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Monday, December 15, 2014

Constructor: Zhouqin Burnikel and Dennis Ryall

Relative difficulty: Easy (my fastest time in years)

THEME: STOP (69A: "Freeze!" … or, when broken into three parts, how the answer for each of the six starred clues goes) — they start with "S" and end with "P"

Theme answers:
  • SLAP (1A: *Obstetrician's action on a newborn's behind)
  • STANLEY CUP (18A: *Goal an N.H.L.'er shoots for?)
  • SKINNY DIP (20A: *Go swimming in one's birthday suit)
  • SKI TRIP (40A: *Visit to Vail, maybe)
  • STEEL TRAP (56A: *Sharp mind, figuratively)
  • SUMMER CAMP (61A: *Setting for "Meatballs" or "Friday the 13th")
Word of the Day: Jack OAKIE (65A: Actor Jack of "The Great Dictator") —
Jack Oakie (November 12, 1903 – January 23, 1978) was an American actor, starring mostly in films, but also working on stageradio and television. […] Oakie is probably most notable for his portrayal of Benzino Napaloni, the boisterous dictator of Bacteria, in Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator (1940), for which he received an Oscar nomination for the Best Supporting Actor Award. This role was a broad parody of the fascist dictator of ItalyBenito Mussolini. (wikipedia)
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Wow, this was easy. Even for a Monday, easy. Cluing was very straightforward and the theme is essentially a non-theme. Starting with "S" and ending in "P" … so, five unrelated things. Oh, sorry, six. I forgot about SLAP. Couple of things about this theme: it's an old concept, this breaking STOP into three parts. When I've seen it done before, it has involved a letter change (i.e. turning "S" to "P," to wacky effect). I don't think I've seen this interpretation of the S TO P concept before. I don't know what to say about it. There it is. I do think the theme density, particularly up top, gets you into some fill problems. I mean, stacking those two themers gives you an overlapping succession of letters that are not that fill-friendly. Ends -TD. Ends -AI. Has -NP- in the 3 & 4 spots of a five-letter answer. Probably lucky to get out of that mess with ERL as the only atrocious bit of fill. On a Monday, I think ERL, ALAE and OAKIE are all pretty much unacceptable. Like ERL, OAKIE is in a danger zone (right next to overlapping themers again). And I have a theory about ALAE, which is that it's also a victim of theme pressure—my hypothesis is that STP was supposed to be a themer. That this grid was designed to have STP there, in the crossing center position. Then perhaps the editor was like "that's a really weak themer, let's pretend it's not one" but then didn't have constructors rework the grid. How else to explain the fact that it's an answer that goes from S to P, in a totally acceptable theme position, that is yet unstarred? This means ALAE is sitting smack between two very theme-dense areas, which would explain its existence. Otherwise, how in the world do you end up with ***ing ALAE in your Monday puzzle?

The clue on SLAP is disturbing on several levels. It's the syntactic level that bugs me most, though. "Action on a behind" is such odd, inelegant, creepy phrasing.  Otherwise, cluing seems fine. Just dull.

SALARY CAP, STUTTER STEP, STOCK TIP … you could go on and on. But please don't. Let's just leave this be and move on.
    Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


    Carola 12:17 AM  

    The theme kept me guessing until the end, after it turned out we weren't talking about hockey (SLAP shot, STANLEY CUP). Even with the reveal, I had to STOP and think for a minute before I saw the S TO P spans. So for me a nice combination of an easy puzzle with a hard-to-see theme. Liked it.

    Steve J 12:25 AM  

    Zhouqin Burnikel's puzzles generally aren't to my taste (and apparently this is a debut for Dennis Ryall), so I was a little surprised to find I generally liked this. I don't expect anything remarkable out of Monday themes, focusing on whether the themers are solid and unforced, and these fit the bill. There's definitely some strained fill, and a very un-Monday crossing with ROC/OAKIE (not sure why the latter was clued as it was on a Monday; that was a late-week type of clue), but overall this was a fairly good Monday.

    chefwen 1:05 AM  

    As Thumper says, "it you don't have anything nice to way, don't say anything at all".

    One write-over POINT to before POINT AT.

    Pretty boring IMNSHO. Oooh, I just broke Thumper's rule. Sorry Thumper!

    chefwen 1:07 AM  

    to say, not to way. DOH!

    Moly Shu 1:23 AM  

    STP is a down, the other theme entries are across, so there's that in defense of it being non-theme. STOP is a theme answer as well as the revealer, no? Maybe over-thinking a Monday. Liked SALVO.

    jae 2:09 AM  

    I'm going with very easy and @Steve J + @chefwen divided by 2 (i.e. x̅ - the mean).

    John Child 2:13 AM  

    Perfectly good medium Monday fun for me. I'm with @Carola in thinking "hockey!" at the start. ALAE was my last fill, and I think @Rex has that right.

    Jisvan 3:10 AM  

    Got to love a Monday with SKINNY DIP and SKI TRIP (with a YETI!), SUMMER CAMP, EROS and that old ALFA ROMEO... Just wanted to POINT AT the PORTALS in this simple little puzzle. It replayed nicely in my mind to the Stone's "Start Me Up", thanks Rex!

    Jisvan 3:13 AM  

    PS: I also published my comment sans transcription of numbers, using my Google account... What does it all mean?

    Lewis 5:52 AM  

    I always love the look of the word CRYPTS. The SLAP is a coda to Saturday's BUTTOCKS.

    If you're dyslexic, two other theme answers are PDAS and PORTALS. Never heard of OAKIE, otherwise this was way easy, as Rex says, even for a Monday. Took me a minute to figure out the theme, though.

    The puzzle is a little like life. You begin with a SLAP, at the end you STOP, and in the middle you take a SKITRIP.

    Lewis 5:59 AM  

    Sub theme: This puzzle is filled with four letter words that can make other common words when read backward: SLAP, EROS, ABLE, IRON, STOP, EMIT, and TRAM, and also contains both EVIL and LIVE.

    John Child 6:25 AM  

    @Gisvan, Google has announced that they are pausing out the Captcha for "trusted" accounts. You may be seeing this in progress.

    George Barany 6:28 AM  

    Glad to see my friend and Minnesota neighbor @Zhouqin "C.C." Burnkel and her debut collaborator @Dennis Ryall on the Monday puzzle page.

    The comments by @Lewis bring to mind this wonderful riff.

    GILL I. 6:57 AM  

    To way or not to way...I prefer the latter. (hi @chefwen)
    Is there an S and P grocery store?... and why does BETTE spell her name that way? SKIT RIP is the only way to visit Vail with a bunch of OAKIEs. YET I made an EROS at LIL ol SUPS because I always eatS my dinner.

    RAD2626 7:23 AM  

    Agree with easy assessment. Very fast time "for me". I liked the theme answers a lot even though I did not get the theme until I was done. Cluing skewed pretty old. Could have mad USHER the entertainer and still been a Monday clue.

    Danp 7:24 AM  

    Or maybe STP was the original theme. The answers in the SUMMERCAMP and SKINNYDIP positions had to be changed, and SLAP wasn't an original themer.

    Dorothy Biggs 7:42 AM  

    PURR was a gimme because, as I filled in PURR, my cat was indeed purring on my lap. I wonder if there were any OBs who could say the same for SLAP. #lifeimitatespuzzle

    GUN is a euphemism for bitch, right? You can't actually be a son of a gun, can you? Next time you would like to swear but can't try: Got dandruff and some of it itches!

    Tita 8:20 AM  

    Did BETTE Davis, as Charlotte Vale in Now, Voyager, take a SKITRIP to Vail?

    @NCA Pres...the only legitimate excuse in our household for not jumping up to attend to some critical chore is "I have a cat in my lap!" Venus, in particular, PURRS when you simply enter the room in which she is curled up.

    I must admit that the puzzle theme was a meh, though like @jisvan, enjoyed the full.
    I missed out on the fun, though, when the OILPAN in my ALFA dropped out on the way there.

    Liked CRAW turning to RAGE.

    joho 8:20 AM  

    Yes, @Lewis! And you could also go for a SKINNYDIP before you go on your SKITRIP where you might get your let caught in a STEELTRAP. Ouch!

    @GB thanks for the WA!

    Yes, too, that this was easy but it still took me forever to figure out the S TO P theme. I like that on a Monday.

    Nice analysis today, @Rex.

    Nice puzzle as usual from you, Zhouqin, and congratulations to you, Dennis!

    Unknown 8:35 AM  

    I, too, have a cat purring on my lap. My solve time was adversely affected by her presence, as she makes it difficult to type on the iPad. Pretty much agree with ol' Rex on this one. I loved seeing ALFAROMEO. What a name. What cars! So very quirky and Italian.

    pmdm 8:39 AM  

    For those who are interested, here's the grid original grid before Shortz made some changes to it.

    Ludyjynn 8:47 AM  

    This puzz. is RIFE with lovely words: so nice to see EPOCH instead of 'era' and SUPS instead of 'eats' on a Monday. I also like: CRAW, ORBIT, PORTALS and SALVO.

    @Rad, @Tita and @joho, you could all use a haircut! No, seriously, your pets are beautiful.

    Thanks, ZB, DR and WS. May the rest of the day go as smoothly as this puzzle.

    Jon 9:06 AM  

    Why do obstetricians slap newborns on the behind? Does anybody know? It seems unwelcoming. Why not just give them a nipple?

    I see next I have to prove I'm not a robot. I guess that tells you something about me.

    RooMonster 9:08 AM  

    Hey All !
    No RATSO solving this un. Interesting that Will changed the E, was it just to get rid of ENL? Or TRAD? Or both?

    Liked the revealer, S TO P, liked the fill, no real dreck, maybe because of Wills' changes?

    @Lewis, ATKINS backwards is SNIKTA. :-)


    Z 9:15 AM  

    Probably in my top three puzzles by Ms. Burnikel. Like @Steve J, for whatever reason I've never been a huge fan. Lots of people love her puzzles and she does get published quite a bit (I see her byline on the LATX quite frequently). Not that I have any any huge complaints about her puzzles, just not my cup of tea. Congrats to Mr. Ryall on the debut.

    STP leapt* out at me. A feature or a bug? I like it. Leave out the asterisks and let us decide what the themers are, I say. Seriously aren't all the themers in traditional themer positions? So why the asterisks?

    *why does spell check not like "leapt?"

    chefbea 9:15 AM  

    easy puzzle. Did it in record time but had no idea what the theme was til I came here

    Bob Kerfuffle 9:41 AM  

    OK Monday, relatively few three-letter words, and had me guessing about the theme.

    quilter1 9:58 AM  

    Easy to the point of boring, but lots of nice words we don't see often so I've no complaint.

    jberg 10:11 AM  

    The slap is to make sure they start breathing; not sure if it's still done that way.

    I was seeing all the theme entries and thinking "Starr with s and end with p? Gotta be more than that!" Without the revealer it's nothing.

    So easy, kind of fun. I too like RIFE.

    SO... Google trusts me? Are they nuts?

    Slap this! 10:13 AM  

    Only in cartoons and movies from the 50's do OB's SLAP newborns on the bottom. Babies aren't brought by storks, either. Some of you tend to TAKE crossword clues ANIOTA too literally.

    jberg 10:17 AM  

    As for S&P, they were the people who issued and redeemed. Green Stamps--now there's an old-timey revealer !

    Bird 10:22 AM  

    Put me in the liked it camp. I also liked ERL crossing STANLEY. Though it would have been much better if the themers were all connected somehow.

    Carola 10:24 AM  

    @jberg - Weren't they S&H Green Stamps?

    Steve J 10:32 AM  

    @Z: "Leapt" is fine on my browser's spell-check (browser spell checks tend to suck, anyway).

    Regarding asterisks, the NYT often does that on Mondays. An awful lot of casual and/or new solvers don't realize that puzzles have themes - let alone where traditional theme positions are - so they're often marked in some way first thing in the week.

    In this case, having everything asterisked didn't help or interfere with the theme anyway, at least for me. I still had to stop and parse the revealer after I finished the puzzle to finally suss out the connection.

    BillyC 10:52 AM  

    @SteveJ --

    Splitting an infinitive is something up with which I cannot put. ;-)

    -- BillyC

    Joseph Michael 10:58 AM  

    "S"o this seemed hard "for a Monday" partly because I thought for sure it was THE EGG KING and thus couldn't make sense of the hockey clue. Then I RACED AHEAD and SON OF A GUN I won the STANLEY CU"P."

    Z 11:04 AM  

    @Steve J - Maybe I'm misremembering (mind like a steel sieve and all) but I thought the asterisks were mostly reserved for themers that were hidden in some way. I guess here SLAP is a bit non-traditional placement.

    @Billy C - Joking? If not, I thougt that canard had died a righteous death.

    @Slap - But where did that cliché come from? Did someone pull it out of thin air or did Obs once do that?

    RooMonster 11:12 AM  

    Ha! S &H Green Stamps! @Carola, you are correct. Sorry @jberg!
    I remember getting them at the grocery store, then affixing them to the books!
    Ah, good times.
    That was also when $100 bought our family of four a weeks worth of groceries, which included food, snacks, toiletries, lunch stuff, laundry stuff...
    Now your lucky to get 1/4 of that with $100.


    RooMonster 11:13 AM  

    (you're) !!!!

    Z 11:15 AM  

    BTW - I blame my phone. Dropped articles. Missing H. Not me.

    BillyC 11:17 AM  



    Anyway, whatever is good enough for Sir Winston is good enough for me. BTW, he used this phrase in response to an erroneous citation attributed to him that included a split infinitive.

    -- BillyC

    AliasZ 11:20 AM  

    It was a fortuitous happenstance that the entire grid was framed by SEAS and PEEP, giving an additional hint to the S-TO-P theme.

    This puzzle was not a SweatshoP creation that needed any StopgaP measures. It was more pleasant than a SpinaltaP -- thank goodness it wasn't tossed onto the ScrapheaP of Cruciverbia. It ShoweduP what can happen when one StrikesuP a creative cooperation under CC's StewardshiP. It was nicer than any puzzle by Michael SharP ever constructed. It did not StumP me at any time, and I did not need a StirruP to prod me to its SuccessfulwrapuP, or a SpaceshiP to propel me to its SteeP Summit's toP covered by a SnowcaP. It did not SidesteP any issues, it wasn't covered by SaranwraP, and it didn't need a SunlamP to give it color. To SumuP, solving it was a SnaP, but it had SomeziP to it. Great fun, SouP to nuts.

    Thank you, DR. CC.

    Here is the proem to the lovely opera Venus and Adonis by English baroque composer John BLOW (1649-1708).

    Enjoy your Monday!

    mac 11:33 AM  

    Easy Monday. I might have enjoyed it more if I had picked up on the theme while solving. As it is I tried breaking the answers into 3 pieces....

    Lewis 11:46 AM  

    Factoid: At the peak of the ATKINS diet's popularity, in 2003-2004, one in eleven North Americans were on it.

    Quotoid: "Never SLAP a man who chews tobacco." -- Willard Scott

    Anoa Bob 12:00 PM  

    SUPS dudes and dudettes? Does an EMU have ALAE? Hand up for thinking STP, being that it's centrally located & crosses another centrally located themer and all, shoulda been a themer too.

    I believe ALFA ROMEO is importing a new model to the U.S. for the first time in many years.

    Not to single out today's "Oops, I meant..." comments (it happens regularly), but OFF to the right of the "Publish Your Comments" button is the "Preview" button. My pedantic, graded-a-bajillion-essay-exams-before-I-retired side compels me to always use it. Usually, but not always, this saves me from having to do a second post to correct the first. There, I said it. Hope I don't need to SOOTHE anyone's feelings.

    Jisvan 12:17 PM  

    @John Child: Thanks for the captcha info, hope I don't let Google down...
    @Tita: I may have had that Alfa! Red? Leather seats? Ours was a Berlina, not very sexy, but it gave a certain cosmopolitan air to the yard, where it was often up on blocks...
    Happy Monday. We will not be talking about the drought in California for a while :-)

    Richard 12:26 PM  

    Speaking of cars up on blocks, lem me tell ya about my Triumphs.

    First was used '59 TR3, bought in '65. Spent more on repairs in 2 years than on the original purchase price.

    So then I traded in on a brand-spanning-new TR4a. It spent the last 6 months of my college career in the garage of our rented house. Finally had to fix the tranny in order to move it out. Dropped the tranny myself, took it to the repair shop where it was fixed, then reinstalled it.

    Promptly sold the TR, bought a Chevy Impala. Ugly car, but it worked for 5 years, problem-free, until I traded it.

    Masked and Anonymo5Us 1:01 PM  

    M&A got SLAPped in the face repeatedly, at birth. Everybody took a turn. No respect.

    This x-TO-y approach is a real nice idea, but gives M&A little hope for an x=U or y= U theme version.

    MEHTA sounds like one of them portmanteau deals, for a so-so meta answer. STP has the honor of being a themer weeject, in multiple senses.

    @Richard: M&A would tell ya about all his triumphs in highschool and college -- but it would be TLI (Too LIL Info).

    @63: Since U asked for it, I am cancellin my list of top S-to-P rejected answers. Consider it an early Christmas present.

    har. SKIT RIP. Primo.
    Fun MonPuz. Liked ALAE LASHES.

    M&A 1:16 PM  

    @M&A - How about these entries? (You can look them up; they all mean something):





    leading to your reveal:

    U TO PIA

    M and Alaeso 1:36 PM  

    @onelook: har. Like the way U think. Now... if only U could give me a symmetric set of themers...

    p.s. Don't want all U nice folks to come away with the impression that everybody present at my birth was bein mean. Uncle Zeke said there was just a lot of onfusion about which end was which.
    But I digress.

    @onelook 2: har. Just kiddin. Runtpuzs don't need no stinkin symmetry. Congrats.


    RooMonster 2:06 PM  

    Hey there, Masked one, I see you made the puz, 30D, EMM&A. Or is that the PuzSpouse?


    Last Silver AlaePit 2:15 PM  

    @Anoa Bob: Hardly worth mentionin, but, of course, "onfusion" was my Uncle Zeke's ruralish, e-lided way of sayin "Ongoin carnfusion".
    Really enjoyed yer useful household tip on mashin that "Preview" button, btw.

    unrelated Peewee Herman Quotoid (after crash-landin his bike): " I meant to do that!"


    Lewis 2:33 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Lewis 2:35 PM  

    On that factoid, I should have said one in eleven adult North Americans...

    Benko 2:41 PM  

    @NCA President: I heard once that "son of a gun" referred to babies born on British gunships, when women were still allowed on board. I looked it up and apparently it is possibly true, but also may not be.

    Hartley70 3:25 PM  

    Average Monday
    Easy is expected here
    Thursday is coming.

    RooMonster 3:54 PM  

    Nice Haiku Heartly
    Also Saturday puzzles
    Are pretty darn hard


    pfb 4:35 PM  

    A very fast for a solve but not unusual for Monday. I needed this after getting caught by the gnarly knurl on Saturday.

    LaneB 4:59 PM  

    I expect an easy Monday and this did not disappoint although the "theme" wasn't apparent until I read the blog.. Some nice words and fair clues made for a pleasant morning.

    Anonymous 5:00 PM  

    I miss Annabel!

    Z 5:08 PM  

    @Anoa Bob - My feelings are fine. Siri, on the other hand, is P!$$ed. Seriously, if it doesn't change my meaning much I ignore my errors. I used to correct my errors, but decided that was a bit much for a comments section. I do proof read, but often still don't catch my errors until I see my comment in my email. This is the reason God created copy editors for important stuff.

    @Billy C - The canard I was referring to was the idea of not splitting one's infinitives. It appears we are on the same page, except this may be one of the many Churchill sayings Churchill didn't say.

    We just tried out Detroit's new Hopcat. The "crack fries" are over-rated, but the beer menu is extensive, the burgers above average, and the music is all Motown (ABC by the Jackson Five is a great song with an outstanding Bass Guitar). If I ever host a Crossword Competition this will be the location. We'll have to go from hard to easy, though, because nobody will be doing a Saturday level by the end of the day.

    Ludyjynn 6:07 PM  

    Ahhh, the good old days. I have fond memories, @jberg, @carola and @roomonster, of licking the backs of S&H green stamps Mom and I accumulated grocery shopping, carefully placing them in the paperback booklets to exchange them for cooool gifts from a giant catalog after we had a big stack ready to redeem.

    Factoid: Co. was founded in 1896 by Thomas Sperry of Cranford, NJ, my hometown, and SB Hutchinson of Ypsilanti, MI. When I was growing up in the '60s, the Sperry family still lived in one of the most beautiful homes in town, right along the river.

    Tita 6:32 PM  

    @Carola, @Ludyjynn. @jberg, @roo...We still have things that my mom acquired, with my pasting help, from both S&H and Blue stamps.

    @jisvan - My ALFA was actually a Fiat 850 Spider - loooked a lot like the ALFA, except for all the rust. Oh - ant the horsepower. Sure was fun for driving to the beach, back in the S&H Green Stamps days!

    On the topic of Previews...
    If I notice a mistake or two, and care enough to fix it, I just copy my whole comment, paste it into a new one and correct it, then delete the original one.
    I don't do this often, because I know that y'all forgive me my trespasses.

    @Z, from a few days ago - thanks for the fabulous trick of using Preview as a way to avoid having to enter the captcha. Like I've said ad nauseum, I was happy to be part of the crowd who was crowdsourcing to improve the Gutenberg project, intended to get out-of-copyright books scanned and e=published for free.
    But I really resent the current practice, which is giving google free crowd labor for address data they resell.

    Abd lastly - @Steve J - there are lots of great Monday themes!! ACME, Tom Pepper, Liz Gorski, and others make Mondays fun.

    Teedmn 7:03 PM  

    Saturday morning
    When many will be longing
    For tasty eel pie

    I have two chairs in my living room that were purchased with either S&H green stamps or Raleigh cigarette coupons, don't remember which Mom used. Or the rival, Gold Bond stamps.

    Swim cap
    Sailing ship
    Split lip
    Slump, sleep, scoop, stump, snoop,scrap, swamp, can't get a narrative going here...
    On to Tuesday. Thanks ZB and DR.

    Z 8:23 PM  

    Nothing about SLAPping bottoms, though.

    @Tita - If Google believes you're a human and you're using you're account you can just hit "Publish your Comment"

    chefbea 8:46 PM  

    just checking to see if I can post without using capcha

    chefbea 8:46 PM  

    It worked!!!!

    Anonymous 10:08 AM  

    Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.

    Unknown 3:54 PM  

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    NM Robin 10:02 AM  

    I found this one very easy. I don't time myself so I do not know how long it took. All I know it that I was done before I finished breakfast - so super fast for me.

    I didn't see OAKIE as I got it all from downs. ERL,ALAE and OAKIE are not Monday fare easy but they were gettable.

    spacecraft 11:35 AM  

    Hi there, Stacy! We misseed you the last few days--but we're practicing to improve our aim.

    To the puzz. I think I'll coin a new word: Mondayne. Soon I fear I may join @I skip M-W and just do the lateweeks. The rest is so much fluff. Today, though, I did note the bonus theme of SEAS to PEEP, adding a badly needed extra layer.

    Question: why the question mark in the hockey clue? Just because of the two meanings of "goal?" Not enough. The Cup is always the goal, the dream...Nirvana.

    Theme: simple but with that noted extra bit. Fill: meh. C+.

    No # today, just a check mark.

    DMG 12:27 PM  

    A good Monday start for the week. No write-overs, Thomas did need OAKIE to come from the fills. I'm not THAT old!

    Guess I'm not trusted enough to not get a


    DMG 12:29 PM  

    How did spell check turn "tho" in Thomas????


    rondo 12:38 PM  

    EPEE = going 1 online?
    Was LUCKY enough to be ABLE to SKINNYDIP with several members of my ex-wife's softball team around TENPM one hot summer night. They kept me BUSY. Still occasinally get reminded of it.
    Fun factor of this puz was a LIL OFF, bot OK for Moon.
    @Spacey - like the Mondayne concept. Well put.

    two tries at nonsense

    rain forest 3:54 PM  

    Yes, dead easy. Acrosses only except for OAKIE, but though easy, I thought it was okie-dokie, with a few lively entries, minimal offal.

    Mondayne! Excellent.

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