Don't Call It a Comeback

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger was Dead. It's not any more. New blog post up ASAP.

Thanks for the "Are you OK?" mail. I really appreciate it.



Anonymous 12:49 PM  


Anonymous 12:59 PM  

When you weren't here this morning, I figured it was the rapture (8 days early), and went back to bed.


Masked and Anonymous 1:15 PM  

@31: So, how's Friday the 13th goin' for you so far?

Maybe they oughta call it "Clogger".

Cool FriPuz, with no clue #13, etc. Superb long stuff. Got yer SST, SSN and SSS. Thumbs up.

Anonymous 11:03 PM  

Thought it was a very good theme/puzzle. Why the complaints? Flew thru fairly easily. I knew FIXED STARS right away as well. For a Friday, definitely on the easy side. I think Rex is still reeling from the Blogger problems. The 13 missing from the grid is pretty cool given the theme and irrelevant in terms of solving. I agree with the earlier poster that the Thursday theme was awesome.

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