Happy New Year

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Word Cloud for the last day of 2009 ...

Wordle: RPDec3109


mac 12:57 AM  

Haven't had the time to really look at this, but the first word that popped out at me was "Breckinridge".

xyz 9:34 AM  

Glad to hear that you struggled, Rex, because ... for me it was impossible. Fridays are my sticking point anyway, but this one was, at least to me, waaay harder than the usual Friday.

eh, try again

Happy New Year, I really do enjoy this place.

xyz 10:20 AM  

This was meant for 1.1.10 puzzle, ooops

dk 12:27 PM  


You may also enjoy IBM's Many Eyes. I use tools/toys such as these to analyze qualitative information for themes (e.g., your blog and our posts, tweets and facebook posts). The themes identified can then be used in a text analyzer to determine affinities and attributes (e.g., positive or negative).

An interesting approach to text data analysis answering the age old question: Whatca talkin bout?

Howard B 4:52 PM  

After a quick glance, I see that UGSOME is hiding in there, and far away, it's also nice to see PuzzleGirl making an appearance elsewhere in the cloud!

Oh, Happy New Year!

fikink 10:00 AM  

A cool thing, Rex, and pleasing to the eye.
Thanks for the site, too - and thanks, DK, for "Many Eyes" - I will check it out.

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