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Friday, October 12, 2012

Constructor: Martin Ashwood-Smith

Relative difficulty: Medium

THEME: none

Word of the Day: AMOO 
• • •

Quadstack. Serviceable. Usual failings (weaker overall fill, some dull or odd 15s). Decent long Downs. The end. Well, not quite.

I've said all I have to say about quad stacks. Don't care how difficult they are to construct. Just not my thing. Starting to feel a bit like a shtick.

Like KODIAK BROWN BEAR (17A: Huge snagger of salmon), but PERSONAL HISTORY (57A: Caseworker's compilation) is a snoozer. Don't like ONE'S phrases in 15s. Don't like 15s (or any answers) that start with IS. Barely believe CARRIAGE PAINTER is a thing. Have seen SPIRAL STAIRCASE a jillion times (give or take). So that's one out of six 15s that I enjoyed.

LONG JOHNS good (52A: Winter warmer). ORRIS ROOT not (21A: Pulverized perfumery item). I've seen some DELIRIOUS APOLOGIAS in my time, so that pair's cool with me.

The painful stuff (AMOO, IN REM, OSES, ON ON, ILO, UNDAM, E LEE, RATA ...), well, at least it's pretty well spaced-out.

Prince - Delirious [Live 1983] by Vilosophe

  • 14A: O'Neill whom J. D. Salinger wanted to marry (OONA) — I guess you gotta get into the Wayback Machine any time you want to clue OONA. I wrote in ESME at first. Maybe you can understand why, maybe you can't.
  • 27A: Hoosier humorist George (ADE) — who can forget ... this guy? Am I right?
  • 43A: D-day divider? (AS IN) — not great fill, but I do like the clue.
  • 53D: Bart Simpson's middle name (JOJO) — this is slightly annoying because this "fact" is not widely known (at all), and sources for this info appear to be hearsay and books, not actual episodes of the show. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt there's more than one or two episodes (in the over 500 that have been made) that refer to this alleged middle name. But I'm not certain there's even one. The fact that "Bart Simpson's Guide to Life" says JOJO is not enough for me. I need an episode number.
  • 1D: Concave kitchenware (WOKS) — took me a while to figure out a plural was called for.
  • 9D: Bird that lays a one-pound egg (KIWI) — It's true. And the birds aren't *that* big. 
  • 46A: Slangy hello ('SUP) — was able to get this after I discarded "HEY" and "YO" wouldn't fit.
Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld


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