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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou


mac 10:26 PM  

What in the world is this? Are we being censored? Big brother? This is just incredible, did you check out the one-plus-you link? It's a dating service. Did this just appear on Rex's blog or did Rex put in in?

Rex Parker 10:33 PM  

Thanks for your concern and vigilance, mac, but I put it there. I stumbled onto the test and thought it was funny. I have no idea what "OnePlusYou" is. I just like the idea that some bot somewhere thinks my site is profane.


mac 10:45 PM  

Thanks for responding, Rex, your blog is just profane enough for most of us, I bet. Enjoy tomorrow!

Joon 12:38 AM  

it's that m*********ing pottymouth elkies, i tell you.

QBParis 3:22 AM  

Well, gosh darn... I rated a 0%... maybe I better spice it up a little!

Anonymous 9:32 AM  

How (why) is defeat...WORST?

Anonymous 11:28 AM  

huh...so 16% is considered high? I wonder what they rate blogs in which people curse multiple times in each entry?

Anonymous 10:14 PM  

Joon @12:38AM:

Hey, keep my m***** the [cuss] out of this!


Anonymous 2:17 PM  

Where is the post for 0703?

I'm stuck and I hate not getting a litle nudge from others who are smarter than I am!

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