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Replacement Rex / MON 10-1-12 / BFFs

Monday, October 1, 2012

Aloha from your favorite alternate bloggers, aka Liz and Jenny, aka Rex's BFFs, aka, the Replacement Rex.  (And also Annabel hi :)

(Annabel is Liz's daughter who is Replacement Rexing with us because she's on the A-List too.)

We've re-dubbed ourselves as the Replacement Rex because our ability to fill in for the pro Rex is awfully similar to the ability of those NFL replacement refs.  In fact, Liz just threw a flag on the field because Jenny misspelled Jong. 

We get your excitement guys.  That's how we felt when we first got here too!

(FYI-we KNOW that the real refs are back, but Replacement Rex...that's Awfully Amusing)

Constructor: Susan Gelfand

Relative difficulty: Absolutely eAsy

THEME: THE A LIST — People whose first and last names start with the letter A

Word of the Day: Aggravated  —


  [ag-ruh-veyt] Show IPA
verb (used with object), ag·gra·vat·ed, ag·gra·vat·ing.
to make worse or more severe; intensify, as anything evil,disorderly, or troublesome: to aggravate a grievance; toaggravate an illness.
to annoy; irritate; exasperate: His questions aggravate her.
to cause to become irritated or inflamed: The child's constantscratching aggravated the rash.
1425–75; late Middle English  < Latin aggravātus  (past participleof aggravāre ), equivalent to ag- ag-  + grav-  ( see grave2 ) + -ātus-ate1 compare aggrieve
• • •

After much begging, we agreed to be Replacement Rex because Rex has been sooooo aggravated (and aggravating) with the puzzles for the last several days.  And now, like most BFFs, we feel the same way...someone stop us before we say yes again (oh wait...we're already lined up for another day).

Theme answers:
  • 20A "The Second First Lady" / Abigail Adams
  • 28A "American Dance Theater Founder" / Alvin Ailey
  • 35A "Oscar Winning Actor for Little Miss Sunshine" / Alan Arkin
  • 48A "Tennis Champion With A Stadium Named After Him" / Arthur Ashe
  • 56A "Achieved Great Fame...Or, What 20, 28, 35, and 48 Across Did" / Made The A List
What can we say about this theme?  We know someone who said "The theme makes no, or poor, sense. Maybe if all those people were heavy drinkers who had to go into rehab, the whole initial thing would make sense."  We agree.  As soon as we wrote "Abigail Adams", and saw the next theme clue, we knew immediately what was going on.  And it kind of made it un-fun because there was no real challenge to filling in these answers.

Some clues were fun.  Here are some that we liked:
  • We liked the cross of 68A (One Giving Orders - BOSS) and 60D (Occupation - JOB) 
  • 34A Football Field Units: Abbr. - YARDS, because we love all things Football (Go Ravens!)    Did you know that last season, Liz beat Rex in a football pool?  In fact, she was the season winner.  (Interestingly, there isn't a pool this year.) 

  • 52A ____ The Impaler — VLAD because what's not to love about the name Vlad?
Here's a list of answers that we are sick and tired of seeing every single week:

  • 6A Indian Prince - RAJA
  • 65A Ye ____ Shoppe - OLDE
  • San ___, Calif -  RAFAEL (or any other San ___ or Los ___ or Las ___)
  • 63A Corrida Cheer - OLE (we cheer when we see a puzzle without this tired clue)
  • 64A Across-the-Atlantic flier of old, briefly - SST 
Any puzzle without these clues gets an automatic A+ from us.

Signed, Liz and Jenny, aka Rex's BFFs, aka the Replacement Rex


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