. So, as M&A would say, OK.

Dentist humour: oxymoron? The theme was OK, especially the last themer, but I don't know what a BRIDGE LOAN is. Is that something you seek when someone wants to sell you the Brooklyn bridge? I guess I can figure it out vis a vis a business transaction, maybe, but I've never heard the term before today.

Anyway, this may be premature because I'm unclear as to the date of the actual anniversary, but I've brought a bottle of Lagavulin, and the following. I'll probably drink the Scotch in tribute, but here is my written one.


I’ve pondered these works and although it
Seems that BS likes sex, you must know it
Comes from a place of passion, and so it
Behooves us all to gather and show it
Is well-received. Maybe it’s me, I dunno, it
Seems to me that we cannot say “whoa”, it
Is clear that his efforts you cannot forego, it
Is important, I think, that his talent must grow. It
Is done without dough, like Poe, a pure poet.

From a humble place, humbly submitted.

Teedmn 3:22 PM  

@rain forest, nice tribute!

I'm all dressed up and ready for the BS New Year's Eve party, waiting for the ball to drop and the bubbly to be poured.

I am going to try to keep a collection of the best of Burma Shave creations for the upcoming year - either the most poetic or the ones that make me say OMG, I can't believe he wrote that! (And there are plenty of those :-). ) We can do a review upon next year's anniversary.

SharonAK 6:19 PM  

The term 'bridge loan' was familiar to me. A short term loan while one waits for a house to sell or etc.
Except I'd always heard it as "bridging loan." And maybe only from my English husband and other Brits.
Which could explain it being new to others.

I really liked first impression and bridge loan. Not so much brush piles because I don't think about brushes when thinking about visits to dentist - despite having gotten goody bags including a new brush for the past many years.
And the last theme answers didn't work for me because why would the dentist ask for the drill when it was TIME FOR THE FILLING? He's through drilling by then.

Unknown 8:22 AM  

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Liubov Nikonets 10:29 AM  

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