Sunday 11/20 puzzle—the correct .pdf

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Apparently the .pdf at the NYT site is messed up.

Use this:

Write-up forthcoming.



Evan K. 10:04 PM  
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Evan K. 12:54 AM  

I went to the Times site at 6:45 and printed out the .pdf: no slashes, AND the whole solution already presented, on a second page? The solution was the first thing I saw when the document printed out. I was fortunate enough to pay attention only to 1A.

Seems they've been making a lot of careless errors of late... Come on, guys.

chefwen 1:14 AM  

I printed out the PDF version and saw no slashes, so I then printed out the Across Lite version and drew my own little slashes in the circled squares. Worked like a charm.

Who didn't grin and think of @Tobias at 1A, I could almost hear the Grrrr all the way over here.

This one took me forever to button up but I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. Can't wait to read what our leader thought of it.

Totally messed myself up at 108A by putting in crazy8BALL. Took me way too long to figure out that the Z wasn't going anywhere. Felt like a fool when I finally remembered MAGIC 8 BALL.

This was a lot more fun than yesterdays HTG DNF. Actually, it was a TRIP and a half. Thank you Mr. Payne.

syndy 1:54 AM  

Drink your ovaltine! I just did this in acrosslite using "INSERT" and that worked fine. I couldn't remember my vitamins but figured out it wasn't 12.once you figure out the gimmick it goes pretty fast-not much resistance.not a fan-even if ARENA is back, My WOTD is HOREB!!use it in a sentence--PREMEAL is HOREB

blockhead 3:08 AM  

Had trouble with ANON for SHAK. But pretty easy other than EMEND. Not familiar with that one.

Check out Cub's "Magic 8 Ball," Rex.

Anonymous 7:06 AM  

Fortunately, the stupid solution page had such small print I didn't read any of it and thus didn't ruin my solve. Why can't they just hire a decent programmer?

The puzzle was great.

Anonymous 11:15 PM  

Spacecraft here; this is going to be a most unusual post. My subject is the puzzle that appeared in syndication today, Christmas Day, 2011. It was by Patrick Merrell, and the title was "AGAIN?" I cannot find this puzzle's writeup anywhere, so I'm posting here.
This I rated as medium-challenging. The theme, adding an "A" to familiar phrases ("A"-GAIN) to create wacky phrases, clued ?-style, was not immediately easy to find. After many an aborted start at various places around the grid, I finally made some headway in the SE, and when I saw __________TEROIDS, I recalled a rather exciting Scrabble play I once made, getting a bingo by making "asteroids" out of the bingo my opponent had just made with "steroids." After that get, things opened up a bit. Despite those ZANIES the ZUNIS (I've seen better crosses made with fingers in a Dracula movie), I got through it with NOPROBLEM. My favorite cross--maybe of the year--has to be STJOES/RIJN.
Again, sorry if I'm blogging in the wrong place, but I simply could not find the right one.

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