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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am about to do the puzzle, this second, 8:21 a.m. EST, but I wanted to write this little note to send good vibes out into the universe for my wife, Sandy, who has a day-long interview for a new job today. So starting at 9 a.m., you are all required to visualize my wife impressing the hell out of the search committee (you can decide what that looks like). Not that she needs your help - I just thought it would be a nice gesture. I'm bragging about my wife now, instead of after the committee makes its decision, because, frankly, the committee's decision has zero to do with my wife's worth, which is immeasurable. I mean, she can knit, bake scones, do puzzles, manage the emotional and intellectual lives of about a dozen over-extended and mildly insane high-school seniors, raise a beautiful daughter, and (once the karate really begins to kick in) kick my ass. Plus, she is smoking hot. Good luck, honey. And remember: Wax on, Wax off! And sweep the leg!



Linda G 11:24 AM  

By now Sandy is two hours into the gruesome day-long interview, but wanted you to know that good thoughts were heading her way from Colorado. It's always nice when husbands are supportive, especially the nice comment about their decision/her worth. Been there, done that -- and those sorry bastards lost a good one! But my sweet husband loves me and is enjoying the benefits of my voluntary (unpaid) sabbatical.

Orange 12:46 PM  

Karma is on her side: This very morning, a blogger friend posted a link to this Karate Kid–inspired video.

Shaun 8:34 PM  

I presume you will not leave us all hanging and will let us know how things went, what happens, what the job is, etc.

Howard B 9:43 PM  

Very, very late here, but still hoping all went well.

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