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Monday, July 22, 2013

Constructor: Ian Livengood

Relative difficulty: Medium

THEME: BOSTON (43A: Theme of this puzzle) [scintillating clue!]

Theme answers:
  • 17A: Expensive neighborhood in 43-Across (BEACON HILL)
  • 11D: 43-Across patriot who went on a "midnight ride" (PAUL REVERE)
  • 34A: Nickname for 43-Across (THE HUB)
  • 29D: Popular food in 43-Across (BAKED BEANS)
  • 61A: 43-Across stadium (FENWAY PARK)

Word of the Day: HEEL TAP (25D: Shoe lift) —

noun /ˈhēlˌtap/ 
heeltaps, plural
  1. One of the layers of leather or other material of which a shoe heel is made

    • An amount of liquor left at the bottom of a glass after drinking
    • • •

    RE: the definition of "HEELTAP"—What is this mythical "amount of liquor left at the bottom of a glass after drinking"? Who is leaving liquor at the bottom of their glass after drinking, and what is wrong with them?

    This puzzle was too straightforward for my tastes. Bunch of stuff related to (a boringly clued) BOSTON. Then the gratuitous and mildly irrelevant circled-letter MA. It's not like getting an "M" or an "A" into those places would've been tough. Grid is professional-grade—Ian (newly married, btw—congratulations) knows what he's doing. But just ho-hum for me. Never ever heard of HEELTAP. Neither had wife. Real outlier in this puzzle. But a fine word to know, I suppose.

    My favorite part of solving this (which I did on paper, as I now have a strict "no electronics" sabbath from Sat. night to Sun. night, i.e. between blog posts) was seeing PAUL RE- in the grid at 11D and deciding I would no-look it—thus, casually and confidently, I wrote in what I was sure to be the one true answer: PAUL REISER. Felled by hubris! It's kind of fun on a Monday, when the stakes are ankle-high at best.

    Off to contribute to my on-line reading group's discussion of "Moby-Dick" (22D: Fictional captain who said "Thou damned whale!" => AHAB). See you tomorrow.
      Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


      Sarah 12:01 AM  

      I don't like the JIBS/JADE crossing. FIBS/FADE would be more Monday-ish to me.

      I feel Monday crosswords should emphasize familiarity over exotic letters.

      Anonymous 12:06 AM  

      Three times in nine days for AGHAST. I'm "shocked", "horrified", and "rendered speechless". You might say "consternated" - even "terror-struck". I'm "totally shaken" by this. Even, dare I say, "appalled". "Awfully awed", so to speak.


      jae 12:10 AM  

      Easy-medium for me.  Very nice Mon.  Only erasure:  SweaTS for SHORTS.  And only two things gleaned from crosswords: DEKE and IBEX.  

      I guess my expectations are lower than Rex's on Mon.  I'm just looking for smooth and easy enough for my granddaughter to do with a bit of help from google.  This one is just fine.

      And, speaking of apostrophes, I just did a puzzle in a Peter Gordon book where the theme involved putting them in appropriate squares.

      Fine puzzle Ian!

      GILL I. 12:25 AM  

      OLE Livengood...!

      Ian Livengood 12:28 AM  

      "Mad About U...K" starring Paul Revere. AMIRITE??!?!

      retired_chemist 12:36 AM  

      Easy. I was closing in on, but barely missed, a sub-4 minute Monday. Just no challenge, even by Monday standards. The early reports at the NYT site seem to bear this out.

      Got about half the puzzle straight across, went to the NW, did enough downs to reveal BEACON HILL, and that tipped off all the theme answers. I know Boston reasonably well, but I don't think that mattered. No Bostonian subtleties here. No FRAPPES, no BIG DIG, THE PRU didn't make an appearance......

      Thanks, Mr. Livengood.

      Evan 1:13 AM  

      Interestingly enough, THE T -- what they call the local train system in Boston -- has never appeared as an answer in the Times puzzle. It's so short I might have expected it to show up at least once. I guess they figure that the New York-based readership will be much more apt to know ACELA and IRT and well as CTA and ELS for we Chicago folks.

      Found this one easy despite getting mixed up with MYNAH before MACAU before MACAW, and SEE before GET. I wasn't crazy about the theme itself but the fill is very well done.


      I'm going out on a limb here, but I seem to recall you made a similar comment last month involving JIBS. That entry in June was at 1-Across, today's is at 1-Down. I don't think of it as crosswordese. Any reason in particular why you don't like it?

      I've learned from doing these puzzles that the NYT will never hesitate to use a high Scrabble-point letter when they can easily replace a lower one like at the top-right corner.

      chefwen 3:27 AM  

      Had this puppy done before my second sip of my 5:00 P.M. wine. Jon "the newbie" came in as a very close second. Thought he'd balk at 51D, but he nailed it, BOFFO. Got a little excited when I saw Ian Livengood as the constructor, I love his puzzles, this one was a little too Monday easy. That's a good thing for our beginning puzzle nuts.

      Thanks Ian!

      Where is our @Sparky, I miss her and her adorable avatar.

      Karl 3:47 AM  

      Baseball is not played in an arena. It is played in a park. At least it could have been clued "Ballfield"...

      Anonymous 6:13 AM  

      "The Hub" seems a grandiose nickname for Boston, assuming I've never come across it in my life.

      Anonymous 6:13 AM  

      *assuming = considering

      Anonymous 6:22 AM  

      Okay, but a bit meh.

      Anonymous 6:28 AM  

      "In a novel he wrote in 1858, Cambridge-born author and philosopher Oliver Wendell Holmes described the Massachusetts State House as the “Hub of the Solar System.” As society in Boston developed, the nickname developed into an even greater brand – “The Hub of the Universe.” The term of reference, shortened to “The Hub,” is seldom used today in daily conversation."

      dk 7:16 AM  

      Never heard of Bean Town being called THEHUB when I lived there. I do remember the lack of street signs other than the ones that said One Way.

      Wrote my honors english paper on Iconoclasm and 18th century American Lit. AHAB as you may imagine figured prominently.

      I could not write fast enough for this one… or I should say type as the paper version has yet to arrive. Yet an oddly pleasant outing.

      🌟🌟🌟 (3 Stars) Nice one Ian.

      Sean Dobbin 7:43 AM  

      Pretty good Monday, I'd say. As @Rex said, theme was pretty straightforward to be great for *me*, but not bad for the general Monday audience. And the fill was darn good.

      @Karl: you may need to be looser with your dictionary definitions. Also, "ballfield" would have made the clue much easier - maybe too easy in the editor's opinion.

      Rob C 7:57 AM  

      Easy Monday. Great fill. Straightforward theme. Wonder if this was created after the bombing in April? Maybe it would have been more meaningful if it was held to run next Patriot's Day.

      Never heard THE HUB. Thanks for the explanation Anon 6:28.

      I liked ACT NOW next to PAUL REVERE. Reflects the sense of urgency associated with his ride. Have you seen the cell phone commercial with Paul Revere - not sure which company, but funny.

      The Jr High schooler in me loved BLOW and REAR next to BAKED BEANS.

      Bob Kerfuffle 8:00 AM  

      I had a genuine LOL at the circled M and A (wait a minute -- could it be?)

      So now I have three questions - For Those Who Know: What is or was the lowest number of circled/shaded squares used in a NYT crossword before today's two?

      For the Imaginative Ones: Could there be a credible use of a single circle in a puzzle, or has it already been done?

      And finally: Is Ian Livengood our own M&A?

      Unknown 8:04 AM  

      I thought it was easy, smooth and dull. Little moments like JADE/JIBS providing the only succor. I liked HALER, as I view it as a usage more common across the pond. Also, AHAB has a nice whiff of Nantucket. Perfectly fine Monday for me.

      Milford 8:05 AM  

      Fastest Monday ever, at 6:25 (I know that's pretty slow for many here, but hey, I'll own it).

      And yet there were some unfamiliar terms along the way like THE HUB, HALER, SKAT, BOFFO...HEEL TAP sounds like a tap dance step, but I think that's HEEL Toe. But obviously the crosses took care of everything.

      Loved HOB NOB and ACT NOW. I also love a scrabbly feel on an easy day.

      @Rob C. I also wondered if this had been written post- marathon and was meant as a tribute of sorts.

      jberg 8:09 AM  

      How can I complain about seeing my city featured in this nice easy puzzle? Plenty of fun, and as for 1A surely JADE is more of a gimme, with that clue, than fADE would have been.


      There're no beans in Boston;
      Plenty of fish
      Chinese food if that's your wish
      Steaks and chops are a beautiful fare
      But - just couldn't find any Boston beans there.

      -Peggy Lee

      My only problem was that I'd always thought St. Paul wrote Acts - I had to look it up after I finished to accept that it was right.

      @Karl, FENWAY PARK is clued in the paper as a stadium, not an arena - is it different in the online version?

      Glimmer glass 8:13 AM  

      Fun to see St. Luke and St. Anlee on the same line in a usually boring Monday.

      joho 8:15 AM  

      Loved the opening mix of JADE/JIBS/IBEX.

      Adding to that corner "Well, EXCUSEME" brought back funny memories of Steve Martin.

      The patriots FREED us from paying more taxes so we would have more MONEY and not go into DEBT.

      PAULREVERE rode a HORSE.

      And Nathan HALE(R), while not from BOSTON was definitely a revolutionary hero.

      This was more straightforward than Ian's usual fare but solid and a perfect Monday level puzzle. Thanks, Ian! (And congratulations on your new marriage!)

      Norm C. 8:22 AM  

      Don't know about anyone else, but my doctor has me SAY AH _during_ a throat exam, not before.

      jackj 8:25 AM  

      When JADE, MACAW, APED, IBEX and CAGE seemed to be signaling the beginning of a tribute to pre-Shortz editor Eugene Maleska, I cringed, until BEACONHILL reared its head and provided another reason to cringe as a Boston tribute puzzle seemed in the offing.

      What a strange conglomeration of entries for a city featuring itself loudly and proudly as “Boston Strong” after the bout of terrorism that ravaged the Boston Marathon.


      Brahmins will be AGHAST that anyone would think that such an entry is in any way representative of their beloved “city upon a hill”, as proclaimed by John Winthrop in a 1630 sermon that launched the idea that this new country was destined to be something special, with the whole world watching.

      So, no, BAKEDBEANS don’t cut it (well, they do but, well, you know); sorry, time to move on.

      Quickly now, we must note that Ian left a perfectly good theme entry in a doctor’s examining room when SAYAH might have been cleverly clued as “Speak like a native of 43 across”.

      And, admittedly, THEHUB was nice as far as it went, bearing in mind though that the correct phrase is “Boston, The Hub of the Universe”.

      Actually, this was a fun puzzle and, in truth, we of the Bay State say thank you to Ian and Will for saluting our beloved “Beantown”, with equal thanks for not including any snickering references to “Taxachusetts”.

      B Donohue 9:10 AM  

      Having lived in the Boston area for 9+ years now, I loved the theme!

      HEELTAP and HALER were new to me. Very, very fast solve for me.

      FYI-- I'm not sure that BAKED BEANS are consumed more in Boston than elsewhere in the US.

      North Beach 9:13 AM  

      Boston ex-pat here. THEHUB to me was a gimme. Often heard it growing up there, almost as much as The Pru.

      @jackj: Boston BAKEDBEANS are def. a thing. I can't stand 'em and my Boston roots are always questioned when I express my distaste. They sell souvenir crocks to tourists and then there's the Beanpot Tourney in college hockey. Why do you s'pose they call it Beantown?

      I also "balked" at the Stadium clue (online) for FENWAYPARK. I thought I'd have to come up with whatever Boston Garden is called now or Foxboro.

      An easy, enjoyable puzzle for this Masshole…

      chefbea 9:15 AM  

      Fun easy Monday. Never heard of Horse as a basket ball game...thought it would be WOD.

      My two favorite TV programs are Big band theory and CSI

      Ever had a baked bean sandwich??? My husband's favorite.

      Delaware 9:20 AM  

      A puzzle that not only recognizes my home town of Boston and my beloved Red Sox who play at Fenway (GO Sox!) but also throws in my adopted home state of Delaware. Be still my heart! So here we are in Boston
      Home of the baked bean and
      Where the Cabots speak only
      to Lodges
      And the Lodges speak only to

      Z 9:23 AM  

      @Glimmerglass - I am pretty sure that you can get a ST. ANLEE statue at ComicCon.

      @chefbea - HORSE is a game where you try to make the same shot as your opponent just did. If you miss, you get a letter. When you have spelt HORSE you've lost.

      Isn't there a Boston Baked Beans candy?

      North Beach 9:24 AM  

      Addendum: to me, SHORTS is a theme answer. In elementary school a friend of mine was so excited that they were getting SHORTS that day at school, envisioning fancy gym uniforms. In reality it was innoculation day. Think BOSTON accent…

      Z 9:26 AM  

      Why, yes there is.

      Unknown 9:28 AM  

      Another Boston ex-pat here, and oh, dear...

      Had BEACON HILL popped in right quick, which had me plop down BOSTON right after, and then of course had to see what the circles were and eeesh...the M and A just seemed so pathetic hanging out there.

      If English is your first language I don't understand labeling J and "exotic letter". Weird.

      I saw an IBEX in the wild once while visiting En beautiful.

      retired_chemist 9:47 AM  

      BEQ (I think) once did a puzzle in which the theme answers were based on Bostonian pronunciation. Loved that one.

      Carola 9:47 AM  

      Puzzle + comments...I SAY AHhh. Lovely start to the morning. Especially liked the combinations HOB NOB and ONE TWOS, the IBEX and MACAW (not MynAh), AHAB with his JIBS and PAUL REVERE with his HORSE. On the dark side: the cluster of PYROS + EXPERTS + FUELS.

      @Sandy K - On the PB puzzle: wow, tough! I have two gaps in the outer ring, one pie-slice segment filled in from edge to center and a couple more almost, and then lots and lots of white. Will keep at it. How about you?

      wa 10:10 AM  

      Extremely easy. I always like to see Ibex in the morning.

      Ever had a baked bean sandwich??? My husband's favorite.

      Please file a flight plan when he eats it next.

      cygnet 10:15 AM  

      Those who are unaware of The Hub as a Boston nickname have not looked at the Bruins logo. Always thought it fun that the hub of the universe should be referenced on the Bruins jerseys.

      Sandy K 10:45 AM  

      Liked the theme THO hand up for expecting a TRIBute- would've liked to see BOSTON strong. Other hand up for liking JADE/JIBS!

      BEACON HILL reminds me of "The Way We Were" where Katie and Hubble HOBNOBbed...

      @Carola- Missing 5 and 7 in outer ring. Have lots of words eg OPHELIA, GOLIATH, but can't figure out how to place them. Feels like an 8 to me!

      DBGeezer 10:59 AM  

      HUB may be unfamiliar in 2013, but when I lived in Cambridge in the 1940s, it was standard to say we were going to the HUB if we ever took the subway in that direction.

      OISK 11:11 AM  

      Perfect to be writing in "Fenway Park" at the moment when, right there at Fenway, the Sox were crushing the Bronx team in extra innings! A tribute to Boston was so apt! Very fast for me, under 5 minutes - normal Monday time is between 6 and 7. But I really enjoyed it.

      LaneB 11:55 AM  

      ,A nice clean Monday theme construct with all the theme words relevant and in perfect symmetry. A model for would-be constructors. A great relief after Saturdays total DNF. Thanks Mr. Livengood!(,,,??

      Notsofast 12:05 PM  

      So easy it could be a first puzzle for a beginner. I couldn't find much to smile about. And META is apparently the hot word now. Uninspired.

      Lewis 12:21 PM  

      A little double e theme going on, with five entries.

      Just right for Monday. No guile, no great knowledge required, pretty good chance of completion. Well done, Ian.

      ahimsa 12:22 PM  

      Easy and straightforward and yet still quite fun. So I really liked it. And Ian's comment ("Mad About U...K" starring Paul Revere) was hilarious!

      I liked learning that THE HUB is the nickname for Boston. (not a sports fan so I've never seen a Bruins jersey) Here in Oregon the nickname "Hub City" means Hillsboro, population about 90,000. (,_Oregon) Quite a difference. :-)

      @Z, I used to love that BOSTON BAKED BEANS candy when I was a kid! I had forgotten all about it so thanks for the link.

      Evan 12:31 PM  

      Correction to my earlier comment: I meant the top-LEFT corner.

      @Bob Kerfuffle:

      I believe the record for fewest circled squares in a puzzle is zero. But I think that's been done many times.

      In all seriousness, the March 4, 2004 puzzle had one circle in it. So did the one on March 18, 2010, but that was that to direct solvers to draw a picture by starting with the circled square and connecting it to the rebus squares in order.

      Carola 1:10 PM  

      @Sandy K - Had a breakthrough and "finished" (quotes because I didn't know how to spell Ring 8!). Let me know if you'd like a hint.

      Sandy K 1:31 PM  

      @Carola- I need more than a hint!
      Mine's a mess. I know, Ring 8- has 2 spellings...but I can't even get to Ring 2! You are brilliant!
      What is 5 and 7? And give me *something* from Ring 2 to get me started. Is it clockwise or counter? : [

      Carola 1:56 PM  

      @Sandy K - *SPOILER alert for PB's WSJ puzzle* 5 = council (my morning breakthrough); 7 = mess kit. Ring 2 goes counterclockwise. The first letter of the Victorian chapeaux goes in the middle space at the top of the ring, right under the left line of the #1 space in Ring 1. I had to abandon the outer rings for a while and work from the center out. Even though I had the wrong spelling in Ring 8, enough was right to let me build out a ways and that helped. "Brilliant," not hardly...more like dogged! Did a fair amount of "now what words can you make out of.....?" Good luck and happy chipping away!

      ReneePDX 2:25 PM  

      Nice easy Monday puzzle except did not know APED or DEKES and could not see TURK so I had to stare at that section a bit.

      Anoa Bob 2:31 PM  

      Has Mr. Kerfuffle unmasked Mr. Livengood?

      By placing two of the 10-letter themers Down and two Across, none of the four have to share letters with crossing non-themers. This really opens the grid up for maximum freedom in choosing the fill entries, and is why we see so many complimentary comments about its quality.

      Probably not Monday-friendly, but another HORSE game occurs in poker. It's actually a series of five games and is used to determine the best all-around poker player.

      I was reading about the 1906 Frisco earthquake and came across a possible new definition, again not Monday-friendly, for OLE.
      The maximum amount of movement along the fault was originally thought to have occurred near Olema. The name derives from "ole", the Miwok Indian word for "coyote".

      Kristin 4:18 PM  

      I am immeasurably proud of myself when I finish below 5:00 on a Monday. So, finishing this at 3:46 shattered all records. I'll thank five years of Boston life for that!

      sanfranman59 4:40 PM  

      Midday report of relative difficulty (see my 8/1/2009 post for an explanation of my method and my 10/15/2012 post for an explanation of a tweak to my method):

      All solvers (this week's median solve time, average for day of week, ratio, percentile, rating)

      Mon 5:20, 6:09, 0.87, 3%, Easy

      Top 100 solvers

      Mon 3:22, 3:46, 0.90, 5%, Easy

      mac 7:10 PM  

      Easy but fun, just what you expect from a quality Monday!


      NYer 8:00 PM  

      Hey does anyone know where Acme is???

      retired_chemist 9:25 PM  

      According to her Facebook page, Acme is in Las Vegas at a scrabble tournament.

      marcy 10:05 PM  

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      Ω 10:45 PM  

      Only 4 U's. So, no, this can't be an M&A creation.

      sanfranman59 2:28 AM  

      This week's relative difficulty ratings. See my 8/1/2009 post for an explanation and my 10/15/2012 post for an explanation of a tweak I've made to my method. In a nutshell, the higher the ratio, the higher this week's median solve time is relative to the average for the corresponding day of the week.

      All solvers (this week's median solve time, average for day of week, ratio, percentile, rating)

      Mon 5:21, 6:09, 0.87, 3%, Easy (6th lowest ratio of 188 Mondays)

      Top 100 solvers

      Mon 3:18, 3:46, 0.88, 3%, Easy (5th lowest ratio of 188 Mondays)

      Unknown 8:29 AM  

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      spacecraft 11:09 AM  

      [They're ba-a-ack] Wellp, nothin' to do but scroll down.

      Sometimes it is difficult to take the jolt from endweek "challenging"s to Monday gimme-grids. As I move along in experience, I seem to identify more and more closely with @I skip M-W. It's as if they were bending over double to make sure you GET it. Hard to believe OFL put a "medium" on this. Personally, my only slightest hesitation was HEELTAP. I know the HEEL is the partial shot left over in the BOTTLE, which in many places earns the customer a freebie, but HEELTAP is a new one on me. At first, seeing the lone circles at either side, I thought there'd be some reference to the famous signal ("one if by land," etc.). But it was just the state.

      Straightforward theme, pretty dense and so well constructed, but now I have to go make some coffee to wake up my brain. It hasn't done a lick of work yet this morning.

      Ginger 2:05 PM  

      @jberg I also thought Acts was written by StPaul, but perhaps that's because it's about him, not by him. paul to LUKE was my only write-over.

      @spacecraft - scroll, scroll, scroll

      This puzzle proves you can learn something even on a Monday. Did not know THEHUB. But I loved my visit to BOSTON, fun town. Learned to appreciate Sam Adams on tap. FENWAYPARK was an experience not to be missed.

      Thanks Ian, for the memories and the puzzle!

      DMG 2:07 PM  

      After my total wash-out on Saturday, this puzzle was a snap, and good for the morale. Only hesitation was surprise that first letter is a J, but put it in and solved top to bottom with a smile!

      @Carola and @Sandy: I'm impressed with your WSJ puzzle efforts. I have never even been able to understand the directions well enough to get started!! Well, I do do the acrostic, tho it takes more time than I'd like to admit.

      Solving in Seattle 3:57 PM  

      Love BOSTON, MA. IMO one of the most fun and interesting cities anywhere.

      Learned from OFL that a HEELTAP was the booze left over in a glass. Back when I was bartending (fake ID) my way through college we called the leftovers "corners" and poured them into a corners bucket that the morning cleanup guy took home with him. Sorry to share that.

      By Jove, I think it would be BOFFO if we could HOBNOB. Jolly good!

      Anybody know anybody who has ever actually seriously used those words in the last few decades?

      On the other hand, the META/MOUSEPAD crossing is somewhat current.

      Belated congratulations to today's constructor on his wedding.

      capcha: aagrati. A reluctant "thank you" somewhere in the Mediterranean?

      Ginger 4:07 PM  

      @DMG The Open is ON, and I will hibernate, as much as my schedule will allow, for the next 2 weeks.

      DMG 4:24 PM  

      @Ginger: I looked at the schedule and blanched- wish they could stretch it out over a longer, less intense period. As it is I took a minute from the delayed game to see what what was going on here. Did you see the article where a lot of the newer players are afraid Roger will quit before they have a chance to play him?

      Dirigonzo 4:28 PM  

      It's too bad 21a couldn't have been Bill 'Spaceman' LEE who pitched for the Red Sox from 1969 - 1978. (He subsequently went to Montreal, so maybe @Waxy will add more detail.) He was known for his wacky behavior and quotes, such as "I think about the cosmic snowball theory. A few million years from now the sun will burn out and lose its gravitational pull. The earth will turn into a giant snowball and be hurled through space. When that happens it won't matter if I get this guy out." Being from New England definitely made this puzzle a relative snap.

      Anonymous 3:24 AM  

      @Karl - Fenway wasn't clued "arena" but rather "stadium" which absolutely is a fair description of a baseball park - like "Dodger Stadium."

      I have a question, though: shouldn't the St. Luke clue give an indication that St. is abbreviated?

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