WEDNESDAY, Jul. 25, 2007 - Ed Early

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Relative difficulty: Easy-Medium

THEME: "Snarky quote by 54-Across" (CHICO [Marx])

And the quote is:


Can't write much today because I'm sick. Ugh.

Two other quote-related answers in the puzzle (well, three, one of them in two parts)

  • 27A: Sibling of 54-Across (Harpo)
  • 28A: With 53-Across, noted comedy group, in brief (Marx / Bros.)

I'll write more later in the day if I'm up to it.

Take care.

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


thehowie 7:28 AM  

Feel better! But, as important, you are a real trooper for coming through with a post, when you are sick! best, howie

Howard B 8:15 AM  

Feel better, and I hope the quote puzzle didn't worsen your condition ;).

Linda G 8:48 AM  

Those darn gremlins will do it to you every time! Hopefully you'll recover soon.

This is the first time since I've been blogging that my post is longer than yours...and it's my shortest one ever. Not feeling well myself.

Jerome 9:58 AM  


Feel better, FAST.


Orange 10:03 AM  

And my kid's staying home from day camp today because he's not feeling well. It's an epidemic! Alert the CDC!

barrywep 10:34 AM  

Get well soon.
Hope you didn't infect all those freshmen

DONALD 11:22 AM  

Good health!

profphil 11:25 AM  


Feel better. I recall you mentioning your wife had a summer cold, they are the worst. Try some hot water with lemon juice it's great for the throat and some advil which not only reduces pain but is an anti-inflamatory and therefore speeds up the recovery process. Of course disregard this message if what's ailing you is not a cold.

campesite 12:38 PM  

Being sick blows anytime of year, but particularly in the summer. Feel better soon.

jlsnyc 1:39 PM  

rx for rex: take a look at this and feel better fast!




kratsman 1:49 PM  

Get well, Rex.

Lots of proper names in this puzzle aside from the theme-related ones: McEnroe, Noah(s), Orson, Irma, Raul, Seuss, Norm, Imus, Alva....

Thought the theme was gonna be People Magazine.

PuzzleGirl 2:29 PM  

Every time I see RAUL clued as "One of the Castros" I think, "What ever happened to Raul Julia?" I was happy to see him here.

Pinky 2:40 PM  

Oh puzzlegirl, Raul Julia passed away quite a few years ago.

Fergus 2:47 PM  

With NORM and CHICO SITTING side by side, I could imagine the banter between them. Surely it would be a TRIVIAL, but certainly not a LACONIC exchange. I don't think their Punch lines would be CLIMAXES, though.

When my son was six or seven we watched a lot of MARX BROS -- and it's been entertaining to see how many more of the jokes he understands now that he's eleven. For a while, the lines and songs from "Duck Soup" completely colonized our conversation. (He thought "Cheers" was pretty funny too.)

Just happened to like the words PESTLE, HAVARTI and ORDINAL ... .

Sante, monsieur Rex

Wade 3:10 PM  

About the Chico quote, it's not terribly witty or memorable, is it? On a similar note, I've never understood why Hemingway's retort to Fitzgerald's comment that "the rich are different from you and me" ("Yes, they have more money," Hemingway said) is so well known and so often quoted. It's kind of an obvious and banal response, I always thought.

frances 3:15 PM  


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Without your comments, rants and general snark, your readers lack the inspiration for scintillating repartee.

Be healthy!!

Fergus 4:07 PM  

RE: The rich ...
I think that quote emcompasses Fitzgerald's semi-supressed wanna-be flirtation with a mysterious "upper class." See esp. "This Side of Paradise" for youthful intrique, and "The Geat Gastby" for contined fascination even when the illusion is dashed. So I suspect that quote refers more to the insecurity of the speaker than the purported difference in caste, which is what gives the quote a bit more pschological import than its immediate bbanality.

Kitt 8:11 PM  

Be well, Rex. That's an order ;)

Anonymous 10:01 PM  

I hope you feel better; I log on every day

PuzzleGirl 12:04 PM  

LOL, Pinky: I didn't mean literally "What happened to Raul Julia?" I meant "Why don't puzzle constructors think of him instead of Raul Castro?" I guess I need to be more precise in my language with this crowd!

WWPierre 4:29 PM  

At first I had:


Imagine my disappointment (in the Marx Brothers) when I found the clever "O" was really a banal "I" I can't believe they let that one get by them!

Half a cup today.

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