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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Constructor: Brendan Emmett Quigley

Relative difficulty: Medium-Challenging

THEME: "BP Station" — words in common phrases have their initial "B" changed to an initial "P," resulting in wackiness:

Theme answers:
  • PLAQUE ART (23A: Engraving on an award?)
  • SECRET PALATE (29A: Food critic's love of fast food, maybe?)
  • CHRISTIAN PAIL (48A: Collector of offerings at a revival?)
  • PERTH CANAL (55A: Waterway of Western Australia?)
  • "THAT'S MY POI!" (79A: Admonishment to someone eating off your plate at a Polynesian restaurant?)
  • THE THREE PAIRS (85A: What's promising about a K-K-Q-Q-J-J-7 rummy hand?)
  • PLAYS OF GLORY (108A: Buzzer beaters and game-winning catches?)
  • PERCH PIER (118A: Place to reel in some freshwater game fish?)

Word of the Day: William O'NEIL + Co. (brokerage) (77D) —
William J. O'Neil (born March 25, 1933) is an American entrepreneurstockbroker and writer, who founded the business newspaper Investor's Business Daily and the stock brokerage firm William O'Neil & Co. Inc. He is the author of the books How to Make Money in Stocks24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success and The Successful Investor among others, and is the creator of the CAN SLIM investment strategy. (wikipedia)
• • •

On the plus side, this was not the typical (of late) Sunday cream puff. This had teeth. Clues were harder than usual all over. Annoying when this involved proper nouns outside my ken (O'NEIL?!), but mostly welcome. The theme … shrug. I think something this simple has to be much funnier, has to land its jokes harder and more frequently. THE THREE PAIRS just dies. Most of the others are OK, but only THAT'S MY POI really made me laugh. I like how the puzzle has that Merl- (as in Merl Reagle) -esque punchline thing going on, where the final theme answer doubles your pleasure/fun. Worth noting that it's not a simple letter substitution. Every B-to-P change brings with it other spelling changes to the altered word. This gives the puzzle a greater consistency and complexity, but it's the kind of subtlety that only dogs can hear. I'm the dog. I like dogs. But still, the key to a theme like this is funniness of the resulting wacky phrases, and these were just middling, for me.

Wife just brought me a Manhattan, so I'm gonna make this relatively quick. I flailed around so badly at the outset that I seriously considered the possibility that some kind of BP or GAS rebus was at play. Why so hard getting started? Didn't know DOLLEY had an "E," never considered OLLA as a "cookware item" (though clearly it is), [Ill] looks like Roman numeral "3" so WOE was never gonna happen, etc. I had TYBALT and SEALAB and not a lot else for a bit. Couldn't make any sense of what the context was supposed to be for [Collector of offerings at a revival?], so I had virtually all the letters in place, from crosses, before I finally got CHRISTIAN PAIL. Didn't know MIMI. Never heard of A-LINER. I know a female track star with JOYNER in her name, but I don't know an Al. No one would ever refer to a SCENE TWO without an ACT (whatever) preceding it, so that "Tempest" clue at 72A: When Prospero makes his entrance is nuts. Had TI--TER and still had no idea about TIGHTER. Never heard of ACES UP. Had RATTY for TATTY. Like I said, hardish all over. But that, I didn't mind. Bring the heat on Sundays. Fine by me.

See you tomorrow… oh, no, I won't. Annabel Thompson will be back for her first-Monday-of-the-month write-up, so that will surely be a welcome break from me. Come by and read her.
    Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

    P.S. clue of the day = 123A: "Well, I'd love to keep talking …," probably (LIE)


    Anonymous 12:10 AM  

    Mostly a fun solve with some groans.

    Unknown 12:16 AM  

    Grueling. 3 hr. Same problem starting that Rex had. I finished with 4 brainless errors: APNiA/LiEVES and dAO/WESdIES. APNEA and TAO I coulda/woulda/shoulda corrected on review if I'd dug a little deeper. But 2.5 hr for the SatPuz this a.m. plus 3 hr for the SunPuz in the evening was about my limit for puzzes in one day.

    Wrongness everywhere during this solve. I was in poor form, grinding in low cognitive gear for a puzzle that really wasn't that hard. I needed every cross for every entry. I guess we call that gridlock. In the interim, many more wrong guesses than right ones:

    [Sax, e.g.,] winD and horn before REED
    [Love, love, love] AmORE before ADORE
    [Kind of child] male before ONLY
    [Blitzed, e.g.] RANin before RANAT
    [Schools after colle'ges] ecolES before LYCEES
    [Meeting point] focUS and locUS before NEXUS
    [Skater on Hollywood Wlk of Fame] HENjE before HENny before HENnE before HENIE
    [Buzzer beaters and game-winning catches?] PLAYSOFGames before PLAYSOFGLORY
    [Actress Davis] bette before GEENA, always
    [Its model is equal rights": Abbr] WhO before WYO
    [Puccini seamstress] aIda before MIMI. (Opera is not to my taste; these will always be wild stabs.)
    [Like _____ to the slaugher] lambs before ALAMB. (That threw me.)
    [Place for a massage] Salon before SCALP
    [Kahakuloa Head locale] oahu before MAUI (hi, @chefwen!)
    [Apple whatnot] IpAd/slash/Ipod before IMAC
    ["Down in front"] excusemE before ICANTSEE
    [Facilities] lOos before JOHN (hi @JohnChild)
    [Common core org.] doe before NEA
    [Mark down anew] REtaG before RELOG
    [1970s president] destang (sic) before IDIAMIN. (Its d'Estaing!)
    [When Prospero makes his entrance] aCtiscii before SCENETWO

    Favorite clue-soln pair [Middle ground, for short] DMZ (had abs first)

    Others really hard to see
    [Club roll] ROSTER (thinking Kaiser)
    [More friendly] TIGHTER
    [Hand with two bullets and two deuces, e.g.] ACESUP. Ran the alphabet on AC_SUP twice to get it.
    [Cook without oil, like corn] ___POP lasted a good 2 hours. Finally AIRPOP
    [Old Navy work place] had to be a loom, or sweat shop SEALAB was a surpise

    Lastly, [State vices] LTGOVS was a good clue in this election season, but worth pointing out while there are 50 governors there are only 43 LTGOVS. We don't have one here in Maine. I'll stop short of saying we are a state without vices, we just have one fewer than most. #TheWayLifeShouldBe

    Steve J 12:26 AM  

    Screwed myself up by putting the puzzle down for a while, coming back to it, and forgetting that I was replacing B's with P's, not the other way around. That made the area around PLAYS OF GLORY a mess for a while, as well as me getting confused by putting in PathS OF GLORY (great film) and wondering what the hell baths of glory were.

    Liked the generally tougher vibe. I was definitely thrown off by several clues, but there was little that seemed unfair or a stretch when I did figure out the right answers. Which I like. Theme answers were ok for the most part, but not a blast. Still, pretty good Sunday overall.

    Nick Carter 12:28 AM  

    I really wanted the Australian waterway to be PERRIER REEF instead of PERTH CANAL.

    dogbreath 1:05 AM  

    Wretched puzzle abandoned early for dearth of any fun factor, Shocked that Shortz accepted this bad clam. Just. not. good.

    Katherine 1:06 AM  

    Really into the heavily sexual answers like TOMCAT and PERTH CANAL and the VIRILE, EASEIN combination. It's surprisingly easy to tell when a crossword is constructed by someone closer to my age.

    John Child 2:04 AM  

    Fourteen WOEs left me with three wrong squares when I declared. Personal Natick: ZANE crossing A-Liner.

    LOL @Casco Kid for having fewer vices in Maine. I wanted JOHN for ___ Major until it showed up up top.

    Over an hour, and not nearly as much fun as yesterday's puzzle.

    paulsfo 2:45 AM  

    it was quite tough for me, especially the NE and the area around 106D.

    Before I got it from the crosses, I realized that I couldn't name a single city, state, or territory in Western Australia. Why is that, btw?

    GILL I. 4:10 AM  

    Got it at THATS MY POI, did the chuckle dance and then became GIRL SHY. Oh, wait, PERTH CANAL was pretty good as well.
    I do as many BEQ's as I can so I sorta get into his mind set. He's always whimsical and introduces me to new and sometimes outrageous clues and words. Not so today. This one felt a bit stifled....almost like taming down the shrew for the NYT.
    @Casco: HEINIE?

    Bob Kerfuffle 5:50 AM  

    Fun puzzle.

    When I first looked over the clues, before I had a single letter in place, I saw 79 A, "Admonishment to someone eating off your plate at a Polynesian restaurant?" and I dearly wanted to somehow fit in PU PU NO NO (faint hint of a theme idea there?)

    But actually finished with two write-overs, 51 D, DRYPOP before AIRPOP, and 56 D, SESAME before ROSTER (hey, it worked with the S from PLANETS!)

    And, yes, although I waited for the crosses to give the right answer, I really thought that 3 D Old Navy work site would be in a mall somewhere.

    F.O.G. 6:49 AM  

    I liked this a lot. Wanted the archaic THYNE instead of THINE, and couldn't see IDI AMIN until I figured out that the Wall Street bad guy was not a RUINER but a RAIDER.

    Among the theme answers my favorites were PLAYS OF GLORY and SECRET PALATE. Well done, BEQ.

    Moly Shu 6:50 AM  

    I actually prefer sarsaparilla, but PERCHPIER was really good. I've said MIRABEL thousands of times, always pronounce it "mare-a-bell" (perhaps that's incorrect) so I spelled it with an A in the first syllable. Major hangup as it went in with no crosses, and I never questioned it, since I "knew" the answer. Some times expertise can be a negative.

    charlesr55 7:05 AM  

    I don't understand the "clue of the day". 123 across "LIE"?

    Anonymous 7:07 AM  

    For me, puns do not have to be funny, they just need to be clever. Word play is not necessarily all about humor. I guess I'm in a minority with that attitude, but so be it.

    The wealth of proper nouns depressed me early on in solving the puzzle. (Having the solving experience interrupted by a funeral that I was told would be in Spanish, but wound up in English thereby ruining my hymn selection, didn't help.) I much more enjoyed today's acrostic puzzle.

    Glimmerglass 7:33 AM  

    Great Sunday! I like 'em hard, and this tested me. One stupid error: I forgot about CW Post College, which would have given me the cereal tycoon's initials. So my error was a lame IDS for 1A. Prospero appears in scene ii of the Tempest; one doesn't have to say act I, because it's the second scene in the play! Flojo was married to AL Joyner, who became her coach as well as husband. I loved the way the puzzle ended with a double theme answer.

    Leonard Hofstadter 7:34 AM  

    @Sheldon Cooper, um, I mean @charlesr55 - When people say, "I'd love to keep talking to you," they are usually lying.

    chefbea 7:38 AM  

    What a fun Yummy puzzle. Took me a while to catch on to the first thought it was a rebus with BP in one square...and speaking of BP - our gas is below $3.00 here. Hoooray!!

    Dorothy Biggs 8:27 AM  

    I'm a big BEQ fan and do his puzzles frequently from his site. They are much more raw, include words that shouldn't be used (but are often), and use lots of very current affairs references.

    This puzzle is what "challenging" puzzles should be. Challenging and yet fair. As you wade through the puzzle, the constructor needs to build trust with the solver in order for the solver to continue to care about solving it. Gratuitously difficult puzzles that include lots of arcane words/clues will eventually erode any hope of building trust and confidence of a payoff. But when, on balance, you solve a difficult clue and the payoff is that satisfying smirk that comes from understanding the wit of the constructor, then you are able to endure really difficult cluing and enjoy the struggle.

    PERCHPIER is a good example. Two Bs substituted...that kind of "random" wit typifies the solve for me. Unexpected but fair.

    Unknown 8:28 AM  

    Felt easier than medium to me, and I thought the puns gave a chuckle. I seemed to click with BEQ's clues all over the place on this one.

    jberg 8:55 AM  
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    LHS 888 8:56 AM  

    Wow! I have finally (virtually*) finished a BEQ puzzle. It was hard from first word to last. Hand up for needing crosses for every single clue. Example: Quarantine could be lockIN or SHUTIN. I kept plugging away until it was done, though. 85 minutes. My last 2 letters were OG in RELOG. BORZOI was a WOE, and I just couldn't see SGT Pepper. At All. *I used the dictionary to confirm "e" vs. O in BORZOI, and got the aha! on SGT. D'oh!

    I got the theme at THETHREEPAIRS which was a great help in sussing out other themers such as PERTHCANAL and PLAYSOFGLORY. I am just now understanding PERCHPIER. (I prefer wine, so I don't know all the nuances of beer.). I really wanted PERCHPark, as in birch bark canoe.

    Write-overs (several are the same ones listed by @Casco, some different):
    horn > winD > REED
    oAhu > MAUI
    IPaD > IMAC
    artIST > CUBIST
    aIda > MIMI
    gUMey > gUMeD > HUMID
    tiptoe > EASEIN

    Favorite clues: LTGOVS, FRIEZE, LIE
    Favorite word: HAUNCH

    Thanks for a satisfying start to a Sunday, BEQ / WS!

    jberg 8:58 AM  

    "Didn't know MIMI?" Further proof that you don't have to know anything at all to be really good at solving! Here she is.

    I looked at the ONEI_/_EEVES crossing and decided that O'NEIr was less improbably than LEEVES. Sigh. Then I did the same thing with ALI_ER/NA_E, and went with a G. But that was my fault, since I had A TOn instead of the better A TO Z.

    Sorta nice to see my name in there at 47D, but not my favorite sense of the word.

    RAD2626 9:00 AM  

    My problem was PERCH PIER was my first theme answer so I thought they were all supposed to be double switches which really threw me off trying to find a B pun to go with PALATE/ballot. Very hard cluing. Thought whole puzzle except for SW was challenging -but fair.

    joho 9:01 AM  

    Loved it!

    Just a few write-overs with REtaG before RELOG, TopTHREEPAIRS before I changed pvt to ENS and had lOos before JOHN.

    l was not crazy about CAF. Does anybody say, "l'll meet you at the CAF?"

    PERCHPIER was great exclamation point on a really fun puzzle!

    Maruchka 9:02 AM  

    Back from no-wifi-land. Love a BEQ puzz! but DNF this one...SE drove me off the PIER.

    Birder for BORZOI, slander for SCANDAL, atgovs (huh?) for LTGOVS, many little do-overs, made for a crawl, bub. I'm calling it jet lag.

    Fav of the day: SECRET PALATE. Runner-up: PLAYS OF GLORY (Hi, @F.O.G.). Enjoyed HAUNCH, too.

    @Steve J - A fine Kubrick film, indeed. Menjou, a nasty man, in his greatest nasty role.

    @Nick C, @Bob K - Hee-hee to your solves.

    @Gill - Agree re: tameness. Not much GLORY here.

    Leapfinger 9:05 AM  

    Mirth at PERTH CANAL and double-stuffed love for THAT'S MY POI! I could just visualize someone's hand being stabbed with a fork while sneaking a finger-scoop of the stuff!! I went for PERCHPARK first; don't see what's wrong with that, canoe? That PARK could have a POND, right? Anyone care to Parry POND?

    No boast @ 1-Down, double initials drive me round the pend; those were my last N-trees. It was a WOE to Chase the wrong poodle in Manhattan. Also, TYBALd had me scratching my head over that bit of dATUM. O/W all good.

    @Casco, pretty amazing list! Most everything is quite reasonable, ie, I thought of many the same (ha! great criterion). Can't fault you MIMI if Boheme isn't your bag, but Aida was a movie also, and she didn't sew, so a so-so there. It was only with 'destang' that I truly feared for you -- I CANT SEE how you did that. Just keep on keepin on, and look for a sign from the crosses.

    Like Rex, thought this no creampuff, super cluing, with LIE having one of the best. Also, not just a random letter substitution, since a 'p' is a 'b' with some vertical slippage. At my age, I've begun to relate to that.

    Enjoy your extra hour, and get ready to cast all y'all's SECRET PALETTES!

    AnonyCartographer 9:12 AM  

    @paulsfo, almost everything in Australia LIEs between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock.

    Horace S. Patoot 9:13 AM  

    I wish more Sundays were like this one, with the clever cluing. I can't believe it, but the last letter in was a total brain lock: first Molley Madison, changed to Holley Madison. I hollered out loud when I got it.

    Arlene 9:30 AM  

    I also got PERCH PIER first, so wondered why the other theme answers weren't falling into place. Too smart for my own good.
    I have a limited patience/time tolerance, so resorted to Googling - and learned how to spell DOLLEY, among other treasures.
    And the Al JOYNER clue was a tip-off that these clues were ratcheted up a notch to make it all tougher.

    Elephant's Child 9:37 AM  

    From DARK ART to PLAQUE ART. Still thinking that should have had a dental hygienist clue. Maybe I'm projecting again.

    Borzois are beautiful; they're the greyhound-lookalikes on the Alfred Knopf books. If you aren't a pookworm, you're SOOL on that one.

    HoraceB, you got me wondering about hollerin' in loud and holler' out soft.

    Loved this ONEONE, a pushke and a PEQ. Time for a BP&J sandwich.

    Charles Flaster 9:41 AM  

    Loved this ingenious puzzle and word play.
    BEQ always presents humor spiced with intelligence.
    Forty minutes with two writeovers and found out how to spell DOLLEY????---- still looks wrong!!!
    Loved theme with best being SECRET PALATE. THATS MY POI--Mr.BEQ.

    RooMonster 9:56 AM  

    Hey All !
    Took a while, but finished! Albeit with a few errors. I was thinking the Title meant there would be a BP next to each other in the themers. As in LOB PITCH, or some such. Then after getting _____PIER, I thought it would be first word starting with B, second word starting with P. Finally Aha'ed at THETHREEPAIRS, which I had down at first as TopTHREEPAIRS, and I kept asking myself, What the hell is Tob Three Bears?? Had pvt for ENS, which is where Top came from. Stared at it with vehemenance, decided to finally change to ENS, saw RANAT, and all fell into place. Sheesh! (Hi @Loren!!)

    Up top had oAhu till the bitter end! Had TIFF written in lightly, as the downs weren't working with my oAhu! That was actually the last section I got! But by gum, got it! Did have some wrongs, pRAts for CRABS, rOPes for TOPIC. (Which gave me TOMCAr. Seems as plusible as TOMCAT) Writeovers, artIST for CUBIST, pvt for ENS, and my oAhu for MAUI.

    Nice SunPuz, no one mentioned yet it is a Pangram. I didn't like what IMO are made up answers, as in GIRLSHY and ONEONE. But had lots of good 'uns, not much dreck, which is difficult for a Sunday. Liked it overall! Lots of clever cluing. I guess what they say about BEQ is true. (You know who you are!) :-)


    Charles Flaster 10:06 AM  

    Always enjoy your comments.
    Just wanted to tell you I spent five very enjoyable years, one week each summer, visiting my son at Camp Cedar in Casco, Maine.
    It was a magnificent place and he still talks about his experiences although he just turned 40!

    Unknown 10:07 AM  

    Go figure. I finished in almost Thursday time. Super easy Sunday for me, so I was shocked by RP's rating and all the comments. Figured out the B/p thing immediately, and was off to the races. I am not claiming any particular brilliance - Saturday played like a tough Sunday for me. It's just a matter of being in the zone, I suppose. I was in the zone and on BEQ's wavelength today. Fun, interesting puzzle IMHO. YMMV.

    Z 10:11 AM  

    I should like this puzzle, but I didn't. Looking at it post solve there's nothing much to dislike, but it just didn't do it for me. I suspect my lack of exercise is starting to affect my mood (I have one of those "old man injuries" - I wouldn't have ever had it ten years ago and now it lingers far longer than similar injuries used to - haven't been out for a run or a game in three weeks).

    @Casco Kid - Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't your Gov more than make up for whatever vices your state may lack. Yours is one of those Govs who make mine look good.

    'mericans in Paris 10:13 AM  

    Good puzzle, with lots of tricky clues. Like Casco Kid we had many write-overs and restarts, but perseverance paid off and we got through it in an average amount of time. And, like Rex, looked at the clue for 19A ("Ill") -- which looks like ||| in the International NYT's sans-serif font, and couldn't tell if the clue was the Roman numeral 3 or the word ill.

    Only mistake was THATS MY PaI. We assumed that there must be some Polynesian dish of that name and that it was a pun on "pie". Know POI, and have eaten it; should have known better.

    However, unlike Leapfinger, the image that THATS MY POI conjures up for me is not so much, "Hey, THATS MY POI! Keep your grubby fork away from it" as "Be my guest, but just so you know, THATS MY POI. Do you really eat that stuff?" (Sorry Chef Wen!)

    Wanted belg for "Sax", until my wife pointed out that the spelling of the name of the inventor of the WIND instrument was "Saxe".

    Learned something new about AMOR. Always assumed that Cupid was Latin and Eros Greek. Didn't know that Cupid had a nickname.

    Finally, can somebody please explain the pun in CHRISTIAN PAIL?

    Jeff 10:17 AM  

    Christian Bale is an angry actor.

    Really did not get into this puzzle at all. BLACK ART -> PLAQUE ART is a waste of the "black" root.

    E.D.? 10:23 AM  

    @Z, do you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours? Sorry to hear it.
    Fun puzzle, very little sloppy fill for a Sunday, a few outstanding clues. Surprised at some prettu basic knoledge that rex claims not to have.

    Carola 10:28 AM  

    Agree with the accolades - funny and just tough enough. I caught on to the B-P exchange at PLAQUE ART and enjoyed trying to figure out the rest from as few crosses as possible (hardest: CHRISTIAN PAIL, THE THREE PAIRS; easiest: PERTH CANAL [loved it!] and THAT'S MY POI). Add me to the folks initially fishing in the PERCH Park.

    Toughest spots for me were the far NW - for a while I misremembered "w.c. POST" (interference from Fields, I guess) and for the life of me couldn't remember Mrs. Madison - saLLEY? - and the card game area in the SE.

    Liked GIRL SHY transitioning into TOM CAT and the little island chain running from MAUI through BALI HAI to SKYE.

    billocohoes 10:32 AM  

    Confused the Joyner family and thought Jackie was married to star Al (actually coach Bob) Kersee, which along with PORN instead of SMUT made a rough start to the NE. Also started one-striper as PVT with an eyeball to PFC before changing to the naval ENS.

    Ludyjynn 10:46 AM  

    CWPOST's daughter, Marjorie Merriweather Post, inherited his vast cereal fortune after he committed suicide. At one point, she bought a property in Washington, D.C. known today as the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens. It houses one of the finest collections of Faberge artifacts in the country. It also has a beautiful orchid display and incredible waterfalls, fountains and gardens overlooking the city. If you are in the D.C. area, take the time to visit. There is also a really nice museum shop and tearoom. I have made repeated trips to enjoy this place.

    Overall, puzz. played medium for me, a nice Sunday venture.

    Thanks, BEQ and WS.

    Steve J 10:55 AM  

    Looking at this again this morning, I'm liking this even more than I did last night. The puns aren't ha-ha hilarious, but they fall into that narrow range of puns I do like, clever and not tortured, and actually phonetically connected. Like @leapfinger, PERTH CANAL and THAT'S MY POI stood out. And, of course, PERCH PIER (which was where I picked up the theme).

    @Gill I.P.: Since I've started doing BEQ's self-published puzzles regularly, all of his NYT output has felt stifled in comparison. So much of his cleverness revolves around what the NYT would consider risqué, so his puzzles often feel a bit neutered. I thought this one still had plenty of his typical cleverness, though.

    @joho: We said CAF as shorthand for "cafeteria" in both high school and college. Both were in Minnesota for me. Perhaps it's regional.

    gpo 10:59 AM  

    I liked this one, and it was weirdly fast -- around 30 minutes, which for a Sunday is about as good as it gets.

    I thought Mimi was a gimme - isn't that even her name in "Rent"?

    I must reiterate, I don't understand they criteria on which puns are rate around here. To me, the pun is the lowest form of humor. Every pun is horrible and the worse they are, the better. What in the world is a "good" pun and how are we supposed to know?

    Anonymous 11:12 AM  

    What??? No one complained of the asymmetry where only ONE of the theme answers had TWO P/B substitutions and all the others had just ONE???

    'mericans in Paris 11:24 AM  

    @Jeff: Thanks for solving the mystery! We haven't seen the later Batman movies, so Bale's name wouldn't have meant anything to us.

    BTW, nice choice of music this time, Mr. Parker: not one but two selections from The Bad Plus!

    AnnieD 11:24 AM  

    Enjoyed the puzz...found it full of Dohs! as I finally got what the clue was referring to, especially with LTGOVS. The puns were just fine by me. There are probably a lot more that would work...plank stare, praisin' woman, pleading heart...

    My only nit was the clue for 8D should've had some indication that it was an it could've been: Pepper, e.g.

    Did anyone answer @charlesr55? LIE because when people say they'd love to keep talking, it is usually a sign that they are about to stop talking.

    Mohair Sam 11:27 AM  

    Played easy/medium here. Struggled for a while and then "got" PERCHPIER, then the theme puns fell quickly on a letter or two each. We must have been on BEQ's wavelength today. And, no @katherine 1:06, we are way beyond his age group.

    Usual tip of the cap to Mr. Quigley - always clever clues, quick wit, and a relative lack of "ese."

    Total agreement with @Rex on 123A as the clue of the day.

    A special shout-out to my sister Peg for putting in 30+ years at the Dean's office at CWPOST, made 1d a gimme and started things off right.

    jdv 11:32 AM  

    Med-Challenging. This was painful. Last square filled in was CWPOST/WOE. Like others mentioned, 19a is the roman numeral III. I spent 5-10 minutes post-solve trying to figure out how WOE=III. In pdf, it's displayed correctly. All the abbreviations (CAF, WYO, ...) sapped the goodness out of this puzzle. TINYTOT seems redundant. ALINER feels desperate. I did like AIRPOP.

    Unknown 11:33 AM  

    @gpo I second the question! But the answer might delve into the always-hollow effort to define humor.

    @Z Maine's governor mades Chris Christie look like a softie. He makes Jesse Ventura look like a genius. He makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a feminist. He makes Dan Snyder look like a civil rights activist, and he makes Rick Snyder and Scott Walker look like a labor leaders. And, in his previous capacity as CEO of Mardens, a dollar discount chain in Maine, he makes Kmart look like Nieman Marcus. He makes everybody else look good. That's why the RGA has a dedicated fund to buoy the bully. Paul Lepage. 2014. Because we don't want to not have him to kick around anymore. (Too political for Rexworld? If I say how he makes IDIAMIN look good . . . Nah. I'll LETITGO. I do wish we had a LTGOV.)

    Steve J 11:35 AM  

    @'mericans in Paris: The extra E in Adolphe Sax's name goes in his first name, not his last. Your wife could have been thinking of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the royal house of England since the beginning of the 20th century (and that was renamed to Windsor during World War I to de-emphasize the royal family's connections to Germany).

    @gpo: Like matters of taste and beauty, the quality of puns is in the eye of the beholder.

    Anonymous 11:40 AM  

    @Z, if you're good for four hours, I want to know about it; you have a standing invitation to come ona my house.

    You bring the cigars, I've gotthe HUMIDor.

    Will's shorts 11:50 AM  

    Well, Will Shortz had wet shorts one day and sat on this puzzle after it was sent in. He then sat on a chair at McDonalds and left a print of the reverse of the puzzle on the plastic chair. Rex, who seems overly interested in Will's shorts, took a rubbing of the remaining imprint then posted it on "" This ruined the entire puzzle because EVERYONE who matters checks that site at least every 31 seconds. This was therefore a terrible puzzle.

    Z 11:58 AM  

    @Anon11:40 - I don't need PED's. My injury is entirely sports related. You may want to change your invite to @E.D.? - a person who apparently mistakes "old man injury" for his (?) own condition.

    @gpo - puns are the schadenfreude of humor: the punsters pleasure is derived from the misery imposed on the punnee.

    old timer 12:01 PM  

    I thought Rex would just adore this charming Quigley. Silly me!

    Silly of me, too, to not get ATOZ. It was my last entry. Had I gotten it (and the clue was perfectly fair) I would not have had to Google for the very obscure Billy who was in Titanic.

    I always do the puzzle on paper, and the clue to the theme (e.g., "BP Station") is usually helpful. Certainly was here, as it gave me "Plaque Arts" very quickly. I'm sure I'm not the only one to think this was the weakest of the themers, which got more delightful as you solved top to bottom. "Plays of Glory" was just perfect, and "Perch Pier" was a twofer.

    However, I did not actually finish the puzzle. I had "RELOW" for lower the price again, which left me with SWT for pepper. I just figured it must be right. Had the clue for 8D had "abbr" or had I realized that e.g. is an abbreviation, I would have had SGT in a heartbeat.

    Leapfinger 12:06 PM  

    A good pun has
    1. a long reach, pulls together unlike things; the more unlike, the better
    2. has a surprise twist, preferably at the end, with a minimum of disruption up till then
    3. makes you laugh when you realize what just happened. If it isn't your style to laugh, a smile will do, or at least a double-take.

    As @SteveJ points out, the reader contributes personal taste, but must be willing to be surprised or even fooled.

    'Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.'
    Have a cigar.

    Teedmn 12:11 PM  

    I got my first foothold in the bottom center and wandered easterly. When I had PERC for the theme clue, I triumphantly put in PERCHPARK (like one of those stocked ponds where you pay to fish with cheese balls or some such) and was stymied there for a long time. URSA made "enter gently" - ASrIN so I finally erased Park (sniff) and it all worked out.

    My next theme success was THATSMYPOI so at least I didn't fall prey to the double B expectation that some here did. Had eros for AMOR but the ubiquitous Apple product made that wrong.

    @Maruchka, I think you've been seeing too many web address clues :-) atgovs!

    Too much wine last night made Theresa a dull GIRL (not SHY at all) and I was reading Quibble for Quisling so that gave me "nit" which made CAF impossible. Such small errors made today it a slog harder than it should have been but that's what makes puzzling such fun.

    Thanks BEQ!

    Masked and AnonymoUs 12:47 PM  

    If the puz author's name had been concealed, I'da still smelt BEQ at work, herein. The 105-A clue woulda sealed the deal. That's my poi.

    Fun puz to solve. Nothin ground-breakin, theme-wise. Oil spill anniversary, perhaps? But hey, a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks. Now, off to watch the big game and try to figure out BERCHPIER.

    ALAMB/RELOG/CRU/SGT/BORZOI? har. That's my desperado.


    Hartley70 12:47 PM  

    I just did Saturday and wow what a puzzle! On to today, but I just want to tell @PuzzleCraig "You are THE MAN!"

    Teedmn 12:53 PM  

    Hah, @ Casco, Jesse Ventura, the genius. I remember in one of his campaign ads, he was trying to replace his tag "The Body" with "The Mind" so he posed, in boxers, as Rodin's "The Thinker". I guess it worked?

    M and Also 1:16 PM  

    Birch beer. Still-borne sodypop. har. Talk about yer gas station.

    "Off Again..."

    Al Bundy 1:34 PM  

    I once scored four touchdowns for Polk High to win the 1966 City Championship.


    Maruchka 1:40 PM  

    @ Carola - There's a candidate for office in Richmond CA, name of Corky Boozé (true). Reminded me of W.C. Field's brilliant character, Egbert Sousé. And, some say, just as qualified..

    @ Teedmn - Touché!

    Anonymous 1:46 PM  

    Please explain why CDS (1 across) is answer for Chase things, briefly? Thanks.

    Zed the Answer Man 1:50 PM  

    @anon1:46 - Chase Bank has Certificates of Deposit - CD'S.

    'mericans in Paris 1:51 PM  

    @Anonymous 1:46 PM

    Certificates of Deposit? At Chase (Manhattan Bank)?

    bswein99 1:59 PM  

    This was okay but I didn't find it any harder than the last few puzzles. My one big complaint is the crossing of ONEIL and LEEVES. Both are pretty obscure individuals; I'm guessing almost no one knew who they were. I only got it because it became clear that O'Neil was the only reasonable DOWN option. But crosses like this might as well come with an invitation to Google.

    paulsfo 2:28 PM  

    @AnonyCartographer Ah, so it's not just me. :) thanks

    Fred Romagnolo 2:32 PM  

    @ED?: "sorry to hear it?"; it is to rejoice! What I wouldn't give - but I digress. @Anon11:40: was that a veiled reference to President Clinton? And I certainly don't mean the possible 2nd one. @Joho: We always said caf, from junior high thru college. I never heard of the ONEIL brokerage or Birch Beer, but crosses did it. Never heard the PLANETS mnemonic, seems tortured. Much prefer HOMES for the Great Lakes. if I know TREX, then anybody should know MIMI. 89A could also be clued as SHUT IN. BUDD & Birch Beer in the same puzzle is cute. If your local paper carries ZITs, it's an amusing "battle of the generations" comic strip. Did anybody but me first have nml for DMZ? (no man's land, used in WW1) BEQ is a fun guy, I enjoy his work.

    Fred Romagnolo 2:35 PM  

    mistake: I meant CLOISTER instead of SHUTIN. Sorry.

    Ludyjynn 3:16 PM  

    @bswein99, I beg to differ...Jane LEEVES appeared in 257 episodes over the 11 year run of "Frazier", which remains on tv every day in syndication. She has also starred in "Hot in Cleveland" for the last 4 years, among other acting projects, Definitely not an obscure player.

    Anon11:40 3:18 PM  

    @Fred Romagno

    No Sir! Sometimes a cigar is only a cigar. Now, a HUMIDor otoh...

    chefbea 3:22 PM  

    Just stopped at a new neighbor's house. Asked where he was from and he said Massachussets . I asks where and he said......You've probably never heard of it...Nattick!!!.

    'mericans in Paris 3:29 PM  


    And you replied?

    chefbea 3:52 PM  

    @"mericans in Paris...I replied "oh yes I have"

    quilter1 4:05 PM  

    Busy day. Started at 8 a.m. and finished at 2:45. Always like a BEQ puzzle and this one was no exception. Also enjoyed today's comments. We are a clever bunch.

    Last Silver Bullwoot 4:14 PM  

    Ten U's today, btw. SunPuz average is nearly 8, so some valiant vowel U-sage there, BEQ.

    I also had to guess a letter, at ONEI?/?EEVES. Would be neat if U guessed wrong on the final puz letter, if Across-Lite would tell U whether the right letter was "before" or "after" yer guess. Meta!



    PuzzleCraig 4:21 PM  

    @Hartley70, thanks!

    If I could only translate solving metas into faster solving times, maybe I could do something impressive at ACPT too. :D

    Virginia 4:26 PM  

    Unlike yesterday's puzzle, this one was challenging but fun for me. My first theme answer was PERTH CANAL, which didn't tell me anything right away (I started late last night and my brain was tired). But then this morning I came back and got PERCH PIER and THE THREE PAIRS, and then it all started to make sense. Mistakes I had to fix included BETTE for GEENA (doubly silly since I just heard Geena speak last month -- she's great; don't miss her if you have the chance), AMORE for ADORE, ZEN for TAO, and BETSEY for DOLLEY (which, again, I really should have gotten, because I grew up watching the Peanuts commercials for Dolley Madison Ice Cream). Remembered Jane LEEVES right away, but I'd never heard of William ONEIL -- that clue tells us something about the economic status of the puzzle's expected audience. :-p Found the puns clever and enjoyable. CHRISTIAN PAIL was my favorite -- it just made me laugh for some reason. I've never seen any of his Batman movies, but he was great in "The Prestige" alongside Hugh Jackman and Michael Caine.

    Anonymous 4:27 PM  

    I originally put in TRUDEAU for Montreal's airport Just to let every one know, MIRABEL is not longer an airport near Montreal. The terminal is to be torn down. Another Canadian white elephant bites the dust.

    Anonymous 4:39 PM  

    I didn't see a reply to charlesr55's query about 123 across: "Well, I'd love to keep talking...," probably. When you say that, you're generally lying, so the answer is 'lie.'

    Whirred Whacks 4:40 PM  

    Agreed with all who said this was hard but fun especially @Virginia

    I think the GROANERS ARE GREAT! My two faves:

    Have a good week everyone!

    Al Rodbell 5:33 PM  

    "Tighter" clue, "more friendly" not really on the mark. A more accurate clue would have been "more of a friend"

    Friendly people need friends less than those who are less so. When unfriendly types have someone with whom they are tight it means much more. The answer is a relationship, the clue was a character trait.

    We learn to expect nothing less than perfection from the NY Times

    jae 5:33 PM  

    Like Rex this started out tough for me but got rapidly easier so, medium over all. I got to go with @Gil I. P.'s take on this one. It didn't quite do it for me and I'm also a big BEQ fan. Maybe higher expectations...?

    @LudyJynn - Don't forget about Throb.

    Anonymous 5:35 PM  

    Tougher than usual Sunday for me which I attribute to "Really?" As in, "Dude, that's really the answer?" Not funny, not punny. No offense. Better'n I could do. Upside is I'm teaching my eight-year-old granddaughter how to solve crossword puzzles. She got TIE right off the bat. She learned that a Borzoi is a sight hound.

    Anonymous 6:49 PM  

    Medium at most for me, although there were some gnarly areas.

    @casco-my sympathies on your governor. You were kind in your characterizations. Too bad you have two decent people running for governor who will split the vote. LePage has quite a remarkable rags to riches story - fascinating to see how he turned out politically.

    Thomas808 10:21 PM  

    I am on a business trip in Guam, reading a Robert Parker novel for fun. The main character takes an investigative side trip to where? NATICK woo hoo! Brings a grin no matter where or how you come across it!

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    Anonymous 9:50 PM  

    Another BEQ puzzle chock-full of proper names in popular culture. Sigh, I just Google those and carry on.

    Unknown 7:28 AM  

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    xyz 11:03 AM  

    Mostly good toothy puzzle, with only three wrong answers. Not bad for a large BEQ for me.

    rain forest 2:13 AM  

    I suppose I should be genuflecting, given the constructor, but after all, this is the NYT, edited by Will Shortz, and as @Rex is always telling us, it really isn't up to snuff these days.

    Anyway, I liked most of it, but my preference for a Sunday is a puzz that isn't quite so snarly. The theme was pretty good, even though I still don't know what birch beer is, and if I did, I probably wouldn't like it. If someone was sneaking my poi, I'd let him have it all.

    Last square: the "Y" for the Dolley/Tybalt cross. Had to be.

    137 I guess this had to be, as well.

    Unknown 8:09 AM  

    Al. "More friendly" as in two people who are more friendly with each other than two other people. The first two are "tighter." It worked for me. The whole puzzle did, but I did think it was challenging. Loved that.

    spacecraft 10:58 AM  

    I have been battling a cold all weekend, but that's not an excuse for my second dismal DNF in a row. This one was SO out of my wheelhouse it's hard to describe.

    First run-through: LAMBS (wrong!), BUDD, PLANETS, ACESUP/URSA, and ZANE (so, by extension, ATOZ). That was it.

    Many of the clues didn't even make sense. I'll give just one example: "Classic glam band..."

    People. The terms "classic" and "glam band" do NO WAY belong together, lest "classic" lose any meaning whatever. I can flag that puppy just on the clue alone.

    Through arduous toil, I was eventually able to complete a small area in the S/SE to include PERCHPIER--yeah, I do know what birch beer is: think Dr. Pepper on steroids. Still, even with the formula, I could get no farther.

    792. At least I won SOMETHING.

    Dirigonzo 5:39 PM  

    As often happens I caught on to the trick way down at the bottom of the grid and had to climb back up to the top. I might not have finished at all had I not had ------ART filled in so I could guess the PLAQUE from the theme, as that whole corner was just not coming to me. Finally finished by running the alphabet to get the cereal pioneer's middle initial.

    @rainy - insomnia?

    2936 - no threat to @spacy today.

    Anonymous 6:46 PM  

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    Anonymous 4:50 PM  

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