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Monday, June 23, 2014

Constructor: Brendan Emmett Quigley

Relative difficulty: Medium

THEME: YO-YO TRICKS (26D: what 5-, 7-, 10- and 15-Down all are) — all clued in non-yoyo-specific ways …

Theme answers:
  • ROCK THE CRADLE (5D: MTV competitive reality show featuring children of pop stars)
  • AROUND THE WORLD (7D: Where Phileas Fogg traveled "in 80 days")
  • FLYING TRAPEZE (15D: Circus act above a net)
  • WALK THE DOG (10D: Do a chore with a pet)

Word of the Day: "ROCK THE CRADLE" (5D: MTV competitive reality show featuring children of pop stars) —
Rock the Cradle is an MTV reality show in which the offspring of R&Bpop, and rock stars from the 1980s and 1990s vie in a six-week singing competition. The show debuted on Thursday, April 3, 2008. [and ran for … one season, for a total of … six episodes …] (wikipedia)
• • •

I can't really blog adequately tonight because of the post-World Cup exhaustion I am currently experiencing. My house has never, ever been that loud … and it was just me and my wife (and the dogs occasionally running for cover because they thought we were angry, which, to be fair, we sometimes were). Also, I am currently distracted by the neighbor kid who is recently out of school and apparently has decided to dedicate this summer to dribbling a basketball for 4-5 hours a day directly outside my office window. Fun times! Anyway, the puzzle—played very choppy for me. I thought I was well on the slow side, but I still finished under 3 (if just barely), and that's a pretty normal Monday time for me. Still, grid *is* choppy, dominated by 3- and 4-letter words. This means the only grid interest is in the theme answers, which are OK. I have to call foul on "ROCK THE CRADLE," though, at least as clued. How a show *that* short-lived, *that* marginal, is allowed to be a *Monday* theme answer is beyond me. Way beyond me. If you can have [Do a chore with a pet] (however awkward) as a theme clue, then you can have [Do a chore with a child], right? The central themer is basically a glorified partial. So while I wouldn't say I WAS ANGRY with this puzzle (49A: Saw red), but it mainly just sat there … being a puzzle … but, again, I'm probably not the best judge of anything right now. My heart has stopped pounding, but the searing memory of that late goal lingers.

Are there *non*-flying trapezes??? That phrase really only makes sense because of the song with the daring young man, right? Otherwise, it's a redundancy (of sorts), unless, again, there are various trapeze types of which I am unaware.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


jae 12:04 AM  

Easy-medium for me and just delightful.   Erasure: got ANGRY before WAS...

A little bit of culture...ORSAY, a little bit of Rock and Roll...ZAPPA...just about perfect for a Mon.

And, @Brendan - If you still have my email could you please send me the bonus puzzles for June? 

Z 12:08 AM  

94:30 of mediocrity and three seconds of brilliance. Who wanted first in the group anyway?

7:30, with 45 seconds of looking for a typo. I hate solving electronically. I do like the down themers. Now, if only they had been palindromes yo-yoing in the grid...

Steve J 12:19 AM  

What a disappointment the US/Portugal game was. Sometimes a tie feels like a loss. This was one of those times.

To the puzzle: Bit of a yo-yo itself. I like the themers, but a couple of them are indeed clued weirdly. As much as I like BEQ, sometimes he forces it a bit on his pop-culture clues, and 5D was certainly an example of that (especially on a Monday, as Rex noted). And "do a chore with a pet" for 10D makes it sound like you're collaborating with the dog. Actually, given how much dogs love going on walks, maybe that's the case. Not much of a chore for the dog, though.

ONly a couple non-theme answers longer than 5 letters led to not much of interest, although ZAPPA always looks good in a puzzle. Felt like there was an abundance of partials in this one. Mixed bag (or yo-yo) on a Monday.

r.alphbunker 12:31 AM  
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r.alphbunker 12:33 AM  

Odd. The last BEQ Monday NYT also had vertical theme answers.

Anoa Bob 1:50 AM  

15x14? Don't see those too often. And 40 black squares? That's on the high side, especially for a reduced-size grid.

Used to be a yo yo enthusiast. The secret is having a supple wrist and an intuitive understanding of physics in motion. (Same with billiards.)

EGYPTIAN (24A) and ZAPPA (65A) helped make this one a solid Monday puzz for me.

Unknown 3:17 AM  

Fun solve. Little resistance. WASANGRY was clunky.

Does anyone remember the one-half-plus-seven rule for dating. Your date's age must be greater than half of your age plus seven (and visa versa) or you are ROCKingTHECRADLE. It works remarkably well for all "dating" ages, from 14 to 100.

Moly Shu 3:31 AM  
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Moly Shu 3:36 AM  

How else are you going to clue ROCKTHECRADLE? The Billy Idol song? Probably less people are familiar with that, than the MTV show. I know the song, but not the show and still got the answer easily. It is a Monday after all. No gripes here, liked FOALS, EPSOM and POST. My horse track BIAS is showing.

@CascoKid, thanks for the update update. Still following your lead.

GILL I. 4:04 AM  

Watched the USA/Portugal World Cup game and half of us ate hot dogs and hamburgers while the other half ate folar de chaves with smoked sausage. I've never seen so much stuffed pig fly through the air when Portugal scored that last goal!
Loved this puzzle. I may have lost my voice but my pen hand flew through this puppy like Tim Howard on display.
Anything with yo yo's makes me smile smile. I spent hours perfecting AROUND THE WORLD on my white diamond studded Duncan that my uncle gave me. I could out-spin, out-flip just about anybody who cared....It WAS a MAJOR ELATE.
Thanks BEQ

Anonymous 5:12 AM  

I solve the NYT in the Int. NY Times where this puzzle had an extra row included at the bottom with the far left box marked 54!
Spent 10 minutes wondering what I had missed and what it could have to do with yo-yos
Turning to you for help, I see that this extra row must have been some weird mistake!

TokyoRacer 5:24 AM  

Anonymous: I had the same WTF problem! Very weird. Had to first figure out: No, those words are not supposed to have one more letter. Was looking forward to Rex's comment, but I guess it was just in the print version.
Michael Bradley should be kicked off the team for handing Portugal that ball at the end. In fact, he should voluntarily quit soccer. And it wasn't his first flub of the game.

Danp 6:31 AM  

Are there non-flying trapezes? This is a question only Jerry Seinfeld should ask - or try to answer.

pc 6:39 AM  

We were so loud at the end of the game kitty ran for cover and didn't even come out for her late night snack. As for the puzzle, I liked the theme and didn't notice a lot of crossword junk in the fill, so it was a pretty good Monday for me.

ArtO 6:41 AM  

BEQ on Monday. A treat. Maybe the tie affected the write up but it's really annoying to see nothing but carping and sniping every day. Thought this was a terrific Monday.

Leapfinger 6:58 AM  

Dang, @Gilly, I was just thinking of those diamond-studded Duncans! YOYOs were such a craze in grade school when they first hit, we'd make tiny ones out of buttons sewn back-to-back.

I never could WALK THE DOG (far), except in real life. I s'pose the same goes for ROCK THE CRADLE. And with AROUND THE WORLD, I'd invariably bonk myself on the return trip. Score me a yoyo klutzklutz.

So. Do @chefbea and @chefwen wok like an EGYPTIAN?

Fun to have BEQ cycle in on a Monday, but obviously he has a hard time containing hisself: WASAbi with SOFTC in early daze? U ask me, that's a bit of wicked.

Let me catch that 462 before it runs away...

Leapfinger 7:06 AM  

Noticing the D from d'ORSAY slipped Down to DECO.

Loren Muse Smith 7:17 AM  

Rex – my cat feels your dogs' pain. When we scored our second goal, my son, his friend and I exploded out of our seats, and my poor cat jumped from my lap and stood, half crouched, looking around as though he were being attacked from all sides. I guess it's safe to assume that pets all over the world are still experiencing MAJOR post-goal traumatic stress this morning.
So in my post-game stunned state, I print out the puzzle and see BEQ's name at the top. On a Monday. And I was really pleased. Morning, @ArtO.

@Gil I.P., @Leapfinger – I would save my money to buy a YOYO, mess around with it for all of ten minutes, and then it would remain untouched, forgotten, on the coffee table until Mom dealt with it. Just like the hula hoop in the back yard.

I disagree that AROUND THE WORLD is a partial. My son, daughter, and husband regularly play a basketball game called AROUND THE WORLD, and my daughter usually wins because she never OPTs to risk a second shot and start ANEW, unlike, ahem, the other two show-offs.

And I don't know, Rex, @Danp – any time I go to the circus (very rarely – I. Despise. Them.), I periodically look up and study the motionless TRAPEZE, nervous about that part of the show, about when it will switch from a sinisterly- still TRAPEZE to a Flying Swing of Terror. I'm often struck with the thought that, now that lots of us have figured out the food, shelter, safety thing, we sure have a good deal of spare time on our hands.

Here's my ignorance in things geographical – for some reason, I lump NEPAL and Tibet together and never really give it any more thought other than that they're both in the Himalayas. I just did some googling, and I think I understand it now. Sheesh.

I hadn't noticed that the grid was smaller. I did notice the theme square count – 60. So, to redirect an observation from @Anoa Bob –"That's on the high side, especially for a reduced-size grid." Right?

@JFC – wow – if I were writing and wrote "smooths," I think I would change it to "smoothes." Merriam Webster offers that as an alternative spelling, I guess as a nod to people like me, people who want it to match "soothes." But that one starts out with the e already there. So "smooth" is a "booth" kind of word, huh?

@Steve J – the second vowel in IRIDESCENT was a schwa for me until I corrected the spelling, and then after I read your post, I kept trying out the two pronunciations and decided I can freely go from a schwa to a barred ɨ there.

So anyway, Brendan – I liked it, and the fact that FAD and DIET were there, too, was not lost on me. Now I'll patiently await your beastly themeless. Thanks for those, by the way.

Glimmerglass 7:43 AM  

Easy Monday. Some interest in the theme. The long downs can be clued more obscurely because the revealer makes them very easy to solve from crosses. Some hospital beds and some racing sailboats have trapezes which are not called "flying."

Beaglelover 7:50 AM  

@casco kid: I think you are referring to "robbing the cradle".
I loved this puzzle. I feel for Rex listening to a pounding basketball for hours on end but I think he should take "it outside" to the annoying little SOB and not take it out on those who read his blog!

jberg 8:06 AM  

Easy and fun. My only real problem was ORSAi before ORSAY. I avoided putting in the obvious "tam" at 6D because of the equally obvious FAD-- left both blank until I had some crosses. Everything else just went right in. And everybody loves yo-yos, so what else could we ask for?

There's no extra row in my home-delivered paper, so maybe that's just the international edition.

For those who are annoyed reading @Rex, the solution is obvious . . .

Unknown 8:08 AM  

Delightful to see BEQ's name pop up on a Monday. Puzzle was fun. Never heard of the MTV show but I could ROCK THE CRADLE with my yoyo back in the day.

chefbea 8:10 AM  

I don't time myself but this was the tastes Monday ever. Don't think it took me 5 minutes.
Loved yo-yos as a kid - could do all those tricks..good old Duncan!!

@Leapfinger can't speak for @chefwen but as for me...I wok like a chef!!

Mohair Sam 8:18 AM  

Fun puzzle, thanks for slumming on a Monday BEQ, loved the theme. In spite of being a lifetime failure at the yoyo I knew the names of all the tricks.

If Ronaldo had gone for the goal instead of the cross it would have been 2-1 USA and @Rex (and a bunch of y'all) woulda loved this puzzle. ROCKTHECRADLE too marginal? Sure, and the crosses were just brutal. btw, MTV is called CSPN in our house (the Children's Soft Porn Network).

Manaus a crazy place for world class soccer. A read of Anne Patchett's "State of Wonder" will give you a good feel for that city and that part of the world.

joho 8:20 AM  

@Anoa Bob, I noticed something weird about this grid but didn't know what until I'd finished and counted the longest down, AROUNDTHEWORLD, and saw it was 14. So the themers are 10 13 14 13 10 -- you don't see that often is right! I marvel at BEQ's facility to create a grid just like he wants it.

I liked DROP at the top crossing UPMY. I also liked HAND next to YOYOTRICKS. And the fact that all themers DROP like a YOYO (and of course pop right UP!)


@Loren you see FAD DIETS I see YOYO DIETS. None of them are good!

YOYOTRICKS is a light and fun Monday theme in my book with WALKTHEDOG being my favorite theme answer.

Thanks, BEQ!

Unknown 8:43 AM  

"Flying trapeze" is not a redundancy. Yes, there are non-flying trapezes. The "flying" kind takes a lot more room.

Circus Harmony just recently opened St. Louis' first flying trapeze instructional facility:

Leapfinger 8:45 AM  

lol, @chefbea, I got a great visual of you in a hieroglyph, carving knife in your upraised hand!

Sooth to say, after all that analytic discourse, I agree we need to keep it SMOOTHEN, to soften up that TH. Wait a minute, what was the question?

Szent-Margit Szigeti 8:50 AM  

Why Trip Out with GRETA Van Susteren, when you could TOUR Gwen Ifill?

Franciscus van Munster 8:53 AM  

The non-flying trapeze is usually just one trapeze (nowhere to fly from or to). Depending on the size of it, one to four artists will perform tricks that may or may not involve swinging of the trapeze. When it doesn't involve swinging, it is usually pretty boring.

mac 9:18 AM  

Nice Monday with a great theme. Not too familiar with yoyos, but I recognized two of the tricks.

Today it's Holland's turn again. That soccer watching is exhausting!

Arlene 9:32 AM  

This puzzle was fun - and had me thinking of the yoyo fad when I was in junior high school. I had a Duncan yoyo that looked like Saturn - white round body with a pink ring. We had to buy replacement strings, these things got so much use. I knew the names of all the tricks - just had to wait 50 years to apply this firsthand knowledge!
Thanks for the puzzle, and the memory jogger!

lawprof 9:40 AM  

Hand up for scaring the dog -- twice.

Oh, the puzzle. Uber easy; solved like a themeless. Got an old Duncan yoyo tucked away in a drawer. Think I'll go get it.

AliasZ 9:50 AM  

Yo-yo is not exactly UPMY alley, but in LOO of loftier endeavors, I should have a GOAT mastering the art. This puzzle inspired me.

It occurs to me that BEQ could've opted for the full 15x15 grid if he really wanted to by adding a single black square at either end of AROUND THE WORLD, and designing the grid with mirror symmetry along the y-axis. Obviously he didn't, OPTing instead to cheat us OUT of one full row of crosswordese.

I can't write ORSAY anything else right now, so I will jump into my TUDOR sports car and haul my ASSN outta here.

PS. Nice to see a nod to MAS.

John V 9:53 AM  

Breath of fresh air on a Monday. Sorta startling to see Brendan this early in the week.

Liked it a lot. All's forgiven for ACPT #5.

I was never any good with a yoyo, and I'm just talking about the basics. Over at Xwordinfo, BEQ says he can do all these tricks. Grrrr.

Anonymous 9:54 AM  

First time in a long while I got a puzzle answering every across clue in order, one after another. Often solve Mon-Wed using across clues only but rare to solve them without having to skip and come back. Therefore exceedingly easy for me.


Hartley70 10:02 AM  

Love a yoyo! I thought this puzzle was adorable. Just a perfect amount of fun on a Monday to hook a newbie who opened the paper and gave it a try.

Bob Kerfuffle 10:14 AM  

Had to hold off on 30 A, "London bathroom." Never sure if it will turn out to be LOO or LAV.

(Everything else I was going to say already said, and I hate endless repetition.)

jerseygirlangie 10:21 AM  

Super easy - even for a Monday .

I'm a little disappointed, though, that the music video wasn't "Dynamo Hum", or something else from the great Frank Zappa !

retired_chemist 11:05 AM  

Easy. Almost my fastest Monday ever, which fact is tempered with the smaller 15X14 grid. But I liked it, mostly - some snappy answers, fun theme. In general clued too easily even for a Monday IMO. Not nearly as devilish as I expected from this constructor.

I put in LOO, just because it had a lower Scrabble count than Lav, and I didn't have to change it even though I was prepared to if needed. The inverse for EPSOM vs.ascOt - I had the latter first.

Thanks, BEQ.

Fred Smith 11:32 AM  


I guess you had no problem with Orono. BTW, "and vice-versa" is not necessary to your point.

-- Fred

JFC 11:33 AM  

@Loren, Ain't the English language wonderful! It even has dictionaries that differ. I hear Will relies upon M-W. My favorites bar is set to, which doesn't even recognize it as an alternative spelling.



JFC 11:35 AM  

I thought Rex's commentary was unusually good today, the first half being more interesting than the latter half. I'd give it four grouses.


Carola 11:52 AM  

Lighthearted and fun. My only snag was figuring out why ROCK THE baby wouldn't fit.

@jae - On the culture front, I liked TUDOR and DECO complementing the ORSAY with its Impressionism.

This morning I had to fold the sports page the wrong way so that I didn't have to look at the headline. Talk about YOYO-ing emotions, ending up a non-ELATE!

Unknown 11:58 AM  

@FredSmith most cities-on-rivers in Maine are twinned: Lewiston-Auburn (actually called LA in these parts) , Saco-Biddeford, Portland-South Portland, Waterville-Winslow, Bangor-Brewer, Orono-Old Town. In order, the rivers are Androscoggin, Saco, Fore, Kennebec and Penobscot, and Stillwater.

When Brewer didn't fit as Bangor's neighbor, I figured this was another stab at cluing ORONO. I'm sure @dirigonzo will back me up on this.

LEWISTON-AUBURN is ripe for cluing as the [East Coast LA]! Also, BEQ, ET ALIA, don't forget USM for University of Southern Maine, ORONO's rather big little brother.

Lewis 12:00 PM  

Solid, fun, and easy, and a fun theme. Very nice how these yoyo tricks work out letter-count wise. Very little grid gruel as well. Good quality Monday, and maybe it is some lucky person's first puzzle ever!

Post Puzzle Puzzle (PPP™): There is a consonant vowel pair that appears three times in puzzle's answers. Call it A. There is another consonant vowel pair that appears five times. Call it B. AAB is the name of someone of note. Write down a hint to who this person is.

Masked and Anonymo5Us 12:03 PM  

Ahar. M&A like. NYT&BEQ go the runtpuz route, today. Gigantic breakthrough. Be still, my palpitatin heart.

fave yoyo trick: KEEPITINTHEBOX.

fave desperation points: ORSAY. UPMY. Sounds like a potential neat cross-referenced phrase, finishin with GOAT, or some such.

weejects anonymoUs: OKD. ("Reply to 'Oh, you think you deserved a B, huh?'")

@63: Dude. Let it go. The kid next door is dedicated to honin his game. Some day, you'll go to a World Cup match, and there he'll be -- streakin from one end of the field to the other, stoned out of his mind.

NYT Runtpuz! Let's celebrate...

Happy Monday, solvers.


RooMonster 12:14 PM  

Hey all! Reading this blog for a while, never commented! However, been talking to @r.alph and told him my woes of being rejected by Mr. Shortz on my puz submissions. I sent him a puz, and he said it was decent! Woohoo! Anyway, said I should post it here to see what everyone thinks! Anxiuos to hear feedback, good or bad! Figure it's a Monday-Tuesday puz.

Andrew Heinegg 12:15 PM  

This puzzle reminded me of my ancient past, as in my first 14 years in Brooklyn. Yoyos were very popular in our local parochial grammar school. You had to save some allowance money in order to be able to buy a decent yoyo, which is to say, one that would 'sleep' properly and thus enable you to rock the cradle and such. I am not sure whether it is a memory lapse or it was just not in the repertoire of the children in our area of Flatbush but, I had never heard of the flying trapeze. Anyhoo, it was an easy but interesting puzzle. Frank Zappa' s music was so atonal that it was destined to never make it into the main stream of music but, he was a tremendously creative and intelligent man who led a surprisingly normal life for a rock musician. He was conservative in his politics and lifestyle, very different from most of his peers in that regard.

Bob Kerfuffle 12:26 PM  

@M&A - Not only completed in 3:50 (super time for me!), but this time I actually *got it* before I finished. (Hope that doesn't mean you are getting lenient. There were more *real* words than usual!)

Anonymous 12:33 PM  

Super easy for me, got my fastest time ever!

M and A Help Desk 1:25 PM  

@BobK... Sorry. Thought 9-Down mighta been sufficient to keep it unreal, especially with that rogue's gallery of themers. Will try to do ornery-er.

@RooMonster... Decent puz. It mighta got caught up in the middle, at NYT: easy theme, but a smatterin of tough words.
Slight adjustment suggestion, for two clues:
22-D: "Mashes tomatoes". U had mashed.
28-D: "French nobility". U had Italian.

36-A and 60-D probably need to go. 34-A sounds a mite suspicious, too.
8- and 9-D are pretty tough, crossin 21-A. But that might just be m&e. Thanx.


Ludyjynn 1:31 PM  

This was a beautiful Mon. puzz., satisfying theme, fill, format. Loved it, BEQ and WS.

Could care less about American football AND everyone else's version of football/soccer. Is it really necessary to blab about it here, Rex, unless it correlates to the solve? Just sayin'.

Lewis 1:49 PM  

PPP hint: The answer does relate to the puzzle's theme, in a way...

Lewis 1:50 PM  

@m&a -- clever runt this time around!

Bob Kerfuffle 1:51 PM  

@M&A - (I know you meant 8 D) - Yes, that one I had to get from crosses, but it was an LOL when I parsed it! And interesting that you caught the French/Italian nobility question before I did. Just last month I had to deal with a problem wherein my friend had written a letter addressed to Count Soandso, but further research showed that he was actually just a Baron. But since Count trumps Baron, we figured he wouldn't be offended.
(When you think about it, Mashed tomatoes can be a plural noun. Mashed isn't necessarily a verb.)

@RooMonster - I, the officially certified Median Solver, did your puzzle in 17:33, with one letter wrong in the cross of 60D and 62A. Overall, played like an indie puzz, with more oddities than I would expect in the Times.

Of course, many rough spots were simply my ignorance, but 30 D didn't look right even after it had to be (and Wikipedia approves.) 4D I simply do not understand. 5D I didn't understand, but Google cleared that one up.

Even after I asked for the correct letter at the 62A/60D cross, I had trouble parsing 62A, thinking at first that it was 4-2-4 instead of the correct 4-3-1-2! But that's a good thing!

Agree with M&A that 36 A doesn't fly.

The clue for 53 A is mis-spelled.

All in all, a decent effort, but I am unbelieving that Will Shortz suggests putting it out on such a public space. Or would that be like using future Times puzzles for the Westport tournament?

jdv 1:59 PM  

Easy-Medium. Thought it was ok. Liked the long down, yoyo-looking answers. 16a should have read "4th letter of cancel". No need for the extra words in parenthesis; it just makes the clue more wordy.

r.alphbunker 2:02 PM  


I think 22D is okay and quite sneaky. Consider {Photograph[ed] books} IMAGE[S].

I agree with M and A that 60D has to go but please don't change 62A to do it. Nice aha when I finally parsed it correctly.

Loved 21A which I knew, so the crosses that M and A mentioned weren't really a problem.

There is now a "Puzzles that didn't excite Will Shortz" section of

Ah Now I Can Quit For the Day... 2:05 PM  

@BobK... See what you mean, now, about mashed tomatoes. So, that's a never-minder. I give this Monster dude some credit; he/she did work in a few U's.
I think it was r.alph who said post it, not the Shortzmeister.
Not sure how long puz took me -- spent too much time studyin it, as I went along.

@Lewis... Thanx.


Loren Muse Smith 2:21 PM  

@M&A, Bob, Lewis – another fun runt! I still struggle mightily with them, though. That monogram that you don't have on any of your clothes was my first entry, and I don't even know you! Also, I had another phrase stuck in my mind for 4D, so that made it all the harder.

@RooMonster - I agree with @M&A's and @Bob's, notes, esp. on 36A (except, ahem, I just put 34A in a grid, too, but didn't like it), and I would add that the themer 62A doesn't feel like a real, in-the-language phrase as much as the others, so I didn't have the same reaction as @r.alph had there. I actually had trouble, too, with the area of 43D, 48D, 56 D, and 53A.

Hey! But that's a lot of white space for you to fill! Are you using Crossword Compiler? This one played more like a hard Wednesday for me, although the theme idea is earlier week. One thing I've learned pretty fast since doing runts (read: no expert cleaning up and evening up clues' difficulty) is that what I think is really simple is, in fact, not simple at all to a solver.

Hmm. Maybe @M&A can become the Editor-in-Brief(s) for our runts?

Fred Romagnolo 2:45 PM  

RHETT on Friday and TARA today. That novel was published in 1936; the movie released in 1939 (greatest of all vintage years in Hollywood).We probably won't see "Mammy" in any future puzzle, but be on the lookout for "Melanie" and "Ashley," and of course Fleming(final director), and Steiner (score).

chefbea 2:49 PM  

I have a question??? Does everyone here do the runt puzzles??? . In so many of the posts, I have no idea whats going on. Some one will mention I look at the NYT puzzle and there is no 23 down.'s in the runtpuz.

Not M and A 2:55 PM  

Could MonsterPuz 34-A be changed to start with GLASS- ?
Not M&A

GILL I. 3:42 PM  

@Ludyjynn...why so bah-humbugish?
You've been posting here long enough to know that many of us get a bit off-topic with recipes, anecdotes, and fun reminiscing. Why should comments on the "every 4 years World Cup" bother you. If you watched the US/Portugal nail biter maybe you'd understand.
@RooMonster....You go! Although I'm terrible at puzzles that I can't down-load...@M&A...Can you get them in PDF?

sanfranman59 3:52 PM  

Midday report of relative difficulty (see my 8/1/2009 post for an explanation of my method and my 10/15/2012 post for an explanation of a tweak to my method):

All solvers (this week's median solve time, average for day of week, ratio, percentile, rating)

Mon 5:16, 6:04, 0.87, 3%, Easy

Top 100 solvers

Mon 3:43, 3:55, 0.95, 22%, Easy-Medium

Good grief! So now I have to figure out how to type Cyrillic script with the captcha Blogger is using now?!? wtf?

retired_chemist 4:24 PM  

@ SFman- All I have seen are house numbers for captchas lately. No Cyrillic. Much easier than the earlier contorted letter strings.

Z 4:43 PM  

@SFman - I had something vaguely Cyrillic the other day. I've also had a couple of images of blurs. AARP gives me three shaking numbers. MLB all-star voting gives 6 easy to read wavy numbers (to insure my 35 votes per email account are from a real ballot stuffer, not an automated ballot stuffer). What a wondrous age we live in.

On Borrowed Time 4:47 PM  

Ahar indeed @M&A. U have inspired me to join in now and again.

Anonymous 5:27 PM  

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Edac2day 5:41 PM  

Ali Zappa has a nice ring to it.

Lewis 6:10 PM  

Post Puzzle Puzzle (PPP™) solution:

A is YO. B is MA. The "person of note", related to the puzzle's theme, is YO-YO MA.

Melodious Funk 7:23 PM  

@kenny houstin. I suggest you try this for magic in its pure form:

You're welcome.

CaseAceFos 7:32 PM  

An early Good Evening to all the Regs here on Rex'es blog.
My call letters over at Wordplay are WHH and I thought stop by to extend a cheery hello to one and all.
There was a good deal of commentary exchanged at WP this Monday about one of your number who once distinguished himself in our midst and the general consensus is that he's still in our hearts and minds and that he continues to remain so almost nine months later.

All the best, My Fellow Pun Pal

Ludyjynn 7:52 PM  

Dear @Gill, I guess you may call me Scrooge. I like to use the puzzle content as the jumping-off point for my reactions, thoughts, memories and comments. If PELE had been on today's grid, it would not have ruffled my feathers to hear more about the sport. Just my opinion!

Sfingi 8:14 PM  

I liked this puzzle because it brought back memories of my youth. In the late '40s, early '50s, Filipinos would come around the playgrounds selling yoyos and demonstrating with these tricks. Ones not mentioned were Liberty Bell, Loop the Loop, Spank the Baby. This was a gift to Oldsters. We're not dead yet! Thanx Quigley!

GILL I. 8:20 PM  

Querido @Ludyjynn.....I would never call you're a Pele fan. How much better can that get? ;-)

sanfranman59 10:36 PM  

This week's relative difficulty ratings. See my 8/1/2009 post for an explanation and my 10/15/2012 post for an explanation of a tweak I've made to my method. In a nutshell, the higher the ratio, the higher this week's median solve time is relative to the average for the corresponding day of the week.

All solvers (this week's median solve time, average for day of week, ratio, percentile, rating)

Mon 5:17, 6:04, 0.87, 4%, Easy (9th lowest ratio of 233 Mondays)

Top 100 solvers

Mon 3:33, 3:55, 0.91, 9%, Easy

wreck 10:45 PM  

Liked the puzzle! I was reminded of back in grade school when the Duncan Yo Yo man came every year and performed tricks at an assembly. He then sold Yo Yos afterwards.

wreck 10:51 PM  

I might be misremembering -- maybe we had to go to the local hobby shop to buy the Yo YOS!

Anonymous 1:00 AM  

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spacecraft 11:22 AM  

Has your blog become inundated with spellcaster testimonials? Call Dr. Spacecraft! One wave of my hand and they will all go away.

They didn't? Oh, I'm sorry; I must have used the wrong...nevermind, enough of this.

To today's. I was struck by the gimme-ness of the entire puzzle--and surprised at the "medium" rating from OFL. Most surprising of all was the byline. I didn't think BEQ would resort to such flotsam as SOFTC, OKD, UPMY, or yet another damned Romanumeral.

And yet, there are flashes...EGYPTIAN, ZAPPA...the man has done this before. I guess the cluing was so dumbed-down for Monday...hard to believe he'd sign his name to it.

Interesting theme. I could never make those damn things work (can't Hula Hoop worth a crap either), but recognized all the YOYOTRICKS. [Those who can't, watch.] I'd fling 'er down there and it'd go sideways and seize up, every time. Just never could get the *wait for it* hang of it.

I'd normally give about a B- for choppiness and those fill groaners, but respect for the signature takes the minus away. B.

1704, the slump continues.

rain forest 1:17 PM  

So, I'm BEQ, and I want to construct a Monday puzzle for the NYT. Hmm, people might see my name attached and be afraid to attempt it. I know! I'll make clues so straightforward that even Rainy can do this lickety-split. BEQ QED

Yes, the puzzle WAS straightforward, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It has a nice look to it with those long down themers. Because it was easy, there was a lot of talk about other puzzles that people do, even emailing them to one another. There are puzzle freaks out there, and I guess this is where they meet. It is what it is.

As a kid I was so-so with the yo-yo. I was rooting for Portugal five weeks ago

I think Photo Sphere is the new Burma Shave--did someone make that observation a while back?

DMG 3:38 PM  

A fun puzzle, complete with yoyo memories. Only pause was remembering the museum as d'ORSAY, but what else could fit. Probably need more understanding of French which I find pretty obtuse, all those unpronounced letters!

See the testifiers are back. Wonder what they get out of posting here? MaybeI should read one someday???

1653 with a basketball hoop thrown in for good measure, butit only yields a paltry 5!

Solving in Seattle 7:37 PM  

@Spacy, just abduct the casters and take them away in your ship. Drop them on Uranus.

Pretty good monpuz. Only write over was redo/ANEW.

Liked ONTOP crossing SOFTC - ain't gonna happen.

@Diri, Maine's getting alot of cw time lately.

214 = is this 6 or 7?


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