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Friday, July 31, 2009


Singer 12:47 PM  

Hey, Rex - I see a new place for syndicated comments. I will post the same thing I posted at the end of the regular comments. It looks like we have to open both threads to comment, and we don't get your comments at the start, which would be nice to have. Here is what I posted on the other thread:

Well, I thought it was challenging. I agree that a lot of the clues were just vague and not misdirective as would be expected in a good Friday or Saturday puzzle. I still liked the puzzle. I got SALMAHAYEK off the bat, but misspelled her name as SeLMA. I had 'check' instead of IPASS for a long time. Fortunately I am old enough to remember John Cameron Swayze because I learned about LEiDEN JARS in my science class. Never saw it spelled LEYDEN before today. Oh, and nev3er heard of ASICS, maybe because I live in Nike Town. I do have a it of an objection to LGA as a New York centric answer. Most of us who do this puzzle are from the rest of the country. However SCHMEAR goes on bagels in Portland, Oregon too. For me the most difficult part of this puzzle was the south - it took me well over half the time to do the bottom three rows.

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