Late post today — sorry!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog post might not be up right at 9:00 this morning, but it won't be much later. Patience, people!


Parshutr 8:33 AM  

'sokay, puzzlegirl, I've been done for an hour now. Thanks for the headsup.
You're the blogger, you get to comment before the followers.

dk 8:40 AM  

At last a blog post even @evil doug will like... whoops nothing is up yet.

This puzzle was so much fun I found myself jumping around the grid solving hither and yon.

I was pleased to see us WASPs get our day in the sun. Please no racist comments you know how sensitive SAXONs are.

I imagine Rex under a sea of little umbrellas wondering where the tattoo of a crossword grid came from. (if only Emily was still...)

Great job Berry.

fikink 8:58 AM  

treedweller, if you come here later in the day, tell us about your experiences with "catkins," please - I am finding another word, "ament" - good crosswordese! Are they synonymous?

Parshutr 9:10 AM  

While we're waiting, sad news from baseball...Mark "The Bird" Fidrych is dead at 54, found under a Mack truck that he'd been working on.

retired_chemist 12:46 PM  

Nice puzzle - shouldn't have taken me almost 9 min but it did. The writeup is the real treat, however. ACME, lady, you did it again!

MARCUS WELBY was a Geezer Gimme, SAJAK should be a gimme for geezers young and old, and the fill was all fair. Fun, right on for Tuesday IMO.

retired_chemist 12:51 PM  
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