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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My paperback blog got a nice review in Bill Crider's "Blog Bytes" column in the most recent "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine" (Nov. '08). The review kindly points out that I am (or claim to be) the "55th Greatest Crossword Puzzle Solver in the Universe" - and thus my plan for worldwide blogging domination continues unabated...

Thanks to reader (and constructor) Doug Peterson for alerting me to the "EQMM" write-up.



mac 7:06 PM  


chefbea1 7:39 PM  

congrats from me also

Orange 8:49 PM  

Your plan for worldwide blogging domination is in conflict with my plan for worldwide domination. Showdown at noon!

Jason 3:54 AM  

Congratulations from the guy up North.

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