About Tomorrow's Puzzle ...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

About Tomorrow's Puzzle ...

For online solvers, here is a link to the grid as it appears in the paper, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2010:




lit.doc 9:52 PM  

@Rex, thanks for another heads-up. I assume it's no coincidence, but I've been working on the second Sunday puzzle ("Going Too Far" by Eric Berlin) and it uses the same gray-square device. Still (after dinner+drinks+eons) have six empty squares and some questionables, and don't have all of the Updike quotation yet. Is NYT escalating in response to the LAT, I wonder?

George NYC 10:41 PM  

The squares were so small that I scanned the puzzle and put it on my living room wall with an overhead projector. Worked great til I got to those two long downs...oh oh.

AMO 1 12:05 PM  

My edition of Sunday's puzzle has a different bottom left: 124D was Tot tenders (NANAS), 126D= Motor-driven (POWER)

124A - Quick refresher (NAP, which worked with the second ALOE answer at 135A, salve ingredient

I live in NYC and the paper is delivered.

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