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Monday, May 4, 2015

Hey, guys, it's Annabel! Please wish me luck on APs this week. (Or, if there's anyone out there who wants to give me a crash course in BC Calculus...)

Constructor: Zhouquin Burnikel

Relative difficulty: Easy

THEME: "Step Mama— The center word is STEPMOM, and circled squares repeatedly spell out MAMA in a way that looks like a "step."

Theme answers:
  • HAM A ND EGGS (17A: Traditional breakfast combo)
  • LLAMA (20A: Long-necked pack animal)
  • STEPMOM (39A: Wicked relative of Cinderella...or what each set of circled letters represents?)
  • SAM ADAMS (48A: Brew with the slogan "For the love of beer")
  • ROMA (51A: Locale of the Città del Vaticano)
  • I AM A CAMERAMAN (64A: Hit 1951 play that inspired "Cabaret")
  • DRAMA (67A: "Game of Thrones," e.g.)
 Word of the Day: I AM A CAMERA (64A: Hit 1951 play that inspired "Cabaret") —
I Am a Camera is a 1951 Broadway play by John Van Druten adapted from Christopher Isherwood's novel Goodbye to Berlin, which is part of The Berlin Stories. The title is a quote taken from the novel's first page: "I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking." The original production was staged by John Van Druten, with scenic and lighting design by Boris Aronson and costumes by Ellen Goldsborough. It opened at the Empire Theatre in New York City on November 28, 1951 and ran for 214 performances before closing on July 12, 1952.
The production was a critically acclaimed success for both Julie Harris as the insouciant Sally Bowles, winning her the first of five Tony Awards of her career for Best Leading Actress in a play, and for Marian Winters, who won both the Theatre World Award and Tony Award for Featured Actress in a Play. The play also won for John Van Druten the New York Drama Critics' Circle for Best American Play (1952). However it also earned the famous review by Walter Kerr, "Me no Leica".
• • •

It's good to be writing you guys again! And on a puzzle that I could actually complete without too much difficulty! Fill highlights included NADIR, ENERO, and EROICA; I'd say the fill overall was pretty great for a Monday. I'm ready to be done with clues that end in "to a poet" (as in "Before, to a poet" for ERE); I mean, surely there is a more original way to clue for ERE?

The theme was really cute! I didn't even get "step-mama" until after I had finished filling out the whole puzzle and realized that the MAMAs looked like steps. I will say that the fact that I got STEPMOM well before I even got to any of the MAMAs was a little bit of a letdown. I was feeling all Rex-y about it until my mom reminded me that Mondays are for beginners. Anyway, Cinderella's wicked relative is awesome.

Shout-out to my STEPMOM (who I love and who is not even a little bit wicked) btw!

  • SINE (66A: ___ qua non) — This clue reminds me too much of calculus. I should be studying right now...
  • SEX ED (70A: School health course, informally) —  Reminds me of 8th grade, when my teacher put a condom on her arm up to her elbow and the entire class freaked out. She certainly made a point though. Unlike this dude.

  • ARC  (10D: Pigskin path) — Okay, I'm convinced. Someone is deliberately putting these calculus-themed clues in this puzzle to stress me out!  ...I'm going to go study now.
Signed, Annabel Thompson, tired high school student (until June 5!!)


Anonymous 12:03 AM  

I have a quibble with 30 down. Ram hasn't been part of Dodge for many years. The clue needs a "once".

Steve J 12:11 AM  
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Mike in DC 12:12 AM  


Excellent writeup. You will do great in BC calculus!

Steve J 12:13 AM  

I haven't clicked at all with Zhouquin Burnikel's puzzles in the past, but I'm happy that this was an exception. Cute theme (I suppose one could quibble that it's MA in steps, not mom, but why would one do that?) with nice theme answers, coupled with some really nice fill: AS IF I CARE, RADAR BLIP, ARAMAIC, SEX ED. Very nice Monday.

Found it very odd that RAM(s) was used as part of the clue at 23A when it's fill at 30D. With 30 other teams to choose from, why put "Rams" in the clue?

Speaking of RAM: @Anon 12:03 p.m.: Dodge produces RAM pickups to this very day. Ram Trucks did get spun off into a semi-independent label in 2010, but they're still built and sold by Dodge. (Well, Fiat, technically, since they own Dodge and Chrysler now.)

John Child 12:19 AM  

Fun, easy puzzle. Nice to see something a little different. I think this puzzle benefitted from relatively easy constraints: e.g., if DREAM ACT hadn't worked out it could have been mishMAsh or calaMAri or any other word with the right MA pattern. But we do get nice, clean fill in return for that, and I say thumbs up!

jae 12:36 AM  

Medium for me.  Is it just me or have we seen quite a bit of C.C.'s work lately? I swear I just did a Sat. LAT of hers.

With a few exceptions...I AM A CAMERA (which I only know from late week crosswords), ILO, ARAMAIC, PORTIA...this seems about right for a Mon.  Liked it.  Charming as usual Annabel. 

chefwen 2:07 AM  

Just so so for me. Did not care for the theme. It's Stepmother not Step Mom or Step Ma. Kinda weak IMO.

Loved SAM ADAMS, for the love of beer!

mcdh 2:29 AM  

Oh Annabel I'm certain your BC Calculus exam will go well Hardest Calculus problems are usually just hard algebra problems first and I bet you are great at those. Just another kind of puzzle. Best of luck!

Thomaso808 5:01 AM  

MAMA is a mom and the positions make each a STEPMOM, so the theme works for me.

Easy Monday. I think it's hard to make an easy Monday interesting. But the fill today was good and the theme worked, so this was a good Monday in my book.

RADARBLIP next to AHAMOMENT got my notice and a mini haha.

Anonymous 5:13 AM  

Good luck Annabel! Know you'll do great!,

pfb 5:15 AM  

Good luck on AP exams, Annabel.

GILL I. 5:21 AM  

@Annabel....Maybe: Cockney's reply to where are you? ERE mate!
Liked it. SNAPPY fun for a Monday. Wasn't sure about STEPMOM because I don't think Cinderella ever referred to her as that...More like a LLAMA smelling LION TAMER eating HAM AND EGGS DRAMA queen.
@jae...Yes..C.C. has been out and about lately in crossworddom. She has a lively sense of humor me thinks.
Good luck Annabel. I'm so glad those days are behind me and that the only math thing in my life is the measure of some good gin in my highball.

Lewis 6:26 AM  
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Lewis 6:28 AM  

@jae -- Those exceptions (non-Monday seeming words) have been becoming a Monday rule this year, and that's been a good change, IMO, so long as they're fairly crossed.


Does anyone still do TAEBO? I liked RISE up. It's about as basic a theme as I've ever seen, but I guess okay for Monday. What makes Monday is fill with spark, and we had that -- ASIFICARE, AHAMOMENT, RADARBLIP, DREAMACT, NADIR.

Thank you ZB!

John Child 6:58 AM  

I got a chuckle out of this today: Monday difficulty but quite unusual.

aging soprano 7:06 AM  

Hurray! I am early today. That's because I am 8 hours ahead of the east coast, and I had time to finish off easy Monday while waiting for my Mr. (Aging playboy) at the eye dr.
Eroica keeps coming back to haunt us. @AliasZ, I guess Ludwig Van was insulted that you ignored him yesterday. I caught some of it on the car radio, though. Seems to be in vogue this week.
@Roo. I finally managed to delete my double post. I read this blog on my cell phone, but the delete never worked. Then, a few days ago I spied the very teeny weeny boxes at the lower left: delete/cancel, but too small for my aging eyes to read. BLIP BLIP. An AHA MOMENT
Good Morning America. I'm ready for lunch and siesta. Thank you, Annabel, for taking time to write us.

aging soprano 7:08 AM  
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Loren Muse Smith 7:14 AM  

Good luck with your tests, Annabel! Enjoyed the write-up.

I'm with @jae that this was medium. To add to his list, PORTIA, DOHA, and DAHL could be tough for Monday solvers.

And @jae – did you notice 1D curving into 20A? DAHL LLAMA.

Also SEX ED/AIDS. Pay close attention, kids.

@chefwen – I have no problem with the word STEPMOM. Maybe it's a regional thing?

@John Child – glad you’re back in the blog saddle. Please do keep sending us up-dates. And thanks for the heads-up on the @Barany puzzle. I appreciate/enjoy that site.

I caught on very early with I AM A CAMERA (which, though filled, I was reading as "I am a Camaro") and immediately filled in all the circles 'cause I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning. How cool would it have been if there had been three stair-stepped MAs?

Anonymous 7:27 AM  

I'd say more like the easy side of medium, for a Monday. I had to think more than a usual Monday, which I suppose is good. 30 seconds slower than my amongst average, but still sub-6.

joho 7:35 AM  

With Mother"s Day just around the corner I love that today STEPMOMs are stepping out -- literally --in this clever Monday puzzle!

Easy but interesting with fun answers like AHAMOMENT, ASIFICARE, GOESMAD, RADARBLI, RADARBLIP and HAMANDEGGS.

Loved the clue for PORTIA.

Loved the puzzle, thank you, C.C.!

joho 7:39 AM  

Seems my RADARscreen has more than one BLIP : )

Knitwit 7:43 AM  

Easy Monday and considering my love of pizza, I'm embarrassed to say I had NAPOLI for 18D until the very end-a big AHAMOMENT. Loved your write up and GOOD LUCK on Calculus!!

Dorothy Biggs 7:44 AM  

@Aging Soprano: I agree that today's EROICA was sort of an encore performance of yesterday's EROICA. Weird. Also, was the Beethoven symphony you heard on the radio recently his 8th? Because I heard that too. Beethoven!

Otherwise normally easy Monday. I thought the across clues were slightly more difficult than the downs. I went through the acrosses with a few unfilled squares then hit the downs and basically filled it in from there.

Charles Flaster 7:52 AM  

Liked this easy one.
CrosswordEASE-- EROICA and ENERO.
Liked cluing--AS IF I CARE and TRACER.
Also did not know about I AM A CAMERA.
Thanks ZB and good luck AT on your BC.

Z 8:12 AM  

Easy Easy here. So easy that I never even saw RAM was in the puzzle.

A fine little visual, decent long answers and very little to make one cringe on the short fill. A good Monday puzzle.

Good Luck on the Calc BC test. Do you have to take Calc AD next week?

DShawMaine 8:14 AM  

I'm with the few who found this a medium (and I would say "medium-challenging *for a Monday*") - it took me twice as long as usual, which I enjoyed since I prefer two-coffee puzzles. EROICA, ILO, DOHA, IAMACAMERA, combined with misspelling TAEBO (as taibo) and having lads for TADS, held me up. Great puzzle, great write-up.

quilter1 8:21 AM  

Easy, although I too had Napoli for a time. My aunt was the daughter of Italian immigrants and when pizza began being popular in the US she couldn't understand why. When she was growing up pizza was poor people's food and she felt ashamed to have to bring pizza to school for lunch. Then it was just a crust with anchovies on it. The times change.

Good luck on your test, Annabel.

dk 8:25 AM  

🌕🌕 (2 mOOns)

Annibel, the answers in calc are often 1 or 0, ITDO (in this DOPES opinion).

1A and 4D caused some concern but like our charming blog aide I had STEPMOM early on followed by the MAMA steps.

We saw Refer Madness (as an educational film) in my SEXED class. When we got to the anotomical parts the opposte sex had to leave the room. We renamed the class no sex ed.

RooMonster 8:27 AM  

Hey All !
Forgot this was the first Monday of the month! Pleasant surprise to see Annabel. Good Luck on that crazy Calculus test! I'm sure you'll hit it out of the ballpark!

Liked this puz. Easy, MonPuzs are great that way after the Fri/Sat trashings! STEP MAs! Cool. Does seem CC is cranking out many puzs lately. She just had the LAT SunPuz.

SNAPPY fill, went AAH instead of GOES MAD. No SARIS or DRAMA!

Liked PESOS and ENERO next to each other. Finally knew NADIR from doing enough puzzles! Full AHA MOMENT nice also.


AliasZ 8:27 AM  

I find CC's puzzles charming and delicious. Any puzzle with the two-L beast, NAPLES, ROMA, PORTIA from Venice, HAM AND EGGS and YAM in it has my vote. The STEP on MAMA theme was cute too, essentially what the circled MA's asked you to do. It reminded me of the lovely classic 1948 movie "I Remember MAMA," not to mention "Throw MAMA from the Train" and the famous cellist, Yo-MA MA.

- All my XES live in Texas.
- Lots of I's in this one: I AM A CAMERA, I AGREE, AS IF I CARE, plus IMO, ILO and IMAX.
- I hate it when IMAX out on my credit cards.

EROICA must have been irked that I didn't link to it yesterday, so it insinuated itself into today's puzzle, as if saying: "Here I am again, what's wrong with you ignoring me like that yesterday?" Because I don't want to disappoint, here is EROICA now. It will put you in a good FRAME of mind. Don't you agree?

Später, Mater.

Aketi 8:35 AM  

@Annabel, good luck on your tests. Loved your write up, especially about the lengths to which teachers go to teach "health". My son developed a whole riff on his 8th grade "health" class. He's not taking calculus yet, it's his Chem SAT that stressed him out this morning.

This was my fastest Monday ever.

joho 8:41 AM  

"All my exes live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee." Thanks, @AliasZ, for mentioning that song again ... love that line!

I didn't mention in my post this morning that I'm a STEPMOM (not evil!) which may be why I found this theme especially nice.

3 and out.

Anonymous 9:01 AM  

I love it when the first comment of the new week sets the tone for idiocy. Guess it would have been too hard to google "Dodge RAM."

Billy C 9:01 AM  

Got "I Am A Camera" right off.

I saw "Cabaret" on my Christmas break (senior year in college) on Broadway, a month after it opened. One of my frat brothers' (he lived in Westchester) father got us tix.

Lotte Lenya, Joel Grey, Jill Haworth, Bert Convey -- an incredible cast!

jberg 9:09 AM  

Am I the only one here who didn't know there was BC calculus? I always thought it was first developed by 60A (and Leibniz) about 1600 years later.

Anyway, good luck, Annabel

Billy C 9:09 AM  

Oh, how can I forget -- Jack Gilford also.

The original Broadway production had to be one of the richest complement of A-List actors ever.

Lewis 9:11 AM  
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Name that tune 9:12 AM  

IAGREE this SNAPPY SEXED puzzle was full of EROtICA. It led to an ORGY involving PORTIA and MARCIA and CATE and SAMADAMS and ISAAC and DAN and the MAYOR (who is some HEMAN). FLEX, RISE, RAM, repeat. AAH.


Lewis 9:16 AM  

Factoid: When attacked by insects, some TREEs can flood their leaves with chemicals distasteful to the insects; the tree can also signal nearby trees to release their chemicals even before being attacked. Signaling methods include releasing chemicals into the wind, and sending chemical or electric signals through shared fungus fibers.

Quotoid: "Fish die belly upward, and RISE to the surface. It's their way of falling." -- Andre Gide

Nancy 9:17 AM  

There's something MUCH too easy about a puzzle when @Evil Doug's comment is the highlight of the event. For me, no challenge = no fun = no interest. I'm amazed to see how many of this blog's top solvers actually enjoyed it.

Fredd Smith 9:20 AM  

Heh, heh. Evil Doug's being true to form, as always.

chefbea 9:28 AM  

Seemed a bit hard for a Monday puzzle. Enjoyed the write up.(note to @ grammar nazi I did not use a hyphen)!! Good luck Annabel!!

Bob Kerfuffle 9:34 AM  

Nice puzzle; see I'm not the only one whose reaction was, "cute!" Today everyone had an AHA MOMENT!

And always a pleasure to read Annabel's blogging. (But everyone is being too polite: I'm sure Annabel's sixth bullet point [I AM A CAMERAMAN] is just a goof to see if anyone was paying attention.)

Z 9:51 AM  

@jberg - Wouldn't "Calc BC" be Trig? (apparently it is just you and me that find this funny)

FWIW since one can hardly copyright a nom de blog, but the current "evil doug" is not the longtime denizen many of us knew and loved/hated, provided Seinfeld quotes, and regaled us with tales of his days as a pilot.

@Bob Kerfuffle - I wasn't paying attention.

Anonymous 10:02 AM  

Pretty SNAPPY for a Monday- eg. ORGY, SEX-ED, AS IF I CARE...

...thought rating would be medium-challenging bc answers required actual thought.

Not so easy for a beginner- IMO.

Hartley70 10:04 AM  

Hi Annabel!! It's always fun to hear from you. I can't imagine what BC Calculus is, so I'm impressed you're doing an AP version of it. Go Annabel!! You'll rock it, but nerves are always good to keep you awake in math exams.

SEXED sounds like much more fun than any class I ever took in junior high. And more useful! Back then kids didn't know what they were doing, girls got pregnant, had to leave school, and became MAMAS in their teens, no other option. My kids got bananas, not nearly as awe inspiring/humorous/terrifying as a forearm, Annabel.

I'm pleased with this Monday puzzle. I'm always happy to see some visual interest and Monday solvers don't get this as often as the other days of the week. ZB did a lovely job.

kfja 10:09 AM  

Hi, guys! The clue for 4D is Dodge LOGO animal which makes the argument regarding whether the Ram truck is still a Dodge moot. Did anyone else who loves words and gets's Word of the Day notice the synchronicity with 14A?

Benko 10:10 AM  

If your high school is like mine was (20 years ago!) the fact that you're in BC Calculus means that you're already one of the most elite math students in your school.

@lewis: Love the quotoid, love Gide.

Anonymous 10:14 AM  

The NYTimes is PC even in their puzzles. If you're an immigrant who's undocumented you're ILLEGAL. And the same can be said for the natural born. And speaking of documentation, in the 50 mile radius around me there are 107, 107! FREE food pantries, almost all them require valid ID. How's that for "discrimination"? You can vote but you can't eat without ID.

weingolb 10:21 AM  

I thought for a Monday this wasn't as easy as pie. Med-easy maybe? Using macho to clue for HEMAN isn't the most direct clue in my books (behavior versus state of being?) and there was playfulness rather than dead-obviousness (ORGY, DDAY, CITI). Like others, I figured some of the material was more interesting than Monday fill: EROICA, ARAMAIC, AHAMOMENT.

But none of it made the puzzle a real effort. So, with the visuals, it's Monday, 2.0

Really liked the doubling/mirror-image effects in the completed puzzle: The 4 MA MAs, SOSO, lots of double letters — AA, LL, GG, PP, DD — and the near palindrome of SAMADAMS

Carola 11:03 AM  

An unusually fine Monday puzzle + Annabel's write-up = a double-dip treat. I agree with @joho about the puzzle - easy but interesting. I found it entertaining all the way, with one unexpected answer after another (ARAMAIC, AS IF I CARE, PORTIA....). And I thought the STEPMOMs were a very clever idea.

@jae - I also did Ms. Burnikel's Saturday L.A. Times puzzle and did a double take at the similarity of the grid to Barry Silk's NYTimes puzzle, with the prominent black cross in the center of the grid.

Annabel, good luck!

aging soprano 11:17 AM  

@NCAPres. Nope, I definitely heard the third.
@knitwit, IMO, Napoli would have been a better answer, but, alas, it wasn't.
Portia was a given this time as a couple of days ago I attended a high school performance of Shakespeare monolgues/dialogues, and one of them was Portia's. I wasn't sure how to spell it since the program was in Hebrew. So was the Shakespeare. Yuk! Shakespearean Hebrew. Kind of like Biblical English.

aging soprano 11:18 AM  
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aging soprano 11:23 AM  

Can someone tell us what the BC means when we are referring to calculus?

aging soprano 11:23 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
DigitalDan 11:29 AM  

I remember thinking that algebra, trig, and later calculus were ways to do magic. They are the tools that amplified our abilities to engineer the world, for better (mostly) or worse.

Airymom 11:33 AM  

Good luck Annabel. My daughter is going nuts about the World History AP Test. I don't remember all this hysteria when I was in high school, but I guess that was in the dinosaur age. Sex ed. was called hygiene! You will do fine. Nice write-up.

I'm not a step-mom, but I know that they are a maligned group. I think it's lovely that you gave a shout out to yours.

Leapfinger 11:41 AM  

As @JChild said, easy constraints allow SNAPPY fill, and that's how we got fill that's downright ARAMAIC with a slight but sweet MAMA dancing a two-step down the grid. Loved the DOHA/DAHL start, but soon was confused by HEMAN/HAMAN -- well, Purim is over, right? -- and things just got worse when I saw AHA__ and '-suerus' fit the space. Good thing we didn't have ESTER and MAGILLA Gorilla. Every future Purim will be enriched, now that I know HAMAN Deggs' full name.

@BobKerfuffle, I think Annabel intended 'I AM A CAMERA, MA!'...I've seen that show a couple of ways; Joel Grey is abs outstanding, but I have to admit Liza-with-a-Z also Bowles me over. In today's grid, it looks asif CC and/or Will are editorializing: see how I AM A CAMERA is labeled an over-SEXED DRAMA?. That seems A BIT of an overDOSE.

@jberg, @Z: another county for BC Calc. Wish I knew how to ISAACATE.

@knitwit, me too for NAPoli. If ROMA, why not?

@DShawMaine, I've been dying to say this:
I wonder why you keep me waiting,
DShawMaine, my DShawMaine

@Loren m'Amuse, I think I AM A CAMaro is just another way to RAM in a Jeep shot, n'est-ce pas?
Cool that you caught the DAHL-y LLAMA angle. In that same corner, I saw L. LAMA sorta MAYOR (one of the Supremes) and a MAMA DAHL (oy). And of course, HAMAN DEGGS.

@aketi, we also had "Health" instead of SEX ED, because Canada. I do remember in HS having an argument over pronunciation, hard-G vs soft-G. Some DOPE said it's OR-Ghee, 'because it's OR-Ghee-nized' and I responded 'It's OR-jee, because it's not'. Some small victories stay with you.

Speaking of ORGY, @Lewis, that 'shared fungus fiber' thingy sounds kinda kinky.

Hmm. Since irked EROICA got its way, that sets an example for Yo, Yo' MAMA. Let's see if that MA shows up tomorrow. (Notice there's no I in ALAS, eh?)

All my XES want a Lexus.

What's in a name? It must be tough to live the name Ralph NADIR, encouraging to be RISE Stevens; even so, Roald apparently was no DAHL. With a nod to CATE Hepburn and Spencey TRACER,
D'RAMA LLAMA ding dong

Spätzl tonight.

old timer 12:03 PM  

DON"T HAVE SEX! If you do, you will get pregnant and DIE! Don't know about the pregnant part, but a retrospective study shows that every single boy and girl who ever had premarital sex in Springfield, Illinois when Lincoln lived there died. So it must be true!

(Nice write-up today).

Anonymous 12:52 PM  

Anonymous 9:01 said...
I love it when the first comment of the new week sets the tone for idiocy. Guess it would have been too hard to google "Dodge RAM."

At least I was nice about it. Googling "Dodge Ram" doesn't prove shit. Dodge did make the RAM at one time. Regarding the clue "Dodge Logo Animal", The Ram logo belongs to FCA US LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. You can look that up on the TESS server at the USPTO. The logo does not belong to Dodge.

Anonymous 1:34 PM  

Annabel----please tell us!!! Where are you going to college??!??! Best of luck on your AP exams!

Anonymous 1:49 PM  

Anon@12:52. You seem niiice.
I suppose if the clue had been "Guinness Stout logo instrument" and the answer had been "harp" you'd pitch a fit because Guinness is actually owned by Diageo and therefore the logo doesn't actually belong to Guinness.
You, sir, are a fool.

Anonymous 2:09 PM  

Hi, Anony 1:49!
Is it prescience that tells you that your target is a 'sir'? For all we know, that hapless soul might be a S. A. MADAM!

btw, HARP is what I first entered for yesterday"s 'Tombstone figure'. Pretty dopey, eh?

Z 3:14 PM  

@aging soprano - For whatever reason, Advancement Placement Calculus has two different courses, AP Calc AB and AP Calc BC. Why not just "A" and "B"? Or "A" and "AB" (since the second is supposed to be the first course with extra topics)? I have no idea. I'm sure it made sense to someone at one time.

@anon10:14 - Just for you (and any libertarians who visit here).

Hartley70 3:38 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hartley70 3:44 PM  

@Anonymous, I believe she told us she was going to Wellesley.

Z 3:59 PM  

@Hartley70 deleted - I was going to say the answer to Vampire Weekend's musical question would be Rex World, but then you went and deleted your question (every day should be National Grammar Day).

Anonymous 4:39 PM  

Who the heck is CC?

jae 4:46 PM  

@lms - Didn't notice the DAHL LLAMA corner but the spelling works for me.

@Carola - Also didn't notice the grid similarity to Silk's, they are nearly identical. I liked C.C.'s better, thought it had a tad more zip.

Internets 4:50 PM  

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel runs the LA Times Crossword Corner blog, which she initiated in January, 2008.. Starting in 2010, she was mentored by veteran constructor Don Gagliardo, and they've collaborated on over 50 crosswords for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Crossword Club. She graduated from Northwest University (Xi'An, China) in 1994, worked in Guangzhou for 6 years, and moved to the United States in 2001.

mathguy 5:11 PM  

I'm posting late because we just got back from a delightful day in Charleston. We took a terrific bus tour of the city with a charming Charleston native. He talked about a cannon that blew up and a five-hundred pound piece went flying through the "aye-ah."

Then we had a wonderful lunch at Husk, a restaurant that @Steve J recommended. Finally we walked back to our car along King street, where their upscale shops are.

As I often do, I agree with @Nancy. No fun. 104 squares filled with gimmes and then a few extra once I figured out the step-mama gimmick.

beatrice 5:23 PM  

Heinrich ISAAC (c.1450-1517) was a contemporary of Josquin des Prez (c.1450-1521), and though Josquin has come to be considered the most significant composer of his age, 'in the early years of the sixteenth century they were held to be on the same level of achievement: the two pre-eminent composers in Europe'. This quote is taken from the notes to a Gimell CD, which I will link to here - even though they get a bit technical, I think anyone who likes this kind of music might find them interesting.
And this quote from Wiki also:'He ISAAC) was the first significant master of the Franco-Flemish polyphonic style who both lived in German-speaking areas, and whose music was widely distributed there. It was through him that the polyphonic style of the Netherlands became widely accepted in Germany, making possible the further development of contrapuntal music there. The Austrian serialist composer Anton Webern (1883–1945) gained his Ph.D on Isaac's Choralis Constantinus..'

Isaac's most well-known piece is probably 'Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen' ('Innsbruck, I must leave thee'), and I'm posting two versions , because they are both beautiful.

And here is one of his many sacred compositions, 'Angeli, archangeli', a motet for six voices.

And to finish with something bracing, "Alla battaglia' ('To battle!'), performed in a church.

Anonymous 7:55 PM  

Hey let's ALL copy some random shit from the internet and post it on this crossword blog!

RooMonster 8:34 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
RooMonster 8:38 PM  


Random Stuff


AnonyMama 9:39 PM  

Hey @Roo!

That 'Random Stuff' ofyours wouldn't load.It didn't happen to be a Kingdom or a Fiefdom or a ...hmm, khandom?...Did it?

I'm just going to look for some Random Stuff in my Random House.


Anonymous 10:06 PM  

Roondom link fail.

Burma Shave 8:17 AM  


She got to perform her DREAMACT with the MAYOR who was there.
They had their AHAMOMENT - I DARE say he was no HEMAN -
when she played the LIONTAMER – too much DRAMA, IAGREE man.


spacecraft 12:02 PM  

The revealer couldn't be STEPMas? Oh well, it's Monday, so I'll have a heart. (Did you just switch to Sanka?) A nice little HAMANDEGGer puzzle to start the week. My favorite clue for ERE: Middle of a Napoleonic palindrome.

ALAS, my perfect grid is marred by a writeover: TotS before TADS. Actually, TAD--obviously short for tadpole--isn't all that common a word for a "little 'un." Tot is much more in the language. But all was repaired in a jiffy, with AAH crossing AHAMOMENT. Not the best, but hey, it's Monday. What the heck, B.

@BS, your EROICA is a hoot, as usual.

rondo 1:17 PM  

An easy Monday with an ORGY early on, nice way to start the week. The rest was more SOSO, but a few long answers tucked in. No complaints here.

Had the same TotS as @spacey. MARshA was another problem child. Damn kids.

What did Mrs. Asner ask? "How about some SEXED?"

Almost filled in NAPoli, but at least we got ROMA. Besides, she just wouldn't be STEPMOM without her NAPLES, or her EROICA.

Did not know IAMACAMERA, until now.

I think I might find me a SAMADAMS or three after work, these 60 hour work weeks are taking their toll. I'm not one of those aforementioned damn kids. Fair Mon-puz, IMHO.

DMG 3:24 PM  

A smooth Monday like this is needed after my inability to master Saturday's challenge. On the other hand, it did remind me of how the world changes. There was no such thing as SEXED in my day. Closest was when my college freshman girl's gym class was sequestered in a room, where the windows to the hall had been covered, and presented with a lecture on the female anatomy. Period. No mention of men in any way. Somehow we all survived to become functioning adults- I think!

3711 Yuk!

Mellisa Thomas 9:41 PM  

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