ACPT News, Part II

Monday, March 3, 2008

My write-up of the tournament is not done. I haven't even begun, truth be told.

My wife, however, has finished hers, and it's available at her personal blog (HERE). [IT HAS SPOILERS!!!! Or so I'm told. Clearly I'm not paying close enough attention to these things] It's especially aimed at novice solvers and others who might be intimidated or put off by the idea of entering a crossword puzzle tournament. I would tell you how great her write-up is and how charming she is, etc., but I'm in love with her - hardly objective. Just go see for yourself.

More tomorrow.


Jason 3:10 AM  

I didn't know how close you were to the stage for Puzzle 8. That would have been something. I'll give myself five years to get on that stage.

Kumar 3:31 AM  

Just noticed the "55th Greatest..". Congratulations.

Will have to come to the tournament next year.

Aviatrix 2:31 PM  

I don't have this puzzle available to solve: I just came by to see how you did in the tournament.

I'm a little confused not to see your blog brimming over with respect and congratulations for your new standing. It's good, isn't it? Are you pleased? I guess I have to wait for your write up.

I'm off to read your wife's now.

chefbea 3:51 PM  

loved reading your wife's account of the tournament!!

Jonathan K. Cohen 11:03 PM  

What happened to Monday's puzzle?

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