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Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey, everyone, it's an Annabel day and boy am I excited! Not only was this a great puzzle, but I went to my first convention this month - Katsucon - and it was loads of fun. I got to meet the creator of one of my favorite webcomics, bought a new poster print for my room, and there were so many amazing costumes! Here I am in mine.*

Constructor: Andrea Carla Michaels

Relative difficulty: Easy

THEME: "Triple L" — Theme words had three L's.

Theme answers:
  • STILL LIFE (17A: C├ęzanne's "The Basket of Apples," e.g.)
  • CALL LETTERS (23A: Radio station identification)
  • MELL LAZARUS (51A: "Momma" cartoonist)
  • TWO-L LLAMA (61A: "A beast," according to Ogden Nash)

Word of the Day: ECHOS (52D: Pioneering 1960s communications satellites) —
Project Echo was the first passive communications satellite experiment. Each of the two American spacecraft, launched in 1960 and 1964, was a metalizedballoon satellite acting as a passive reflector of microwave signals. Communication signals were bounced off them from one point on Earth to another. The Echo satellite program also provided the astronomical reference points required to accurately locate Moscow. This improved accuracy was sought by the US military for the purpose of targeting intercontinental ballistic missiles. (wikipedia)
• • •

Definitely one of the most fun puzzles I've solved in a while. Props to Andrea Carla Michaels for using her own NAMES  for that answer's clue (34A: Andrea, Carla and Michael)! Not to mention PHIAL's spelling;  never even saw that before. But OHGOD, am I ready for the era of ERA, especially with predictable clues like  "measure of time" or "time in history," to be over. Also, I ended up stuck on the northeast corner for a while (for some reason, that corner always trips me up?), but I loved the southwest corner with its proliferation of O's.

Not a lot to say about the theme. Typicalll, simpllle Monday.

  • 61A: "A beast," according to Ogden Nash (TWOLLLAMAS) — Okay, how could I see this and not address the fact that the llamas got lloose in Arizona and everyone talked about it so much that #llamadrama becomes a trending hashtag (the best ever, in my opinion) on Twitter? I mean, come on. The llamas were even crossword colors. Here, have a 26-minute long video of the llama chase...because apparently that exists.
[but the best part is that I rode on a llama at Homestead Gardens once]
    • 31A: Layered hairstyle (SHAG) — I had honestly never heard of a shag before doing this puzzle and had to guess at this one for a while. My mom was shaking her head at me because my sister was watching Scooby-Doo, with Shaggy and his shag haircut, right in front of me. Maybe she's just old. (Rex, don't tell her I said that!!) 
    • 18A: Exams for future attnys. (LSATS) — Omigod you guys, with this word bisecting EMMETT, Elle Wood's love interest, I just couldn't not post some LEGALLY BLONDE!(This is totally what college is going to be like, right?)
    ["but, first you'll need an LSAT score of more than 174" ...see...posting songs from this musical is totally relevant]
    • *9A: Ponzi scheme, e.g. (FRAUD) — Okay, so I didn't actually link to pictures, I just Rickrolled you all. Because, y'know, I'm a fraud. And also because ASTLEY (50D: Rick with the #1 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up") was one of the clues. The Katsucon part wasn't a fraud, though!! That was seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done. I cosplayed (nerd-convention slang for "dressed up as") April Ludgate from Parks and Rec, and my friend was Tom Haverford. Good times.
    Shout-out to MELL LAZARUS, the "Momma" cartoonist, because it's my "Momma" 's birthday on Thursday! I'm sure Rex will send her a BFF present.

    Signed, Annabel Thompson, tired high school student. Live long and prosper. (To Leonard Nimoy's ghost: I'm sorry about that time I put a figurine of you in my shoe.)


    Ferris Bueller 12:07 AM  

    As I was reading today's writeup, I was wondering, "Is Rex drunk? Is he on ecstasy? He seems so happy. So un-Rex-like."

    Then, I realized Annabel was doing a guest writeup. Nice job, Annabel! Like the puzzle itself, your review was fun and fair and done well.

    What a pleasure to read a review from somebody who still enjoys crossword puzzles.

    Steve J 12:18 AM  

    As usual, Acme delivers an excellent Monday puzzle. It went by super quick (just over 4 minutes for me, compared to my typical 5), but it was rock-solid. Theme's simple but has some nice terms, and there was good fill elsewhere.

    Figured with ASTLEY in the puzzle, we'd be subject to some Rickrolling. Annabel did not disappoint.

    Queenie 12:23 AM  

    Hey, Ferris! Why don't you just go ahead and leave Annabel out of your disturbing and obsessive, um, issue with RP? Mmmmm-kay? Thanks heaps. She's a (very clever, multi-talented) *child* who will be looking to see what commenters say. Not a pawn in whatever bizarre drama you have going on in your head. Are you his ex wife, or something?

    Annabel, great write up as always. You clearly have some positive adult influences in your life so I hope you aren't too bothered by our ever-present, never-pleasant anonymouse. Most grown ups are cooler than it.

    ACME! Great Monday!

    Moly Shu 12:53 AM  

    So glad @Annabel did the review. I was expecting @Rex's normal pan of an @Acme puzzle. I liked it, I like her puzzles. The LLL was cool.
    Btw @Annabel, nice try. I sniffed it out before almost falling for it.. Excellent review also, thx.

    chefwen 12:59 AM  

    Hi Annabel, another fun write up, and another great puzzle from our Monday Queen, ACME!!!

    Loved the three l theme, had to recite the Ogden Nash poem to Jon, he had never heard it. Go figure. I started reading a lot of his other poems and was told to cease and desist by Brother Mark and Jon. I was laughing my head off, that guy was funny.

    Great one Andrea, keep 'em coming.

    Karl 1:04 AM  

    RACKET? Not RACQUET? Is that an obsolete spelling now?

    jae 2:27 AM  

    Liked the puz, loved the write up, a fine Mon. all around!

    Oh, and medium-tough for me. Got bogged down in the SW for some reason?

    Queenie 2:41 AM  

    On a lighter note, my thought before opening the comments was: can the llama thing have been better timed? Freaky coincidence or...? I expect Tuesday to have the clue: The color of the dress. (WHITEANDGOLD).

    John Child 3:15 AM  

    Blue and black, @queenie! LOL (or should that be LLL today?)

    I got rick rolled. Shame on you Annabel! Thanks for another lllovely write up.

    A very nice Monday puzzle. It would have been elegant if it could have been filled without any other Ls besides the 12 in the theme answers.

    Thanks ACME!

    George Barany 4:08 AM  

    @Annabel...llovely! It's good to see a puzzle by my friend @ACME praised at this site. She shared with me the fact that her original clue for NAMES was: "Some folks like to drop them." Bloggers and commentators alike are well reminded that the final crossword product that appears in the newspaper and on-line is, in effect, a collaboration between the constructor(s), editor, and editorial team, so when something noteworthy pops up, it's not at all clear what individual to praise or blame for it.

    Thomas808 4:44 AM  

    Somebody has to post the end of the Ogden Nash poem, so here goes:

    "And I will bet a silk pajama
    There isn't any three-l lllama"

    Multiple auto-check issues with that, but I hope it gets through ok.

    Nice puzzle. Good review by Annabel. Thanks!

    Ellen S 4:44 AM  

    hey, @ACME and @Annabel, I'm with (dang, now I can't find the at-sign...) Moly and Chefwen, George and John -- fun puzzle and writeup. Nice way to start the week. If we're not going to be saying snarky things about Rex, I won't say, Annabel, it was impressive to see one of your tender years taking the Ogden Nash reference in stride; the English Prof often professes to have never heard of the literary references. Somewhere in my travels I lost my book of Ogden Nash poems: "The Golden Trashery of Ogden Nashery." I used to have a Walt Kelly collection, also lost, but at least I memorized the words to "Deck Us All With Boston Charlie."

    Loren Muse Smith 4:58 AM  
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    Loren Muse Smith 4:59 AM  

    Another great Monday by our well-loved Acme! As soon as STILL LIFE fell, I went off looking for the other triple L's. This kind of trick pleases me to no end.

    @Karl – on the lookout for a pangram, I kept trying to fit a Q in RACKET, too.

    Annabel – not on the lookout , I totally fell for that Rickroll link.

    Agree with Annabel – the utter serendipity of LLAMA's being in the grid is hilarious. This weekend I sat and watched that clip of the Great Llama Chase and laughed and laughed. Weird thing, though – everyone was saying they were white and black. I beg to differ. One was blue. One was gold. End of story.

    I could listen to people YODEL all day. Whatever it is that's going on back there in the throat is at once mystifying and compelling.

    Annabel - thanks for the write-up. Well done.

    Acme - @George said that the clued for NAMES wasn't yours. Either way, I loved it. And enjoyed your puzzle! Nice job! Now I have this inexplicable urge for a tall latte.

    pfb 5:21 AM  

    Loved the LLL answers but didn't even realize it until the Ogden Nash poem.

    I liked this puzzle and was shocked that Rex liked it so much (and then saw it was Annabel.

    Elle54 7:04 AM  

    Hi AcME! Loved your puzzle! Great job Annabel!

    Rug Crazy 7:30 AM  

    Didn't like the NAMES thing until I saw the write up. Thanks

    Frederic Ogden Nash 7:41 AM  

    The one-L lama, he's a priest
    The two-L llama, he's a beast
    And I would bet a silk pyjama
    There isn't any three-L lllama

    George 7:41 AM  

    Annabelle!! You rock and rickroll! Totally got me on that one. I'm still laughing.

    Sir Hillary 7:45 AM  

    What fun to get a fresh perspective on puzzles -- thanks, Annabel.

    Unfortunately, Annabel's write-up was the most enjoyable aspect of this puzzle. I know it's only Monday, but I just found the theme to be too thin.

    I did enjoy the NAMES clue, whoever decided to use it.

    Still, I can't teLL Lies -- this one wasn't weLL-Liked, at least not by me.

    Z 7:48 AM  

    ASTLEY crossing YODEL? EERIE.

    White and Gold. Sally is Blue and Black. No #llamadrama here, though. We're still married despite our differences. If you need a reminder on the limits of science, go look for the various and sundry explanations of why we see different colored dresses. There are so many ways of saying "I don't know."

    A fine Monday.

    jberg 7:56 AM  

    Normally, I look at the constructor's name first. In my mind, I believe that I always look at the constructor's name first. But today, I guess I didn't - because when I read the 34A clue, I looked up to see who was doing the shout-out, and lo, it was ACME herself. As it to be expected, a great, fun Monday puzzle, even without the Q.

    Other things I liked:

    The step-wise downward progression OH GOD - DAM - YODEL

    Reading 2D as "Kind of sex," when I had ALT already -- ALTE, maybe, for us geezers?

    Two days, two partials involving RYE--yesterday in the clue for THRO, today as the answer.

    The bonus Ls in LLOSA.

    But, "Shakespeare, FOR ONE?" @TheBard isn't going to like that, if he ever comes back!

    Annabelle, it was a great writeup! Come back often! And, yes, I fell for it.

    joho 7:58 AM  

    I LLLOLLL at the clue for NAMES applauding Andrea's in-your-face, audacious NAME dropping. No matter who clued it, it's funny!

    LLLoved the LLL theme!

    Has anybody done a RRR theme where you roll your RRRs?

    AnnabeLLL, great write-up and you totaLLLy got me!

    GILL I. 8:05 AM  

    No You Tube @Z???? I want to see ASTLEY at least 5 times today.....
    @Karl....I wish we had seen RACQUET then my hunt for Q would be over.
    @Queenie....Blue and Brown...
    Who doesn't like a bunch of LLL's, Andrea and Annabel on a Monday?
    It's ASSAD day AMIE if you've never tried MOET & Chandon...
    I miss you Andrea....and I forgive you for leaving out that Q.

    Roo Monster 8:14 AM  

    Hey All !
    Ack! I've been Rickrolled! Totally looking forward to a pic of Annabel, then Mr. Rick pops up! Like they said in "Dude, Where's My Car?" ... Riiiiiiiick.

    I thought the clue for the NAMES was awesome! I fully attribute it to ACME! So there!

    Liked the puz. Easy, I was also stopped for a bit in the SW, S middle. AMWAY took a while to see, and wanted biLL for MELL holding me up, plus the (Natick?) of ECHOS/ASSAD. But, sussed it all out!

    Tried Downs only today, but with my predilection of needing to read all clues (as in, don't like when things fill automatically without reading clue first) went to the Acrosses as things were beginning to fill in! But still a neat way to solve a MonPuz.


    chefbea 8:22 AM  

    Just yesterday I was thinking...We haven't had a puzzle from Acme in a while...and voila.

    Great puzzle and great write-up. Loved the names clue and of course we had to have scrabble in a puzzle from Andrea!!

    Z 8:29 AM  

    @Gill I - Our hostess did such a wonderful job that any rick roll attempt on my part could only be a pale shadow.

    GILL I. 8:33 AM  

    Damn you, @Z...You made me open it!

    AliasZ 8:41 AM  

    So good to see ACME, if only in the byline.

    Loved the LLL theme, although I would not consider MELL LAZARUS a Monday name. Perhaps Wed. or later. But then, I am not much of a comic strip enthusiast, even Al Capp I know only from puzzles. I caught on to the LLL early on with CALLLETTERS, which is the way it is supposed to be on Mondays.

    Best entry today: the two-L LLOSA. I also liked ERIE and EERIE, ELSE and ELSIE, the old-looking PHIAL, and the cute self-referential NAMES clue, which according to ACME at xwordinfo was all Will's doing.

    RACKET reminded my of Fawlty Towers. Don't worry, I am not Rickrolling you. "RACKET red GLARE" seems an oddly familiar combination of words but can't put my finger on where I've heard it before...

    Speaking of Brahms, you should give his ALTO Rhapsody a listen, written as a wedding gift for Robert and Clara Schumann's daughter, Julie. It isn't not the most uplifting music ever composed, bearing more than a hint of regret and sadness perhaps due to the composer's feelings for Julie, but ends in a beautiful hymn-like melody with a hint of resignation that offers quiet resolution.

    ISIT here on my ANISE ASSAD as can be because I misplaced my PHIAL containing all the clever one liners I have written down. So the only thing left for me to say is that I really enjoyed this breezy and typically ACME-like puzzle from the Queen of Mondays. I love her clean puzzles by, which always have an impish wink in them, and a joie de vivre, the trademark of her style.

    Happy Monday, all.

    Steve M 9:05 AM  


    L 9:20 AM  

    Always happy to start the week with a rickroll! Easy puzzle, lovely writeup. And now I'm fondly recalling my shag 'do.

    Leapfinger 9:46 AM  

    A PHIAL usually contains a PHiltre, and I loved this potion that ACMe brewed today. Nice Annambellishment also.

    An addendum to the LLAMA series: Nash himself had a footnote to the poem, recognizing the existence of 3-L LLAMA fires. [Hadn't time to look that up, so don't beat on me if the transcription is off.]

    @EllenS, I've managed to hold onto my Golden Trashery (a present on my 14th birthday, no joke), as well as a compendium of several Nash publications, a few well-thumbed Pogos, and an Al Capp of the original Shmoo history. Whenever I cull my book collection, there's not a moment's hesitation. All well-loved.

    Have a well-lived Monday, all-y'alll.

    Everett Wolf 10:02 AM  

    @Ferris: agreed
    @Queenie: you've got some growing up yet to do

    Bob Kerfuffle 10:18 AM  

    Weird crossword synchronicity: Just within the last week or two, I encountered Mr. LAZARUS of 51 A in an M&A runtpuz, and noted the inconsistency encountered in whether his first name is MELL or MEL, as a close reading of this reference will show.

    Andrew Heinegg 10:22 AM  

    Amen to everything you wrote.

    Hartley70 10:23 AM  

    So very happy to start this week with a great write-up by Annabel, a tricky Ricky, and a super Monday Puzzle! Woohoo! It almost took my mind off my trip to the endodontist at noon.

    What I loved about this Monday is that several of the answers were complete unknowns to me. I've never heard of the cartoon or the cartoonist. I'm totally unfamiliar with the llamas by Nash. EZRA? Who what where when why is all I can say. And I got a lovely chuckle at NAMES. The cluing seemed fresher than usual for a Monday, so thanks for the fun Andrea!

    Queenie 10:32 AM  

    On the other hand, it is true that rex is often unnecessarily nasty and it IS nice to see a fresh perspective. It seems I am the one obsessed with strange inappropriate attitudes towards young solvers. Thanks Annabel and sorry for my ridiculous outburst. I need a cup of coffee.

    Carola 10:35 AM  

    I agree! (Delightful puzzle and write-up). A harder than usual Monday for me - went astray with Pin, didn't know REISER or MELLLAZARUS.

    On the extra wit front, I enjoyed ELSIE singing her MOO -LA (note left over from yesterday). I hadn't been aware of the LLAMA drama - funny "commentary" in the grid about the coincidence of news and puzzle: "OH GOD - TWO L-LLAMA LOOSE! DAM EERIE!"

    Thank you, @acme and Annabel for the fun.

    retired_chemist 10:56 AM  

    Footnote (paraphrased) to

    "And I would bet a silk pyjama
    There isn't any three-L lllama"

    "Someone has brought to the author's attention that there is a type of conflagration known as a 'three-alarmer,' To which the author says, 'pooh.'"

    retired_chemist 10:57 AM  

    BTW nice puzzle, ACME; nice writeup, Annabel.

    Joseph Michael 11:03 AM  

    LLLovely puzzle and write up.

    mac 11:07 AM  

    What a perfect Monday team, Andrea and Annabel!

    Yes, I was Rickrolled too.

    I didn't know Emmett, Ezra en Mel, but it all filled itself in quickly. Good puzzle day!

    Aketi 11:28 AM  

    Annabel - always love reading your blog!!

    I haven't yet met a three LLLed llama but I have met alpacas, vuncunas and guanacos when I was doing my field work for my Masters degree. In between our field surveys, we'd recuperate in Cusco and sip capucinos and watch the tourists. We'd routinely make bets on who could spot the tourists who wore clothes with the most number of llamas.

    I was once offered 30 llamas for my hand in marriage by the mayor in one of the pueblos I randomly selected for our survey. Of course that was the same guy that offered up the Peruvian equivalent of Rocky Mountain oysters for our lunch so I didn't take him up on his offer.

    mathguy 11:31 AM  

    I tried to get The Closer to do the whole puzzle last night, but when Downton Abbey came on she lost interest and dropped it in my lap.

    Airymom 11:47 AM  

    Just saw "Whiplash" Saturday night and today Paul Reiser is in the puzzle. We are both '77 alumni of Binghamton--where Rex teaches. Just a fun way to start the week.

    Good puzzle, nice write-up by Annabel.

    Another school closing day, due to ice. I think the school year will be extended to July, at this rate. More bad weather by mid-week.

    Roo Monster 12:04 PM  

    Just as an aside... Today has great puzzle Birthdays! Born on this day was Pope Leo XIII, Pope Pius XII, and Mel Ott. Trifecta, for youse.


    Bird 12:06 PM  

    A fine puzzle and write-up today. Cute clue for 34A. Easily entered MASK at 36D until I met Mr. Holder at 46A. Hesitated a tad at 25A thinking it should be M EMMETT, but that was Mr Walsh.

    Side note to constructors and editors: My wife owns a hair salon and colorists are referred to as colorists. They are never referred to as DYERS.

    GILL I. 12:27 PM  

    @Aketi...Wow, I would have loved to have been offered some cowboy caviar huevos in marriage. Just deep fry those puppies and have a side of anticuchos...they'll make you sing!
    Great story....

    Anonymous 12:45 PM  

    I thought the last line was "and a three-L lllama is a big southern fire."

    Masked and Anonymo3Us 12:50 PM  

    Yo, @Blue'Bel! Would notta pegged U for a RickRoller, girl.

    @BobK: See? U learn so much, from the runtz.

    Yo, @Acme! Or should we just call yah "NAMES", fno? har. Great MonPuzzllle. Always a pleasure, darlin.

    @muse: Glad U are back to bein regular, again. U are the cinnamon roll of the Comment Gallery.

    Ok. Blue'Bel pretty much nailed the landin, on this puppy. Only need to fire off a coupla personal bullets...

    * fave weeject: ARI. Anything that's on the scoreboard is aces with M&A. Might use, to spice up all them 2-letter Periodic Table symbols, in certain other dimensionally-challenged grids...
    AR = {Argon, on the chemical scoreboard??}.

    * honrable mention weeject, starring in a clue: ODL. In yODeL's clue, btw.

    * fave moocow-MonPuz clue: {Al Capp's ___ Abner}. Primo. Almost boxes the solver into a corner, where there just aren't many viable alternatives.

    * fave false alarum: wanted MASK, instead of MARK.


    ** gruntz **

    Ludyjynn 12:54 PM  

    I thought there was a secondary theme of double-letters contained in answers:
    LeNNy, fleeting, Emmett, mOOla, lOOse, rOOms, ASSad. Did I miss any?

    Thanks, Annabel, for your fresh perspective.

    Thanks, ACME and WS.

    Charley 1:12 PM  

    A quibble. Golf Target is the pin. Par isn't a target. For a pro it's just mediocre. Below par is a target.

    Anonymous 1:17 PM  

    Am I the only one wondering if Annabel is actually a Rex Parker character? If so, I'm impressed. If not, I'm also impressed.

    Numinous 1:33 PM  
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    Martel Moopsbane 1:35 PM  


    you missed LLOSA and EERIE.

    Numinous 1:37 PM  
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    Numinous 1:40 PM  

    I have to admit it, I was rickrolled too. Ya got me, Annnabelll. I'm so glad it was you writing today, I shudder to think what @Rex might have said. First Mondays are my favorite blog days.

    I will merely echo all the praise above for Acme's royal Monday puzzle. I too was messed up by MAsK and EsIC.

    @Aketi, Only 30? BTW, I had to chuckle at your earthquake revelation yesterday.

    @Loren, I suspect you might like this which is also an example of MILISMA. And, as if that wasn't enough, try this classic. @GILL I, do you suppose he just had a sice of anticuchos?

    Numinous 1:43 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Anonymous 2:22 PM  

    Didn't enjoy this puzzle at all. But, being Rickrolled for the first time in years put a smile on my face. Great write up!

    chefbea 2:34 PM

    Here's a link I thought we all might enjoy!!

    Z 2:41 PM  

    @Anon1:17 - The secret is out. "Rex Parker" is actually an AI program developed at Michigan Tech in 2006. This has been the longest running Turing Test ever successfully conducted. Whether or not the Commentariat are also AI's has not been determined.

    Roo Monster 2:48 PM  

    Yes, I am a Robot. Take me to your leading program.


    Aketi 3:14 PM  

    @ numinous, yes only 30 llamas in Ayacucho, but I was offered 100 camels in Cairo.

    I am not a robot, I am a cyborg. I actually have the titanium plate in my left wrist to prove it. I have been typing with my right (human) hand to get past the verification.

    Colby 4:12 PM  

    Played fast but difficult. Lots of harder-than-Monday answers in here:
    MEL LAZARUS, EMMETT Kelly, Project ECHOS, Mario Vargas LLOSA, Lenny BRUCE, and Rick ASTLEY aren't Monday-level proper nouns.

    Oxhead 4:23 PM  

    I love these reviews that aren't filled with bile. If only Rex let guests do this more often.

    I was discussing Emmett Kelly just two days ago, so that was an easy one for me. Mell Lazarus was hard (I remembered Lazaras, but Mell? No.) And I thought it was Rick Ashley, so that slowed me up.

    retired_chemist 4:23 PM  

    Hand up for Pin before PAR.

    Anonymous 4:56 PM  

    Great write-up Annabel - always enjoy your comments - and I'm sure Leonard Nimoy has forgiven you...

    David from CA 6:14 PM  

    Flunky: Mornin' Mr. Shortz. Here are the puzzle submissions.
    Will: Thanks. You've gone through and removed any that don't have multiple crosses of proper names, right?
    Flunky: Sho' nuff, sir. You won't have to waste any time on those worthless puzzles. least I must assume that is a daily conversation going on since the beginning of the year. Todays collections:
    ERIC crossing ALEC and ERIE.
    ASTLEY further crossing MOET.

    Where is the word play in such answers?

    Usually a fan of ACME, but alas this one wasn't my cup o' T.

    Bird 6:43 PM  

    @Charley - Agreed. I forgot to mention that one in my post. I don't know anyone who aims to be average (par).

    Anonymous 10:08 PM  

    You people are hilarious. You actually think par is average?! GETAGRIP!

    Anonymous 6:57 AM  

    Not a single comment on Lenny Bruce? Must say I find that surprising.

    Could be it's a room filled with Martin Mull lovers.

    Anonymous 1:45 PM  

    Clever how you further (heaps) the cause you propose to dismiss Queenie.

    spacecraft 11:59 AM  

    So how much is the "I want to be rich" spell gonna cost me? ISIT as much as the fee for getting you out of Nigeria, or the "tax" I have to pay before I can claim my $10 million prize (from the lottery I never entered)? Dude, just cast yourself that spell--then you can RETIRE, and leave us alone!

    Today we have a couple of Pollyannas, one constructing and the other blogging. Annabel, sweetie, I hope you never grow up. I also hope you don't think spellcasters are real.

    WB, ACME! I miss your upbeat vibe on these pages. And just when I was starting to think how predictable things were, you surprised me:

    What, no Q? The other shoe does not drop!

    Here's what I mean about predictability: after fillling in the NW with STILLLIFE et al, I saw CA at the front of the next long across, and WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE CLUE, wrote in CALLLETTERS. And, knew that Mr. Nash would make his appearance below; the only question was: one or TWO? As for Mr. LAZARUS, that was not so given; I thought he was a "one-L" MEL. It's a shame she was forced to use the uber-obscure LLOSA down there.

    This one had a nice old-timey feel, with ELSIE, LENNY, REISER, the SHAG ERA, EMMETT, AMWAY and ASTLEY (though I prefer "Lady in Red"), as well as the poet and cartoonist of theme. The fill? Well, it's cliche-ridden, but not too bad. Almost had a w/o in the north with Pin, the actual "target" in golf, but saw AWFUL in time. PAR may be the target of duffers like you and me, but out there on the tour theirs is birdie--or better. And ACME, I can't believe you actually tried to WRITE OUT a YODEL. Had me guffawing. Fun enough for a C.

    I'll close with a quote from the redoubtable Mr. Spock: "Military secrets are the most FLEETING of all. I had hoped we exchanged something more permanent." LENNY, I miss ya.

    rondo 1:13 PM  

    Please change the clue to "Noise"; for tennis it's a racquet. I had to wince.

    Suggest Tom Robbins' "_____ with Woodpecker" for 17a. Immediately got the LLL thing there. Statrted thinking of the poem at LLOSA. Now that one's a loser.

    PHIAL. Huh.

    Mondayne. Not offensive, though.

    DMG 1:22 PM  

    Anything Ogden Nash makes me smile-a good start for the week. I did have to trade in JEST for Joke and drag up the cartoonist's first name from the past. (Does Momma still appear somewhere?). Other than that it was pretty much a nice walk in the Monday park.

    With regards to all the comments, what does it mean to be "Rickrolled"?-Something that can be explained in a family newspaper or is it one of those new generational things best not explained to,the elders? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1842. Only 6

    rondo 1:33 PM  

    LENNY Bruce was misunderstood and ahead of his time; he had things to say.
    Martin Mull may be misunderstood at times because he says things, but has never been ahead of anythinig, not even Fernwood Tonight.

    Burma Shave 1:56 PM  


    EMMETT and MARK and ALEC called a meeting,
    With ZEAL they dropped some NAMES in a BAG.
    For the loser, the luck of the draw was FLEETING,
    “DAM AWFUL! OHGOD it’s ELSIE I must SHAG!”

    --- REB LOGAN

    rain forest 2:34 PM  

    Nice inoffensive Monday and a nicer write-up. Good to see an ACME puzzle again.

    @DMG Rickrolling is including a link to supposedly illustrate something you are saying, but the link is to that Rick Astley song. It's supposed to be funny. I can do without Rick. Or Internet memes.

    Hey @Dirigonzo, glad to be your hero. It'd be good to see you back here. Btw whatever happened to SIS or WAXY?

    I lied, appaently. 363=3

    I was getting numbers for awhile, but they seem to have gone away. Again.

    DMG 5:44 PM  

    @rain forest: Thanks for th heads-up. I suppose the fact that I have no idea who Rick Astley is says something about me. Not sure what!

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