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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I only just now came across a host of "Return to Sender" thank-you cards that were rejected either because a. the address I had was wrong, or b. I forgot that Canada, despite being much closer to me than California, requires extra postage. So if you are:

G. McDougall, J. Feng, C. Kaye, or J. Krasnick (wink), the sled dogs / polar bears / whoever carries your mail should be bringing you a card from me soon.

If you are:

J. Loughridge, M. Roszak, or D. Hunter, I need a new address from you.

I should have been on this in late summer, but ... stacks of paper have this horrible way of getting buried around here.



Shanti11 3:06 AM  

I live in a new residential area in Calgary, and I have to walk around the block to pick up my mail. Looking forward to receiving a card from Rex Parker will make those walks all the more enjoyable!

embien 7:09 PM  

I never got a card for my contribution last June 6. Perhaps my name wasn't recognized because I'm syndicated and therefore don't post much?

I don't necessarily need a specific "thank you", just want to make sure you received my contribution (small though it was).

Rex Parker 8:07 PM  

I have an email address right there in the sidebar, plain as day, red letters. If there is any problem / question / concern you have, feel free to communicate with me that way.


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