MONDAY, Dec. 25, 2006 - Adam G. Perl

Monday, December 25, 2006

Solving time: 7:09 (HA ha)

THEME: "Alphabet quartet" - ("55A: There's one in ..." all the theme answers)

Amy's computer is in her kitchen (well, one of her computers, anyway) and so I have to solve standing semi-hunched over her kitchen counter. I have already told you of the temperamental keyboard. So take the 7:09 time as you will. It's Xmas. I'm too full of Pillsbury Orange Rolls and coffee to care.

28D: Danish birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson (Odense)

I did not know this. Not only that, I don't think I knew that ODENSE was the name of any city anywhere. My Danish ignorance is coupled by my business ignorance (BIZIGNORANCE), so I could never have gotten 35A: Wall St. Deal (LBO) without the crosses, though I am guessing that it refers to Leverage(d?) Buy-Out, something I've heard of while flipping past CNBC or other newzish station with too many graphix and tickers and useleses data floating across the screen.

29D: Sacred choral work (motet)

This answer sits in the middle of the grid. Or stands, rather, like a cross ... without the cross bar. Although ... you could argue that the cross (37A: "See? ... huh, huh?" [Get it?]) is in fact a part of this puzzle's subliminal message, asking you to SEE the "Sacred" message at the heart of the puzzle - three puzzles in a row with biblical significance at their cores. Many more of those answers in the middle of the puzzle can be read with Christian / Christmas significance. Christ gave his life for you, so you, technically, are the DONEE. Santa DOLES out gifts, creating a festive holiday MILIEU for all to share. Not sure how GORE fits in ... although he would likely make a good Santa, as his weight has lately become an Inconvenient Truth.

18D: Japanese cartoon style (Anime)
41D: Nintendo's The Legend of _____ (Zelda)

Little something for the teens, tweens, and other shut-ins who prefer the world of fantasy to that of reality - and in symmetrical answers, no less. Nice.

1A: Up to the task (able)
64A: Comic Sandler (Adam)

For those who doubt that the puzzle has Gone Biblical lately, behold! In the ALPHA and Omega ("See? ... huh, huh?") Across answers of today's puzzle, we have ADAM and his good (if misspelled) son ABLE. Not only that - where is Cain? Why no Cain? Well, if you look to the far EAST of your puzzle, you will find out why:

And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of NOD, on the east of Eden. (Genesis 4: 16)

Thank you and good night! Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and warm holiday greetings for the rest of you pagan suckers! (seriously, Happy Holidays)

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld

P.S. R.I.P. to the King of Soul, Mr. James Brown


Rex Parker 10:15 AM  


Linda G 11:01 AM  

Beat your time today (a first!), but only because I had a computer advantage. Doing this in the future (February 5) -- or am I in the past?

Did NOT like seeing AGE and OLD in the puzzle (who wants to be reminded?) but loved the theme answers. Got 17A immediately (BTW, we cruised to Bermuda a couple of years ago, and Regis was in the cabin next to us). Got ALPHABETQUARTET, then the other theme answers fell into place.

Probably shouldn't get so excited about doing a Monday puzzle, huh?

Rex Parker 12:36 PM  

Was AGE OLD in Dec. 25 puzzle? If so, that is an EERIE coincidence...

[For said coincidence, see today's puzzle, Feb. 5, 2007]


Linda G 1:01 PM  

As two separate words, though. I just finished up today's and see the EERIE coincidence you mentioned. Today's AGEOLD is roughly in the same area as DONUTS was in the December 25 puzzle. I say that only because I've read of your love for same. Did you read that Consumer Reports dissed Dunkin Donuts coffee?

And a Merry Christmas to you from the past!

Rex Parker 1:09 PM  

Yes, Merry Xmas to you, too. Speaking of allegedly religious holidays, I am giving up coffee for Lent. No, I'm not Catholic, but my wife and I have been giving things up for the past ... well, just once. Last year. It was fun / challenging. So this year, my thing to give up is coffee. I started today, actually, even though it's not Lent (and again, by "today," I mean Feb. 5, 2007). So far so good.

Dunkin's coffee is, in fact, overrated. But it's terribly comforting to me somehow. It's as if I had it as a baby and now it functions as comfort food. Only I'm pretty sure my mom didn't feed me coffee. Pretty sure. Cranberry juice, yes. Milk, yes. Coffee was self-inflicted at a later date (college).

Anonymous 1:58 PM  

Linda G -- too lazy to sign in. Give up coffee, OMIGOD (fill from some puzzle some time). My acupuncturist and chiropractor both told me to quit and the inflammation/pain in my shoulder (nonstop for two months) would disappear. I couldn't bring myself to do it, but if you and your wife can (and I was Catholic as a child, so that might help), maybe just knowing that someone (or two) out there is quitting as well might give me the boost I need. Lord knows my husband won't quit during tax season! Hope to see reports in your blog from time to time so I/we can track your progress. Best of luck to you both!

Rex Parker 9:49 PM  

Yes, inflammation. Knees. But in general, I think coffee just amps me up, or rather keeps me a little edgier / more stressed than I'd like to be. I do love it, but ... I'm going a month without it. We'll see. Good thing I really like green / black tea.


essay best 12:40 PM  

Did not like seeing AGE and OLD in the puzzle, but loved the theme answers. I just finished up todays and see the spooky coincidence you mentioned

liza 6:45 AM  

nice post

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