Friday, April 1, 2011

"Endless Fun" — a Rex Parker puzzle released 4/1/11

Download .pdf or .puz file HERE (or below, using the scribd interface)

Solution below, following Spoiler Kitty...

Endless Fun


JaxInL.A. 2:21 PM  

Hey, I've never been first before.

Loved this Fools Day offering, and thanks for the space to talk about it, Rex. Tumbled to the trick pretty fast with Mr. TAKE(I) and the winter PARK(A), then had a treasure hunt for the missing letters. 

I was defeated by 57D Meet = SIT (huh?) crossing the bit of Simpsons trivia in the SW.  And I stared at AR_SY for that French film and could not see ARTSY. But I had a good time learning about Prof. Frink's inventions.  Loads of clever clues, and nice misdirection with that video game for DANTE'S Inferno.   

Thanks for the happy romp, Rex.   And happy April Fools Day to everyone who finds their way here.

Bob Kerfuffle 2:32 PM  

Nice, fun puzzle from Rex Parka!

But, :>), what would professor Sharp say about MMDCL, AAAA, or SERENER??? :>)

Rex Parker 3:02 PM  

Prof. would say boo. Then he would note that every Down in the puzzle runs through at least one theme answer, and many of them (two that you mention) run through 2 and 3...

I don't like that fill you mention any more than you do—I'm no fan of ARISTOS or ESE or AKELA either, frankly—but I think the grid probably looks a lot less daunting (from a construction standpoint) than it really was.

Bob Kerfuffle 3:34 PM  

I was hoping that my liberal use of smiley faces would indicate that I had a pretty good idea of what was the background for the use of those answers.

Actually this bonus puzzle, our gift from Professor Rex, was a lot better than many of those printed in the Times.

Thank you.

Mad Jurist 3:37 PM  

I thought it was great (and I'm excited to be solving a puzzle the same time as the rest of you!) Really got a kick out of AAAA and MMDCL.

Pete 3:41 PM  

Man, my head hurts from April Fools puzzles. I liked this one the best, and appreciated that all the abbreviated words were actual words.

I really came here about PB[2/3?]'s puzzle - What's with the S in the middle of ALEXANDER[S]BELL? What the hell is GERMANSCAKE?

quilter1 4:48 PM  

Good, fun puzzle I did over lunch. Although some call me Conan the Grammarian, I will overlook SERENER because I hated the NYT puzzle so much and craved a satisfying solve. Thanks, Rex.

chefbea 4:52 PM  

Fun puzzle. Thanks Rex

nanpilla 4:53 PM  

If Rex says that this is an appropriate place for the discussion, I'll address @Pete's concerns. I don't want to spoil the puzzle for anyone else, however.

Fun puzzle, Rex. Thanks for the extra helping of April Fools day fun. Took me a minute to figure out what parts Pitt and Blanchett played in BABE!

mitchs 5:09 PM  

I liked the splashy long fills a lot. The theme from a solver's pov, not so much.

JaxInL.A. 12:27 AM  

@nanpilla, me too with the movie stars in BABE. Had me going for a while, despite the fact that I nearly had that flick memorized for a while after repeat kid-viewing.

Haven't done PB puzz yet, so thanks for the restraint. Going there now that the busy day is done. Until I can do a puzzle in under 10 minutes, I will not be able to fit in three in a morning.

Masked and Anonymous 1:34 AM  

Liked the theme twist, building the punch line from stuff that's missing. Not sure I've ever seen that before. Different. Good. Thumbs up.

Didn't quite ace the puz: had AMELIe/CHUe. Crossing of the unknown names; always perilous.

Favorite fill: NEWORUSED. Had a funky feel to it. Got a kick out of ALLFORONE...seems like a lot of 31's puzs have an O-N-E in there somewhere. Almost a trademark. Also, got yer REX in, in a north-bound lane sorta way!

Favorite clue: "Higher-ups" for BRAS. Works good for BRAS(s), too, it turns out.

jberg 11:09 AM  

A fun puzzle! I had actually thought all the crosswordese was part of the gag - names crossing (I knew Amelia Bedelia from when my children were young, but not either TAKEI or LEN Dawson - thought it might by LON, but TAKOI seemed improbable), ridiculous roman-numeral date, the wonderful AAAA. Sorry to hear that the actual reason was more prosaic.

Having read about 30 of the Oz books (all that Baum wrote, and several by his daughter), I was embarrassed that it took me so long to rememeber GLINDA.

Lola505 10:27 PM  

I solved this a year late! Thought this was quite a bit more challenging than the "U Can Solve This" birthday / tribute puzzle offered yesterday (3/3/12 to NYT syndication solvers), due to the rock music, sports, and video game clues. Fun concept, and so timely!
Thanks, Rex, good job!

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