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Monday, September 24, 2012

Constructor: John Dunn

Relative difficulty: Easy-Medium

THEME: VAPOR TRAILS (59A: What airplanes leave in the sky ... or what 17-, 23-, 37- and 48-Across have?) — theme answers end with synonyms for "vapor"
  • PICK UP STEAM (17A: Gather momentum)
  • THE VELVET FOG (23A: Mel Tormé's nickname)
  • "GET OFF OF MY CLOUD" (37A: Rolling Stones hit whose title follows the words "Hey you")
  • STEP ON THE GAS (48A: "Hurry up!")

Word of the Day: POLITY (26A: System of government) —
n., pl., -ties.
  1. The form of government of a nation, state, church, or organization.
  2. An organized society, such as a nation, having a specific form of government: "His alien philosophy found no roots in the American polity" (New York Times).
[Obsolete French politie, from Old French, from Late Latin polītīa, the Roman government. See police.]

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Mostly very easy, which is no surprise on a Monday. I had to solve on the applet at the Times' site because (once again) the link to download the puzzle was broken at the time the puzzle was supposed to come out. This happens with a surprising amount of frequency, and should be embarrassing to an organization charging so much of its puzzle (compared to any other outlet) while continuing to pay constructors so little (in relation to the money that's ultimately made off their work). But I got my puzzle eventually, so it's not like they killed my dog or anything, so I'll stop complaining about their incompetence now. The puzzle is a very straightforward "last words"-type puzzle, with an interesting revealer, which was surely the inspiration for the whole puzzle. The only wonky thing about the answers is that all the vapors are well and truly vapors (however metaphorically employed) *except* gas, which, in the answer STEP ON THE GAS, is a liquid, not a vapor. No big deal. Just an anomaly.

Got slightly stuck in the mud a couple of times right at the beginning. CASINO wasn't an instant gimme for me, so I had to work crosses, and even when I got CASINO, I had all kinds of trouble seeing NAUGHT (5D: Nothing). I needed 3 or 4 letters before the answer became evident (I was secretly happy to see my wife have the same problem later in the evening). The word POLITY was somewhat unexpected on a Monday, and I didn't trust that it was right at first. Tried to confirm the "P" but nothing seemed to fit for 26D: One of 15, 490 in the first edition of the O.E.D., first because I figured the answer was some form of "definition" (even though that number is, in retrospect, very low for "definition" to fit), and second because I figured the answer was an abbrev. (O.E.D. in the clue seemed to signal that). PAGE is obvious in retrospect, but not so much as I was solving (very quickly). But once I got off the west coast of this puzzle, every answer went down pretty much as quickly as I could read the clues, and so my time was still pretty swift, even for a Monday.

  • 54A: Perpendicular to the keel (ABEAM) — the A-BEAM's connected to the ... H-BOMB, the H-BOMB's connected to the ...
  • 23D: Ex-Yankee All-Star Martinez (TINO) — my first instinct is *always* TITO. It just seems more ... namelike than TINO.
  • 28D: Daydreamer encountered by Odysseus (LOTUS-EATER) — they're usually plural.
  • 47D: Muzzle-loading tool (RAMROD) — "Tool" made me laugh. Really wanted answer to be "Revolutionary War reenactor."
Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


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